Friday, January 4

things i learned this week: pt 1

in 2013, 'things i learned this week' is going to be a thing.
it's official. maybe it's because i'm awestruck by even the simplest of things that surprise me or that i seem to learn things the tremulous, awkward, and often embarrassing way, but there are things to figure out everywhere i turn! and so, this week, here you have it.

this week i learned
  • you know those extremely small planes that you only ride when you're traveling, say, less than 300 miles and sit in for no longer than an hour? for good reason, you think to yourself, as you ascend the runway and the entire plane shakes and squeals while you squeeze your eyes shut and mutter prayers under your breath this isn't about to be an episode of lost. yes, they are every bit as terrifying as they seem when you step onto the tarmac (!!) and get a full look at the slightly-larger-than-a-schoolbus object that will soon be 30,000 feet in the air with you enclosed. BUT, here's the thing. if you get a seat on the side with only a single seat, it's the ultimate win. better than the lotto. no bumping uglies with a married middle aged man wearing an oxford button up (be still your heart)(if only he wasn't married... and 15 years older than you) or the chatty 16 year old that you actually thought was 28 who thought you were 14. and because it's in the row of only single seats, you will guarantee a window seat for yourself. *the best*
  • when you're in a mood, and a serious one at that because not even 'ho hey' by the lumineers can make you dance in your chair and the thought catalog just makes you roll your eyes in haste, immediately confiding in someone will make you feel better. i think this might be a serious marker of growing up for me, who used to let bad moods sit and spoil in my head until it made me a nuisance to every single person within four feet of me. and also who refused to confide in anyone. it's a good feeling.
  • on a normal day, the thought catalog will read your mind better than a taylor swift song and spell every single one of your problems out until magically making them vanish with a dose of eloquence and humor.
  • snapchat is a great tool to get to know someone (by learning all about their ugly sides first), but not someone of the opposite sex you only met that one time and you mistakenly thought was pretty normal. who uses snapchat to try his one liners in limited clothing. it's too awkward to even elaborate on and makes my skin crawl thinking about it.
  • the high road, every single time, my dears. maybe if you're like me you jump to conclusions and while you might be right about them, it's not worth the energy to outwit the situation. roll your eyes and get on with it. it's a new year! people that are in the past belong there even when your stuff is stuck there.
  • 2012 was the year i learned to cry and learn it's a relatively normal response by my tear ducts when i see pictures of emma stone and andrew garfield on the internet or watch any movie with rebel wilson in it so 2013 will be the year i embrace that shamelessly. watch out! don't take me to any movies. the hobbit didn't see me coming. 
  • pink is actually pretty fantastic when paired with the lead singer from fun.
  • i am no longer a small town person because for christmas, i got the most perfect jacket in the world but it took me three separate orders online to try on three different sizes (!!) to get the right one that fit. thank goodness for the 'free shipping & returns' promise.
  • there's your sister....
...and then there's you:
i feel like an explanation isn't needed.


Lizzie said...

This Things I Learned This Week feature sounds fun. Good way to keep track of, well, things you've learned.

I will never use Snapchat. I just won't, in fear of something like that happening or what have you.

Hmm, maybe I should start reading The Thought Catalog...

Hope you're 2013 is off to a great start. It seems so with this post. :)

Shelby said...

Oh my goodness, I sure hope you continue to do this, because I love it! Such a good idea girl.

You're comments on snapchat are unreal! The sad thing about it, is I feel like my younger brother is that way to people. Awkward.

The pictures... perfect.
Happy new year!

Z said...

I love this just as much as I thought I would!!! I'm learning from you as much as you are learning from you! Plus you handle everything with such a sense of humor, I wish I could do that! And the pictures are priceless :]

Autumn said...

The snapchat thing is hilarious. I'm sorry for laughing just a tad, but it just a horribly awkward experience.

Natalie said...

I literally only snapchat two of my best friends because they're the only ones that I will allow to see my most hideous faces, haha. And oh my gosh, that photo of you. I love it.

Mary said...

Older sisters ftw!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i have heard of this snapchat, but i don't think i am ready for it!