Wednesday, November 30

organic chemistry case you wanted a glimpse into my alter-ego pre-med life apart
from the blogging gal around here.
i just so happened to do about everything you could do wrong in this lab. spilled the 18 molar concentrated
sulfuric acid (corrosive; toxic; ouch), added the acid too quickly to the solvent so all of the reactant was
used up, forgot to tar the conical vial, and managed to burn myself on the hot plate a few times. i hate organic chemistry. although, as it is turning out, it happens to be my best "pre-med" subject currently and is going to save my little butt in a few weeks time. oh, pre-health sciences, how i loathe but will continue to study you until i graduate with the option of attending any sort of professional health school. i will more than likely change my major (biology), but i'm staying in the health sciences program. at the end of the day, i can actually see myself working in a retirement home with the oldies as some sort of doctor or with little kiddies as some other kind of doctor. 
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Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

ah. I could never do health sciences although I do love science!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Dianne said...

That almost happened to me once in gahh either Anatomy or Chemistry subject in college. I hated dealing with any glass vials or formulas or solutions, whatever they call it. I was bad at mixing liquids and that's when I knew that my dream of becoming a barista is unattainable.

Have a great day! :)

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Heather - Inner cupcake said...

Ohhh, O chem is the most dangerous lab I took in college- it was more fun than say the lecture class for O chem, but darn it if I didn't end up walking around that year with lots of dings on my hands from various spilled chemicals (and turned yellow briefly from when my conc nitric acid and conc. sulfuric acid bubbled over and onto my hand). Good luck with finishing up the semester!

Paula said...

my boyfriend is in his 2nd year of studying chemistry and he loves it too. I never understand half of it when he tells me about it to be honest, haha :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

that sounds tough. I was the absolute when it came to chemistry. Luckily my lab partner was a real genius :)

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♥Abby said...

I hate chemistry with everything I have. There's no way I could take any sort of college chem class.
I could see you working with old people. Lol :)