Saturday, October 5

i guess i should have showered this morning

Things that happen when you don't shower on a Friday morning, figuring you will when you get home two classes later, and wear what you slept in to class:

  • A boy asks for your number in that one class you have together when it was so plainly obvious to everyone in a four desk radius (at least to you) that you liked the other boy that sits in front of you many weeks ago. The same one who you figured out you actually have 2 other classes with, all back to back, so you can't really not walk with them to those classes since figuring that out. Hence, stalling after class by putting everything back in my backpack realllllly slowly and taking a century to put on my coat. Sorry, man.
  • The day is too beautiful to be spent inside reading a book or even catching a nap and when the invite to a soccer game arrives in your text inbox, you can't say no. 
  • So you end up sitting for an extra three hours in your sweaty post work-out unshowered filth, meeting some people you may have talked to on Tinder, and being asked if you're sick.
  • At the end of the game, you met your friend's good friend on the soccer team who you have never met but has incredibly kind parents that say, "Who are you?" and immediately go in for a hug when you're standing outside the circle. Um, the girl that's friend's with your daughter's friend? Anyway, we are all best friends now. And hug circles happened twice. 
  • The game ends up getting out so late that you only have 0.5 seconds to change so a shower is not possible and you run around town with your BFF whose parents are in town and are taking you out for dinner. At least I allowed 0.1/0.5 of those seconds to be spent with my deodorant stick.
  • Dinner turns into the bar scene, in which you are still greasy and disgusting, but at least it doesn't really matter at a bar. When you're there with your BFF and her parents. That film of unshowered grease is only noticeably by you. So, you know, the story ends alright.
  • Being the DD, you are completely entertained by your BFF's parents who get carded and at the end of the night, board the party bus to see what it's about. 
  • Midnight ice cream alone in bed. Eh, who needs to shower on Fridays anyways?


Heresy 30k said...

Wow, how great is that. Sounds like happiness.

Heresy 30k said...

Wait, that was Mary. What's up with this "Heresy 30k" situation?

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