Friday, December 9

things that get me through

not just finals week, but everything

-coffee of any kind from anywhere
-kitten videos on youtube
-wearing a dress
-watching some sort of taylor swift video
-ranting about anything and everything in my journal
-reading old blog posts
-watching a movie
-calling my dad, sister, mom, or grandma
-old episodes of the office
-spontaneous purchasing of dvd series on amazon for really cheap
-reading your blogs
-hugs. really, really good hugs. especially when they're given.
-remembering the fact that taylor swift loves me
-listening to a playlist i created specifically for that day
-looking at old pictures
-really funny people

here's to getting to wednesday at 10am!


♥Abby said...

You crack me up Maggie!
And I agree with your list...besides the Taylor Swift ones, haha ;)
Hope your weekend is going great! =)


Roma Agsalud said...

to get us through our popjunklove errands, my sister and I watch modern family :) again, good luck Maggie :)