Wednesday, December 14

fall finals 2011

not knowing how to study for a final when i literally didn't learn a single thing all semester,
taking said final and never seeing more than 50% of the questions before,
spending all day studying flashcards,
taking a much needed break from studying with niklaas to starbucks (made me smile),
feeling prepared... and walking into the psychology final forgetting my outside 8 hours of research credit log worth half of our grade,
finishing the final in twenty minutes so I could run home and write a three page paper in ten minutes and turn it in by 9pm...
except that my professor was no longer there because she took a student to the ER due to a panic disorder
(ironic, no?),
hunting her down, calling her cell phone number, and being treated way too nicely for a college student who made the dumbest mistake a student can make,
spending six hours studying biology (umm.... did i ever know this?),
staying up until 2:30am and waking up at 6:30am to study some more,
eat a breakfast bar and drink some water,
take worst biology test ever in my life,
multiple choice tests are not my favorite thing and i discovered that my mind tends to veer off to thoughts about kittens, clothes, shopping, christmas and christmas lights during 200 question exams,
leave final.

here's to being done with fall finals 2011!
my roommate hates pictures and wouldn't let me take a picture of our matching attire. diptic solved that.
my cousin and i. people think we're twins. seriously.
dayton 2dayton
my roommate's "friend" waiting for her to get home. yeah. i hard.
...and is there a better way to end finals week than with the best puppy in the world!?


Dale said...

What cute pics and that's funny about your roomie not wanting to be in the pic. Studying for finals sounds tough but your pics make it look a little fun too. Good luck on all of your finals.


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Oh my gosh! Your finals seemed so hard! This was my first year of college, so I just had my first set of finals and they were relatively easy for me.
Art final: double spaced 10 page paper about my opinion on art
Criminal Justice: Take home essay on the last video we watched in class and on our opinion
Environment: 25 multiple choice open book open note test
representing race: 25 multiple choice test with 3 short essays regarding materials.
I am SO afraid for when I end up with finals like the ones you had, but im sure it will happen within the next semester or two!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

What a story! You must be glad it's all over...

In Belgium, we have finals after Christmas! We don't have a Christmas break because we have to study :(

kylee said...

nothing beats walking into a final feeling prepared. i sort of sucked at that this semester. i live for multiple choice questions. save my life every time. and i know the 200 question feeling. DEATH. it should not be allowed. sooo glad we're both done with finals!! enjoy your christmas break maggie!

♥Abby said...

I'm stressed out just from reading that, lmao.
That's been me too this past week. Even though it's high school, finals are freaking stressful. Especially when I haven't learned a single thing in chemistry. Like you said: so how am I supposed to study for it?
I hate multiple choices too...I'd rather have short answer questions.

Have a great break! =)


Morlee said...

Cutest darn puppy ever! :) My friend just a cavalier. So adorable.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

Thank GOD we survived!!!
And lol, such a great 'friend' your roommate has.
And oh the pupster. :)