Wednesday, January 23

coat of dreams

Here's the thing about this coat: there is no coat like it.

And as far as I'm concerned, when you find a coat that earns the compliment, "You look like a New York woman!" while you're in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho and although you're not even sure anyone in Idaho could tell you what exactly that means, you take it and you run with it. Far. And never, ever take it off. I surely haven't (my instagram will prove that) and who knows, I might try to make it work until June. We did get snow once in Idaho in June, so I'm not ruling it out completely. Also the fact that it was 40% off didn't hurt, either.

Low and behold, I suffered the four and a half drive by myself to Montana yesterday! Things that may have happened: in a split second decision to end my own life by swerving into a semi or the life of a pheasant that was peacefully and unknowingly putting his own life in danger by choosing to perch in the center of my lane, I chose the pheasant (otherwise I wouldn't be here, blogging about it), spotting another Subaru with a 'montana griz' sticker on its window and staying 200 yards behind it for the entire duration of the Coeur D' Alene to Missoula portion of the drive, stopping when said Subaru pulled into a rest area to use the bathroom and observing an adorable boyish faced what-I-can-only-imagine-to-be-a-freshmen get out of it, and nearly losing my voice after so much car singing. Then again, they all may have happened.

I then spent all of last night and all of this morning doing the only thing that is best to do when you have an apartment (your own apartment, nonetheless!) all to yourself: laying in bed and watching too much tv, organizing emails and replying to a few, thinking about unpacking my suitcases that didn't make it further than my door entryway, and of course, doing everything without pants on.

DSC_0656 DSC_0681 DSC_0696DSC_0701DSC_0691DSC_0686
coat: zara // dress: thrifted // scarf: nordstroms // boots: forever21 //
tights: the gap


Ashlyn said...

That coat. You are certainly right about the fact that there's nothing like it. So gorgeous. And it seems so warm. I love when I come across items that make my heart sing like that. I totally feel ya when it comes to unpacking- it took me a solid week and a half to organize everything back.

Triple Thread

Natalie DiCenzo said...

THE COAT IS SO GREAT. It is the utmost of classy. While I'm sure the pheasant was a nice pheasant, I'm glad you didn't die. So congratulations on making it through the drive unscathed! I wish I could have come back to school to my own apartment and lived the pantsless life, but alas, I did not.

katherine said...

cutest jacket ever my lady.

Carly said...

that COAT! all sorts of wonderful. also, that feeling of coming home to your own little apartment and gearing up for school while actually being really lazy? totally indescribable. in a good way ;)

hellolyndsey said...

OH MAGGIE. CAN I JUST EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU??! I wish I could be the girlfriend that's in the passenger seat on that 4 hour drive singing along with you and screaming our heads off when you hit the pheasant so we could block the "bump" sound out (and laugh hysterically but feel awful at the same time). sigh. You're just amazing. And I want your New York lady coat. Is it crazy that I know what they meant? I thought it was only a southern thing, but apparently it's an Idahoan thing too;) Lots of people call me "french lady" whenever I wear my coat and beanies (including josh). lllloooolllllz.

Also, I want everything else you're wearing, including your hair. PLZ N THNK YER.

Lizzie said...

That coat looks so nice and warm that I wish I could feel its softness.

Glad you've made it back to school safely.

Shelby said...

Alright, that coat... not even real! It is seriously the best! Love love love it! Road trip adventures are always the best. Sometimes they are even more entertaining when you are by yourself... yeah sometimes. hahaha

Paulina said...

You look amazing! Great coat ;)

Nathyness said...

Such a cozy coat! I especially like how long it is at the sleeves, because then you can hide your hands from the freezing cold.


Sarah said...

Love the coat! Looks super warm!