Friday, August 30

i am a champion, hear me ROAR

I have approximately 43 minutes until I'm supposed to be at my friend's house where we will leave Missoula in the dust for Seattle where Taylor Swift awaits us. The biggest things on my plate right now include deciding how to dye my hair next week at my appointment, finding a part time job to pay for my groceries, gas, and the occasional dress at Ruche, and which members of the opposite sex I'm most keen on pursuing Netflix dates with.

In other words: my life is easy right now.

I was thinking about this yesterday during my two hour lunch break I spent on the lawn of my campus and how pathetic it is that those three things are my biggest concerns right now. When I was complaining to a friend earlier about whether I should go ombre again or not, she said, "Wow, Maggie, your life is so hard." To which I nodded admittedly because, seriously, there was 100% truth in that statement.

And as I thought about it, I remembered where I was last year and what the biggest things on my plate were. I remember the week of school I missed for personal reasons. I remember feeling like I was no where near where I wanted to be in my life because I wasn't doing anything I enjoyed or was proud of. I remember being completely bitter about things that were meant to end. I've gone into these things and more here and there around my blog- but to sit in the grass eating my lunch, realizing I was excited to go to my next class and all of my classes this semester, fully content with the direction life is moving and taking me, and that my biggest worries were so small felt liberating. And I'm not ashamed of it! I know the difference between what a small worry is and a big one and I think I appreciate the ease of my life at the moment more than I would if I hadn't experienced all that I have. So, there you have it. I am so extremely grateful for such small anxieties. I am so extremely grateful to just enjoy.
On that note, seriously, what should I do with this mess of hair? Go dark? Go dark with a few highlights? Ombre with my natural color as the dark shade and lighter tips? Taking any and all recommendations.


Abbey said...

Your hair is amazingly gorgeous as is! I love ombre though, and wish I would do it to my hair!

Hannah said...

Taylor Swift, again? I think you've been seeing too much of that girl!

I vote for ombre because you do it better than anyone I know!

veronika girlandcloset said...

I'd love to see your hair a little darker with the ombre, it's absolutely gorgeous on you!! And enjoy your easy livin, you deserve it girl!

By The Shore

Jamie Rose said...

I think your hair looks pretty like this! But it'll look great either lighter or darker. You can pull off both.
I'm so glad you're feeling better about life this year. I'm hoping to get to that point soon. Probably after I'm done with school. haha

p.s. you look super pretty in that green dress!

My name is Lydia said...

I love ombre on everyone--of COURSE you would look fabulous with ombre.

Also, SOOOO jealous you're going to see Taylor :(. Maybe meet her and give her an extra hug for me? Cause I'm creepy and obsessed?

Gwyneth Genevieve said...

I think ombre would look great on you!

I'm so glad you're in a better place. I've been quietly following along for a long time and it looks like you've had a ton of challenges recently. BUT there's t-swift! And Seattle goodness! So you're right, life is good (and I'm a little jealous!).

I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog--you should check it out!

Jordie said...

but but but your hair looks amazing how it is now! it would be a shame if you changed it, but change is always good too :) x

Erica Grant said...

You rock the ombre, but I think you could also rock a sassy dark red. =D