Sunday, October 13

a Tinder tale

It's Friday, I said. We have to do something! I aced every single one of my midterms this week and we have to celebrate the fact that I managed to pull that off when I've spent my every Saturday night staying awake until the wee hours of the morning making it incredibly difficult to study on Sundays. I mean, it's time to quit while I'm ahead, you know? One last night of fun and then a productive weekend of getting stuff done...!

Where's the fun at tonight? My friend wants to meet up with us downtown and he says it's his friend's birthday, so we should join!

Shower. Put on cute-ish shirt. Minimal makeup because I'm only looking to have fun with my best friend who I laugh with more than anyone else. Skip the eyeliner. But yes on mascara. Bangs are much too long and even straightening them does nothing to prevent them from parting down the middle. Pants, for once. Because it has dropped to under 30 degrees at night for the last couple weeks.

Bus ride downtown. A guy I recognize from the cafeteria freshmen year directs us to the bar where friend and friend's birthday guy are hanging out. New place. Never been here before. People I think I've seen sleeping in tents by the river on my jogs are swing dancing in Carhartt jackets and plaid next to a jukebox. They've never proved to be harmless. Shrug. Ain't above having fun with ANYONE.  A poker game is happening and I are so happy you didn't wear a short dress or lipstick. Okay, so I might be above having fun with the poker players who look older than your dad.

See friend.

Wave hi to friend excitedly. Hug friend. Friend's friend whose birthday celebration is under way turns towards me with a drink in hand smiling. Immediate recognition. Wonder if long bangs can hide my eyes and if my glasses are that recognizable. Nope, nope. They definitely are.

"Maggie, haven't we been talking on Tinder?" he says.

Crash the birthday party of someone I've only talked to through 2 truths and a lie games in a chat window of a dating app.


Emma Jane said...

Oh my LORD this is perfect! Tinder is the weirdest experience hands down and I love it so much. I ran into a guy from my high school that I haven't seen in years on Tinder and liked his picture on accident. Subsequently he liked my picture and chatted me up with the line "I know you were a theater geek in High School. Has that changed? Wanna get freaky?" No sir, I do not.

Tightrope to the Sun

Brissa said...


Shelby said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! I love Tinder!!!! This is seriously the best thing OF MY LIFE! I am dying. I am so happy to know I am not the only person that has crazy Tinder stories.

Abbey said...

oh my gosh that's hilarious.

Mary said...

So great.

kylee said...

is it weird if i'm stalking your old blog on a saturday afternoon? i'm only picking the good ones (well, they're all good) BUT THIS ONE!!!!! tinder is hilarious. i met a couple at the airport coming home as a missionary and guess how they met.... TINDER.