Monday, January 28

things you may not know

  • while my roommate goes on dates every single night of the week (major exaggeration but this week she's at a staggering date number 3!), i sing one direction alone in my bedroom. only after i turn off every light in the apartment and lock both the front door and my own bedroom door. 
  • i come home every day from school and the first thing i do after taking off my pants is eat a spoonful of peanut butter and nutella. and then i watch tv until dinner or until a load of homework becomes too much for my anxiety and the tv experience is ruined. 
  • just because i'm doing this whole running thing, it doesn't mean in any way am i very athletic or noble. in fact, i think mentally it just justifies in my mind that the second bullet point is acceptable.
  • my biggest pet peeve is when people aren't genuine and have to copy other people. 
  • when i was 13, i slipped a note to the boy i liked at the time. i was in love with his... hair? hot 14 year old bod? never will i live this down in my own head. no one knows about it but him and i, but if i could take anything back in my life, it would be that one thing. 
  • sometimes on this blog i feel like i'm living this big fat lie that my life is remotely interesting or special. it's definitely not. i'm just one of those people that makes a big deal of the little things that are good and bad and can write about them for hundreds of words. 
  • i know i'm 20 and college is supposed to be made of the best years of my life, but i really hope that's not true. i'm happy with the few friends i have that i trust beyond a doubt and i'm happy sometimes being a loner. sometimes college feels like just a stepping stone to "what's next" and i hope with all the work i've put into college, next is so much more.
  • my fruit intake primarily consists of frozen strawberries and blueberries.
  • sometimes i think i have something figured out. and then i'm promptly proven wrong.
  • growing up, i had the biggest gap between my two front teeth. when i got told my braces would fix it, i actually cried in the orthodontist's chair.
  • i think the only thing i crave in another person anymore is good, honest conversation. 
  • i've been really immature in how i've handled past friendships that went sour. and i hope someday in the future i'll learn to be able to part ways gracefully from friendships that drift apart instead of letting the hurt get the best of me. 
  • because i didn't hit puberty until i was in 8th grade, i was 4'9" and weighed 68 pounds in 7th grade. my "growth spurt" only amounted to two whole inches. 
  • there was a time during my junior year of high school that i spent almost every friday night watching pride and prejudice.


Abbey said...

I have to say that some of the earlier college years for me were probably the worst I've ever had. There were good experiences sprinkled in those 2-3 years but overall they just weren't that great. So in my opinion, it will get better! And I don't think you're living a lie. You're just documenting some of your life. Exaggerations or keeping out certain pictures or what have you aren't lies. Your realness is what people keep reading your blog for. :)

Shawnee said...

in my heart i KNOW that my college years won't be the 'best times'. also, great conversation is my favorite too - and honestly, can be a deal breaker. you know?

i remember this specific time last year when i lived in the roommate went out and i made a dance video to some one direction tunes. the end.

Ellie said...

MAGGIE, remember that Laine from Gilmore Girls does the whole guy-hair thing - you are not alone. I really don't think college consist of the best years of your life. I personally see them as the 'first best years', as the moment when life becomes exciting and varied and everything feels possible. College is the exciting springboard to other exciting things. I promise.

Shauna Elford said...

that last bullet. we are or were the same.

Natalie DiCenzo said...

I know for certain that my college years are definitely not going to be the best of my life. People always say that about it, but I don't know what kind of people those are. It just feels so much like an in between...

I feel you on the middle school years of regrettably telling people you liked them. For it was over AIM. I wish I could take that back SO HARD.

Nina said...

The homework anxiety ruins your tv-experience? Welcome to the club!

Mary said...

"i'm just one of those people that makes a big deal of the little things that are good and bad and can write about them for hundreds of words. "

This is precisely why we love you. I actually think you're brilliant for keeping in mind these things that, yes, need to be talked about. They're part of our life experience, as trivial as they may seem.

hannah said...

University and my early twenties sucked, overall. Don't be sad, I am hoping the late twenties and early thirties makes up for it, personally.

Guilt about work and housework often ruins my TV enjoyment. Ugh!

Z said...

Scrolling through the comments, I guess I'm just adding to the uproar, but I feel sort of the same way about college. Against the grain, I had a great time in high school (apart from rough spots...but every time in life has some rough spots!) and college is turning out the same, but different. I feel like my friendships are deeper, my aha moments a little clearer, and my learning GREATLY enhanced, but apart from that...good! but not crazy fall down party-every-night amazingsauce. Sometimes people build up college to be this 24/7 party and it's not! To me, college is a 24/7...afternoon supermarket. You choose what aisles you shop in, hopefully run into all your friends from kickboxing class, and maybe you'll have that really snitty cashier. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I'll stop talking.

shelbyisms said...

I'm happy about the fact that college years aren't the "best." I mean, don't get me wrong- they're great, but why stop now?

You're fantastic.

hellolyndsey said...

I laughed out loud to most of these. You're just so silly and inspiring! I definitely do the same with the peanut butter and nutella... mmmmmmmmmmm. I'm on Weight Watchers now and it's 5 points for ever 2 tbsp, so I can wilfully use up about 15 just for that, right?! ;)

p.s- parting with old friends is definitely the same as college. just another stepping stone in your road to happiness! some of them might be pot-holes actually. hahah. my best friend taught me about those. but hey, someone's gotta pull you out of that pothole. whoever does will be there for life, or until you hit the next one. there will always be potholes, but there will also be someone to pull you out every time. ♥

Beautifully Pure said...

You like Pride and Prejudice?? Have you seen the Lizzie Benet Diaries on YouTube yet? You should def check them out - sooo good! <3

Parting with friends is so hard! I've been going through this lately and it's really hard to part gracefully, but I'm doing my best! ;D

And as for running, I really think i could get into running if I lived in the country. Maybe I should try driving to trails... it's so much more interesting when there's interesting scenery! Amirite?

Jamie Rose said...

Hahaha I'm pretty sure we're kindred spirits. I feel you with the people copying other people because they want to be like everyone else. And I'm so glad to hear of someone else denying the "college is the best time of your life" idea! It definitely was not and is not the best time of my life and I truly hope there are better things to come. I put a lot of work into school too and I hope it pays off with making a bit of money and not having to take tests anymore. Word.
Also puberty. I was like 4'7" in 8th grade and weighed 40ish pounds until at least 6th grade. (Don't ask me how. I was lanky and couldn't fit into any jeans for like a whole year). I never had a growth spurt except for my feet. I feel your past pain. Woe is junior high for abnormally short people.