Thursday, December 29


lately, i've been "busy". 

i can't remember the last time i had a full day, like today, to sit at home in my own house and just do the things i like. it feels like since thanksgiving there hasn't been time for anything let alone spending hours on the computer, blogging, reading for pleasure, or cleaning. yeah, i definitely let my room go. another thing i haven't done in way too long? work out. i love the routine of working out. it lasted a solid two months this year at school and i was so proud of the four times a week i made myself go, always at 9am straight after biology. i can be the laziest girl in the world (i.e. this past week of six hours of television a day) but i never do feel that satisfied after days of doing nothing. i like being "busy". i like having routine. 

however, the more i thought about what "busy" meant i realized just how much i'd let myself use it as an excuse to sidestep routine. if i had a huge organic chemistry test coming up, i'd skip working out at the gym to study for an extra hour... which ended up turning into an extra hour of sleep which meant i'd need to find that extra hour somewhere else in my day. when i spent a long day at the library, i ended up staying later than usual to squeeze in that extra hour i needed to catch up on my tv shows online which required an extra nap the next day and extra time needed for studying. time time time. i can't count the number of times on this blog i've said, "i can't wait for so and so to be over so i can have free time to blog again!"only for that to never come true because i lounged around wasting time doing other things. 

i think we're always "busy". we always have things going on our lives. if i have one new years resolution, i think it's that i make my time count for more than i do. taking an hour to get dressed because i update my iPod at the same time or make myself breakfast in my tights because i can't decide what to wear is unproductive and the end, my bad habits caught up with me. i forgot to bring my research credit log to psychology and had to finish the final in fifteen minutes so i could run back to my dorm and finish them to turn in. i got way behind in textbook reading and went to my final more ill prepared for any test i've ever taken (i passed, however!). i'm always more diligent with my time with i focus on just one thing at a time, if i have a plan in my head for the day. to do lists are also a huge help. if you want to do something, you can always make time for it if it means enough to you that you'll make time for it. 

here we come, 2012. productivity!


kylee said...

you and me both. i need to seriously readjust the way i spend my time. school is priority and i need to definitely start a work out routine for myself. here's to 2012 and our ever growing selves!

Dianne said...

Happy New Year, Maggie! :)

another day to wander

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

i've been thinking about the ways i could readjust my own schedule to be more productive. i could get so much more done ahead of time if i stopped putting it off.


to productivity! :) let every moment count :) happy new year!