Thursday, August 1

my place

I haven't been blogging much. Which was more or less due to just falling behind on documenting everything and then it became somewhat intentional because (...wait for it), I started to become sort of enamored with not lugging my camera around everywhere and just enjoying people I was with instead of taking pictures of our coffee in coffee shops.

After I hit my homesickness wall and everything snowballed into a sob fest in Riteaid, I sort of think I've maybe slid into a steady and solid spot that's my own in Seattle. I found my place. I've become close to the other Interns in the office who I eat lunch with and spend breaks with. The people I live with are nothing short of welcoming and kind, showing me the life of good wine, kayaking adventures in the Puget Sound, and the well cooked vegetable. The people I mentioned in a post a while back that were regular appearances in my life are sort of kind of "friends"? A Seattle family of acquaintances, maybe? 

For example, I walked into the Office Max by my building that I frequent while running errands for my office and as I passed the customer service desk, waved to my pal who I now know has worked there for six years and left her family in Ghana who she hopes she will be able to move to Seattle someday. 

"Make sure you only go to me!" she said as I passed her. Like that's even a question.

I got everything on my list- a pen cartridge refill, name labels, card-stock, and white, and got in her line. As soon as I got to the front she came around the desk and gave me a hug and said, "Maggie! It feels like forever since I've seen you! You must not have had any events lately?!" Because, well, she knows my job and knows what's up when I'm in there every day for a week. I shook my head, no.

"I've missed you, (*insert name which I won't disclose to the internet*), too!" I said.

"You know, Maggie, it's so nice to see a regular face in the city, you know?"

"Yes!" I exclaimed. "And it's especially nice to see a regular face as nice as yours."

"You are family, Maggie! My Seattle family!" she said, hugging me.

She said more kind things and you know, we may not technically be family let alone friends, but it has made all the difference in the world for the past few weeks to be able to float around the city as still as an anonymous nobody to people around me but to have those safe-zones of comfort whether it be my office, Office Max, my favorite Starbucks, and Quodoba. It makes the city a lot less lonely and I've just felt at home. It's good. 

Psst... aren't you so sick of my life revelations about every week? I am, too. But I'm half convinced that's just being in my early twenties. Right? Am I telling myself this to make myself feel better? Right.


kylee said...

the thing about you going missing in blogland, is it's always for a good reason.

Abbey said...

I think 20s are ALL about revelations. I feel like I have a new one every week. I'm constantly thinking to myself "write this down. its brand new. you never thought that before". It is kind of insane. Embrace it. :)

Emma said...

never gonna be sick of your life revelations, they keep us knowing how genuine of a person you are.