Sunday, January 20

things i've learned lately: pt 2

with only two weeks left in january i am not upset that the month is flying by even if blogging is sort of, well, passing me by, too. luckily i think i reached the point of no return with winter break which is admitting i'm ready to go back to school (*cough* live in my own apartment, sleep in my own bed, and cuddle with my favorite cat mister again *cough*). that isn't to say i haven't learned some things this month, though.

things i've learned lately:
  • don't keep every spare key you own on your primary key ring with all your other valuable keys when your mom is driving your car. she WILL lock your car keys in your car while on a road trip and a lock smith WILL have to be called and to top it all off, the car WILL still be running when she does this. at least the car was adequately warmed up nearly an hour later...?
  • if you have nothing to say, just don't blog. the feeling is better than anything and eventually the 'oh my gosh i haven't blogged in two days' eye twitch DOES go away (i'm afraid to say i actually forgot about blogging for the past three days completely and holy crap, it was a lovely internet free vacation.)
  • when you're afraid of saying something, that usually means it's that much MORE important to talk about. and it's not as scary as you play it out to be in your head. or at least, it IS that scary, but it might turn out you weren't the only one thinking it.
  • ALWAYS spontaneously buy plane tickets to visit your grandma. you'll do it far too quickly and book the cheapest flight without much of a glance at the total trip duration and accidentally wind up with a 7 hour layover in colorado on the return trip. and the best thing that could ever happen will happen which is an inevitable blog meetup with your soulmate. (still po-ed that the salt lake city airline tickets were TRIPLE what the denver connecting flight tickets were, though, because in a perfect world i could have arranged my layovers in both places and hit up two bloggers!? is this getting obsessive!? too convenient!?)
  • just when you don't think the job Gods are going to grant you with a 15 hours per week part time minimum wage of a gift, you'll score a job interview. don't. give. up. hope. keep sending your resume, schedule, and references in a single email thanking them exactly three times in each to every single job employer on the student employment website because you will get emails back and one will result in a follow up interview! (but now i have an interview to prepare for, pray for me please.)
  • if you're anywhere near an urban outfitters during their 'additional 50% off clearance sticker price' GET YOUR BUM THERE. even if it means wearing sweats tucked into your winter sorel boots and unwashed hair. do i talk about the state of my unwashed hair too frequently? ... in all honesty, i've averaging a shower every 2.25 days on winter vacation. the fact that i use dry shampoo and if i ever met one of you on a blog meet up i promise i would be freshly showered should ease your minds, though.
  • when you get to the point on your four mile run you literally call your mom nearly in tears because your OHMYGOSH *huge* blister is about to pop, your calves have turned to rock, and the frigid 3 degree weather burns your throat with every inhale, JUST KEEP RUNNING. you will complete your run when she doesn't answer and you will live to blog about it.
  • when your grandmother provides unsolicited advice on your new hair dye that isn't so new anymore but still refuses to let go of (the words "sickly" and "malnourished" were involved) and your state of singleness (the phrase "when i was your age i had several serious boyfriends i could have married" was used), it's best to have both someone on hand a text away to retell every horrendous comment and a plate full of her cookies to stuff your mouth with. some sassy comments weren't repressed, however, and for that i advise a full night's sleep. rookie mistake, really.
  • three year old's give the best hugs. and kisses. and wake up calls. and take the best pictures.


Abbey said...

I would've liked to hang out with your grandma when she was younger to learn her ways. haha!

angelaremondi said...

Such an adorable post! Your grandmother sounds hilarious haha although I probably wouldn't have appreciated those comments either :P And you are a champ for continuing your run with a blister in the cold! Seriously! Love your blog :)


Lizzie said...

Good luck on the job interview! Shower for that, perhaps? ha ha.

I enjoy reading these posts.

becca said...

wow grandma, reign it it!

ha ha.
but really, this is a fun little list and a nice way to remember this time by.
good for you, getting a job interview!

and I don't shower either.
or if I do I just wet my hair but don't wash it.
except every third day when I wash the front (the bangs). so, you are not alone :)

hilldaye said...

I locked my keys in a running car this summer! Hahaha Now I can believe the handsome middle age man parked behind me that told me I wasn't the only one. The worst is the hours worth of gas wasted and a $60 fee for my door to be jimmied open in two seconds.

hilldaye said...

I locked my keys in a running car this summer! Hahaha Now I can believe the handsome middle age man parked behind me that told me I wasn't the only one. The worst is the hours worth of gas wasted and a $60 fee for my door to be jimmied open in two seconds.

kylee said...

amen to number two. nothing is worse than the, "i have nothing to blog about" blog post. although i might have done that once, i cringe at my own mistakes. unplanned blog breaks are the best kind. you learn a lot, even if it's a one day thing. still PO-ed too. i wanted that layover so bad. interview?! who, what, where, when, why?!

Shelby said...

your blog posts seriously make my day EVER SINGLE TIME. You might actually be the funniest person ever. Thank you so much for just being you, and being honest on here. It is seriously a breathe of fresh air every single blog post.

hellolyndsey said...

I just seriously die over these posts! It really makes me want to stop and take a minute to reflect on what I've learned. You're amazing mags. and it sounds like your grandma is too ;)

Beautifully Pure said...

These posts are so fun! I died over your retelling of your run and you poor soul! It must have been horrible to have to have that conversation with your grandmother. ;)

Sarah said...

Hope you are having a good weekend!