Sunday, December 4

emails from my dad

since coming to college, i've communicated with my sister and mom about every single day through texts, calls, and skype. however, my dad is not the technology savvy kind of dad. he is an email kind of dad. the kind that i email when i just want to talk to someone or hear him say something that will make me laugh or read three paragraphs of news updates around the family. and i love his emails to death. yesterday, i emailed him with one question, "is work better than school?" his response made me tear up, just a little bit. you know how they say your parents know what's best for you and are way smarter than you'll ever be? it's true. i'm a parent lover.

Work better than school?  Well I guess if you do work and school you could really find out.
College should be doeable for most, not a horror movie. These professors who co-teach, its kind of the new thing and yes we have some do that and one in particular is a horror movie from my point of view. Most of that is due to the person, or the personality and/or inexperience. Like you said your organic professor is bad. Hopefully they will get rid of him from teaching then.

The thing about all this school and work is to try to get all the learning you can. Obviously some classes are not in your interest. Then to hopefully find a area you like, or love. I knew I liked science in HS because of my HS chemistry teacher, also the Bio. teacher was ok. But the Chem. teacher also taught astronomy too and that was great. He was my biggest influence that I can recall. The Ag II teacher was great too. These people build that confidence that everyone needs. Not to try and destroy you.

I liked college all the way through, every bit pretty much. Some topics I didn't like. Plus I worked all these horrible jobs along the way. Which really made me want to learn more in some area. But overall science has to come from the interest, curiosity and love to help people. That's it. And the want to do experiments correctly and not lie.. If you make it up you are a joke and you don't last.

Later Gator

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