Saturday, August 24

achey breaky heart

This week felt like a big fat breakup. I knew when I left Missoula, Seattle and I would only have three months together and I had a long talk with Missoula about needing to get out and experience other things. Missoula understood. And Seattle met me with open arms! She gave me miniature donuts from Pike's, ferry rides on the daily, Puget Sound views from my office, the best coffee in the world, the home of Head and the Heart, and shopping up the whazoo. So, like, maybe I should have expected that Missoula wouldn't take my return so lightly. For a while there, I was prepared not to leave Seattle ever and take a year off school while I interned and worked three jobs (seriously, written plans were drawn up and everything- I don't kid). But, come on! The worst fire season Missoula's had in three years, cranky rent company managers who charge you for a temporary key because your roommate has both of them, forgetting to call the internet company in advance so you're stuck without internet when you have a million pre-fall semester tasks to do, a mattress screw up, hairy legs because you left your razor at your bathroom in Seattle, forgotten sheets and pillows- well. The last ones weren't Missoula's fault. They were entirely mine. But still. It was the beginnings of what seemed like Missoula not welcoming me back with such open arms.

However -- my new roommate and I escaped after only a few hours running errands on my second day back to her family cabin in Montana. And I got to see a different Montana than I know, even more rural and isolated. True Montana country, by golly! It was almost like all the reasons you'd think I chose to come to Montana were intentional and in stark contrast to Seattle's city line, the country was quite pleasant. Then we came back and I reunited with some friends and spent my Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market so it seemed like we were at peace again- Montana and I. In fact, once my clothes are put away and my life is a bit more organized, I think this could be our best year together yet.

In the meantime, I'm on the look see for a new bike to get to and from campus and not so excited about my Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester. But. I'm ready. Senior year, come at me.


Emma Jane said...

Aw I'm glad you and Montana are on speaking terms again. Your Montana pictures on Instagram have been so so gorgeous. I love all of those hills. I did a play about Missoula when i was in high school. After researching it, I feel in love with how that city looks. I can't wait to visit some day!

Tightrope to the Sun

kylee said...

Home of head and the heart!!!!

Shelby said...

Montana is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I have been going camping there with one of my best friends since like fourth grade. We go camping on Hegben Lake. Have you been there?! It is absolutely wonderful, and the little town on the outskirts of it is the most adorable thing ever!