Thursday, December 1

i love december

hellooooo my favorite month of the year!!!
I always try to act like I'm a summer girl or even a fall girl... but it's just not true.
I live for December and Christmas and hot chocolate and bundling up in five sweaters and cozy socks and cuddling and watching movies and waking up at six in the morning on a saturday to go skiing and counting down the days to christmas and hearing the sounds of my mom baking cookies in the kitchen and going running at noon because it's finally cold enough outside to do so and making Christmas lists and buying presents for people I love and taking walks at night in the snow and wearing crazy hats and buying new pairs of gloves (i lose mine every single winter) and staying in bed an extra five minutes in my warm blankets because the air is so crisp and going to Boise to see family and orange skies and wearing boots every single day and eating way too much all month long and just loving the fact that it's winter and I get to be home with my family.

i'm happy today.


Michelle said...

Such a sweet post, I absolutely love December too, especially for the reasons you've listed! xx

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Awww, I'm an Autumn girl myself, but this list is making me really excited for winter! Seriously, I was just super bummed out about it being December, so thanks for turning me around :)

♥Abby said...

Glad you are, I hate winter. :/
How do you run in the freezing weather????


kylee said...

you may have just converted me to be a winter lover.

becca said...

it's so so so nice to finally get to your favorite place in the calendar!