Thursday, August 8

three months ago, i had never lived in seattle before

Today I rode the ferry for the 7th to last time. Today I fell asleep on said ferry and woke myself up choking on my own drool for the 2nd day in a row. 

Today I smiled when my favorite coffee barista at Starbucks wrote my name on my cup with three exclamation points and a, "I love your glasses!" Ignoring the fact that this is Seattle and everyone has big glasses here. Big hair in Texas? Big glasses in Seattle.

Today I sent in my resume to a new internship that I'm excited about. In Montana.

Today I leave for a weekend trip to Idaho where I will see my sister for the last time for four months before she goes to college on the opposite coast. 

Today I got a card in the mail from Amy that said, "Live your life the way you dream it." I'm all about the corny. How does she know that's how life has felt for three months now?

Today I trained the new "me". The new intern who will take over my job when I leave. 

I leave in seven days. I'm ready for the future this summer has created for me but I'm also absolutely not. 

Three months ago, I had never lived in Seattle before. Me without Seattle doesn't even seem real anymore.


Brissa said...

i love this post. i love how much you love seattle. i love that you're excited about a new internship in montana. i love that you're loving and soaking up everything. LIFE IS THE BEST!!!

becca said...

oh this is so good. especially the part about "I'm ready for the future this summer has created for me but also absolutely not".

so many exciting things, maggey! good luck.

and p.s. where is your sister going to school? just curious, because the opposite coast is on my side :)

Emma Jane said...

This post is perfect perfect perfect. I was going to pick out the line Becca picked out above about feeling prepared for the future but not being prepared at all. I feel absolutely the same way about my life right now. The 20s of life are such a transitional and exciting time.

It's amazing how changed you can become after only one summer. I'm so happy you've loved Seattle so much. You're an inspiration.

Your line about big glasses in Seattle being like big hair in Texas? Absolute perfection.

Tightrope to the Sun

Jennifer said...

I love this post. All the stuff you're doing and reasons to smile are great. :) Also, I'm jealous of the Montana gig. I have always wanted to see Montana because I hear it's beautiful.

kylee said...

NEW INTERNSHIP! have you heard yet?!