Wednesday, August 28

I really hate the first week of classes

This morning I woke up forty minutes before class, popped an english muffin in the toaster, and promptly raced to the bathroom to you know, put on my face and such. Looking in the mirror, I saw my pores in the reflection and to my utter surprise, gasp! No zits? No red spots? Nothing to cover up!? I couldn't actually remember the last time that happened!

So of course it's now bedtime and to my utter horror, I just felt a zit. Making its appearance within 12 hours of feeling really proud of my skin. But, you know, worrying about that stuff is so middle school because my self esteem is so much greater and I have seen the big picture of things meaning zits are small potatoes to college. TMI? Okay, moving on.

Anyways, tomorrow is Thursday and at long last, the first days of classes are coming to an end. I know the first week of classes is supposed to be like, the best of the year or whatever because there's no homework, but I despise the first week of classes. Give me my homework! Give me a busy schedule! Give me structure, my Lord! I need things to do to keep my mind from going completely bonkers and I just can't enjoy a night with my book if it doesn't feel like I did anything productive that day. I had to buy eight books for ONE class and I'm taking both American Lit classes at one time. Oh, and I am taking 21 credits this fall. On the other hand, my creative nonfiction writing class is going to be the bombest and in my spanish class, I sit by the cutest creature to ever hit a spanish class. 

I'm trying to find a job and I'm hoping the job Gods are kind to me. The Internship Gods blessed me this summer so now I'm busting my butt to revamp my resume with all of my newly acquired skills and knocking on everyone's doors hoping to get hired anywhere that isn't the school cafeteria. 

I may be back in the blogging scheme of things but that doesn't mean I've dragged my camera around with me anywhere, yet. In fact, all I have are measly iPhone photos and everyone has seen those already in the Instagram sphere so, whoops.

Maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow. 

The last notable thing I have to mention is that Taylor Swift is this weekend and you bet your bottom dollar I'm going. How could I miss it? And I've truly outdone myself this year in terms of costumes. But just for old times sake, let's refresh our minds with that time she called us out in her concert for our awesome sign. Yeah. 


Shawnee said...

MAGGIE! i totally feel ya on the first week of classes. i get like two assignments, total, so i awkwardly sit here for five hours because that's just not enough for a hw session or something. whatever.

coincidence.. i woke up forty minutes before i had to work today. woke up without an alarm (thank you sleep gods) and the towel still on my head. oops.

i'm taking a creative NF writing class this semester too and i loooove it so far.

good luck with finding an internship & TAKE ME TO TSWIFT IN SPIRIT PLEASE K THANKS

Abbey said...

Have fun at taylor swift! I'm jeallin'!

Shelby said...

gah! i am soooo jealous of everyone that is in school right now! like seriously, i am bored out of my mind, and i wish so badly i could be in school this semseter.

ok, first off, lets not even talk about zits. i hate them... like when do they finally go away for good!

this cute creature?! i hope to hear more about THAT!

lady, you will have no problem finding a job! but i will keep my fingers crossed for you.

stop making me INSANELY jealous about Taylor Swift. Like seriously, she is unreal. can't even handle it!

kylee said...

TWO american lit classes in one semester?!?!?! holy smokes girl! i took a children's (CHILDREN'S) lit class and the reading assignments seemed endless - and sometimes they were just children's picture books! 21 credits? you're amazing. i was never good at more than 15. spanish boy?!?! dare you to sneak a snapchat.