Monday, August 5

mondays in seattle

After a SERIOUS case of the Mondays this morning, it wasn't even barely half bad the second I left the house. The universe was like, here, Maggie, I know it's a Monday after a glorious three day weekend but the world out there isn't so bad outside the house you're living in on Bainbridge Island!

It started with my favorite British man I've ever met (I say met only because I haven't met One Direction YET) who, upon taking two steps into the bus and swiping my pass said, "My, is that a cup of tea or coffee in your awesome mug?" It's not just the British accent- he also has a four year old son he takes to Preschool every morning that, rain or shine, wears a full rain body suit zip-up-the-front and everything style. I replied, "Coffee." He moaned and said, "You know, tea with jam and sugar is even better." Maybe it was the accent. But seriously, his child is adorable.

Then at lunch, my intern friends tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Come on! We're going to the public library!" The public library? Turns out every first and third Monday of the month, a librarian reads stories for thirty minutes during lunch. The seven of us walked in among a bunch of the cutest elderly crowd I would definitely sit around with for tea, with jam and sugar. The librarian on board for the reading today read a science fiction thriller story and it was like listening to the best audiobook you've ever listened to. Different voices for every character with their own body language and gestures. It was superb. Never mind that I was sadly reminded I won't be here for the third Monday this month.

I only had to do data entry and donor research all day so that means... Netflix on my phone all day long while also working! ...It's okay, I promise. My boss encourages it. 

Computer problems that meant a 4:40pm ferry ride home and taking off my pants the second I walked in the door and spending all evening reading on the porch. Is Bainbridge Island the life, or is it the life?

So, maybe it just was an average day. But an average day is still a five star Monday. But, seriously, the Public library here? Nothing like it. Another thing to love about Seattle.


Emma Jane said...

What a wonderful Monday in Seattle! That story time sounds like so much fun. Girl, you are living my dream in Seattle and I love that you are making each day count. I'll have to remember all of the amazing things you did when I finally get out there again. You're awesome.

Tightrope to the Sun

Jasmine, Transient Withdrawal said...

So I caught up on your blog (finally! [p.s. we need to catch up via skype next week!])! And your post about your mom's grilled cheese and going from city life to home really hit me. Even though I only spent like 3 days in SF, by the end of the second day, I was really just missing home. My parents thought I was nuts but what you said was so spot on--I just missed having comfortable experiences that I was used to. I missed feeling secure and not having to be aware of my surroundings and belongings. I'm so glad you're having fun in Seattle! I'm really sad that it looks like I won't be visiting you there, but I just know that we will meet very, very soon nonetheless!

Text me when you can<3