Tuesday, December 20


finally, finally, finally home in idaho.
rolling hills, co-op, seeing my preschool teacher at the post office, small town charm, old friends (best friends), my own bed, nights with my sister and her best friend, watching hours and hours of whatever television show we're obsessed with, *hot* showers, christmas season, my parents, being able to drive again, my dog, taking walks, babysitting, an abundance of ponytails, living ten minutes from niklaas again, the breakfast club, morning coffee made by my mom, my own laundry do-er (thanks daddy), passing out on my sofa which is way too comfortable for its own good, niklaas' lovely view of home, unlocking the front door every single time i leave the house, eating muffins every morning, unpacking (ughhhh), seeing presents under the tree, reading, missing dorm internet, sleeping soundly every single night, hearing my mom on the phone, neighbors & the gomez family, taking blog pictures, going to our favorite little church on the hill, josh ritter, and finally, finally, finally being in the place where i feel the happiest.
niklaashouse niklaasshouse