Thursday, July 8

i can't help myself

*yawn* Does anyone else think summer is moving along much, much too quickly? Because I most definitely do. College is becoming less and less of a spec in the distance and more of an, "Oh, s***, I'm actually a real, live breathing college student who lives alone.... 200 miles from home." I'll let you know if I'm getting more excited or more scared as it grows near.
Lately (and by lately, I mean, the past week), I have done nothing but wear this shirt. Jasmine, if you're reading this, I love you! I could wear it with anything in my closet and in a million thousand different ways. I couldn't be happier if I had picked it out myself! You all know me and my love for mixing florals and stripes and, well, today was no exception. You're probably all like, "Okay Maggie, we get it, stripes and florals, yeah yeah." Hehe. I apologize!
These flounce floral shorts from forever21 are the comfiest item in the entire world. Aside from the shirt, at least! (I'm seriously obsessed) I honestly hope florals never, ever go out of style! In all of these pictures, my hair looks so dark. I don't get it! I look so different, though, and I almost like it? I don't know. It's more pale vampire/dark contrasting Alice Cullen hair than I'm used to. Ha! I apologize for the twilight reference. But really, my conversation with my hair in the morning goes like this these days:
maggie: so, hair, what shall we do with you today? Straight or curly?
hair: F*** off maggie, I will do whatever I want regardless of who you want me to be and no amount of heat or gel will change that!
maggie: *sigh* Well, okay.
SPEAKING of Twilight....yes, I might have gone to the midnight premiere on Tuesday night of last week. And yes... I might have been a mean girlfriend and dragged my dear with me. On my behalf, it was the night he got back and I kind of really wanted to see him and I didn't make him wait in line for ten hours with my friends...we only waited for three! I might have been a mean girlfriend, but he was a really really good boyfriend for going! Hehe.
i'm wearing my favorite michael kors wedges. They just make me a happy girl.

Again, thank you so much for reading my blog. Just reading it means the world to me. And trust me, a huge thank you is coming your way tomorrow when I post my giveaway!!! 5 dresses!! FIVE! Hehehe. I'm so excited! Anyways, here are some "life-y" pictures from this summer and spring. Feel free to SKIP over all of these!!
top- forever21 clothes swap shorts-f21 belt- Ann Taylor Wedges- Michael Kors

yours truly,
I'm best friends with my sister's friends. Weird? Yeah, probably.
From forever ago, my friends and I meeting Sons of Sylviaa at the Carrie Underwood concert! The lead singer was holding my hand...and later told me I was cute. Thus, excited face.
the "awww" inducing picture. Wedding clad!
Jenni wore a dress to school so, naturally, we had to take pictures of this historic moment :).
It was my grandma's birthday!
Exploring tunnels! You have all seen this dress before: H&M dress
The "Holy cow, Carrie Underwood is in the same room as us" face at our hotel.
I'm big with those younger than me.
I like swings. Known fact.
texting niklaas during warm up water breaks? caught.
lake. enough said.
this is so old! Swing dance back in February when I didn't think he knew I existed. hahaha.
bored in physics. Guess who drew Taylor Swift in the top corner?:)

my favorite picture of us to date. Cute. It was for my friend's video of STD's for wellness. Hahaha.
My soccer team:) Again, underclassmen! I love them more than life.


~Abby~ said...

Yes summer is going by sooo fast! Only 1 month and one day till school! I swear, it feels more like Christmas break, not summer break! :P
Love the shorts! Don't worry, you make it work!
NO WAY I NEVER SKIP OVER YOUR PICS! Lol, they're so entertaining!
I love Jenni's dress! ♥
That cake looks yummy.
AH I've loved Carrie Underwood since American Idol!
I love swings so much! When we go to the park that's all I do! The higher the better!
I go to the lake near my house like, every weekend!
Uh yeah, weird picture. He's holding a sign that looks like it says "herpes" and you look like you're about to burst into tears!!!

Lovely post dear!!!! :D

tess said...

it looks like you had a great year

my friend's boyfriend actually wanted to go to eclipse, I kid you not. He said he wanted to go just to make fun of it...umm yea, suspicious much lol? Still your bf is great guy for tagging along,even if unwillingly

college is scary, but also exciting and a necessary step to growing up and figuring out who you are. I moved across the country for college and even though it was intimidating it was worth it in the end. I've grown up so much and learned so much in these past two years of college that I wouldn't have realized if I stayed in state! you'll have a great time, I'm sure1

erin :) said...

fun pictures!! you're life looks so exciting!!! i love the STD wellness picture. hahaha. xD and my fav pic of you is the one right above that one in your h&m dress. :)

thanks for sharin this gurl!
erin :)

Sonia said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I loooove all of your outfits- super cute!! The floral shorts especially- I want.
Can't wait to read more from you!

simplyhope said...

I TOTALLY agree! Summer is moving along WAY too fast! Mixing prints is definitely your thing and you do it so well! Love all the pictures! You always look like you are having fun:D

libys11 said...

aaawwww i haven't gotten around to wearing jasmine's striped tee!! but after seeing this, i just might need too, stat! hahaha! :D you look so cute in the floral-stripe ensemble!! really love it! :D and the series of photos towards the end looks like a great set of memories to keep! :D hope all is well with you, dear! :D

looking forward to your giveaway! :D

Animated Confessions

Fourth Daughter said...

great post as usual, you and your friends always look like you are having so much fun!
My ex dragged ME to Twilight, he kept saying it was a vampire movie whereas I claimed it was a romance. OK, it's both, but I still think he wouldn't have gone if he knew how much romance there was in it. Ha ha!!
Enjoy your summer and all your uni holidays to come, you will never have so much free time in your life again!

Ebony said...

I didn't skip any photos... I loved them all! Yay for cool jumping photos in lakes and when your friend catches you texting your guy. I sometimes wish all my actions were photographed, but a professional, so I could use them for posts and such. "Hey, look, here's me having breakfast!" hahaha.

YOUR COMMENT DELETED ITSELF. Well comments, haha - I'm glad you noticed I dont have captchas - I hate them. Especially when it doesnt notify you; so you've typed a comment, hit submit, and then it goes refreshes and shows the top of the blog. Luckily I always scroll to make sure it's damn well sent, because sometimes (on new blogs) I have no idea that theres a captcha on the bottom getting in my way of posting! Haha. Does that make sense?

Oh and what did your first comment say? I can't remember waaaaaaaaaaah! Stupid comment moderation. I have now killed it. Haha. No more for me, I'm just gonna have to find another way to work out where the comments are coming from... and on what post etc etc. I have a terrible memory.

Okay this is officially the longest comment, ever, so I'll say tata. Oh wait! Yes! Leos! :D I'm 4 days off being one. We do have so much in common it's great! I hope one day we get to meet. I have a feeling we will :)
Just wanna

Kelly said...

Let me just say I stinking LOVE your H&M dress. So springy!

Jen said...

ahhh i'm loving all these pictures, they're so much fun! and you have no idea how in love i am with that H&M dress! you look gorgeous in it and i adore the rainbow colors. :)

and uh, stripes and floral? perfection.

Alex said...

I loved every single picture! I think my favorites are the STD one and the dancing one! Hahahaha, I am sorry! I just really like every picture you have with your bf! You two are so adorable and cute together! I also dragged my boyfriend to eclipse :P He always accepts because he laughs a lot during the movie! :P

Anyway, I understand what you mean! Where did summer go :(

Oh, I really do believe you'll do great in college! Don't be nervous! You'll have the time of your life :)

Kimberellie said...

Thanks for sharing your life and your thoughts with us! Love the everyday pics at the end! You look like you are having a lot of fun!!!

:-D Your happiness makes me happy!

Also, florals will never go out. And if they do, we will wear them anyway. So don't forget to stockpile just in case.

Cheyne said...

Aw I most especially love the photo "exploring the tunnels."

And psh, florals + stripes never gets old. Especially the way you mix it up.

Well as you know I'm up in New York right now taking college classes at Pratt, and I am loving the college experience. So so so much better than high school...I am definitely NOT excited to go back for my Senior year. I love the set up of college classes so much more and my professors are amazing.
So don't be scared of college Maggie dear! I am absolutely sure that you will love it. (:


Cheyne said...

Aw I most especially love the photo "exploring the tunnels."

And psh, florals + stripes never gets old. Especially the way you mix it up.

Well as you know I'm up in New York right now taking college classes at Pratt, and I am loving the college experience. So so so much better than high school...I am definitely NOT excited to go back for my Senior year. I love the set up of college classes so much more and my professors are amazing.
So don't be scared of college Maggie dear! I am absolutely sure that you will love it. (:


Beckerman Girls said...

Great blog! I love those Michael Kors wedges :) Keep rockin it!!

Estefany said...

Aw thats so cute! I love the short so much! OH and don't worry about school. You will like it so much better than high school, mark my words!

Sandra Alonso said...

I really like your blog, I follow

Tayler said...

those shorts are sooo chic! i love them!

Tayler said...

OMG! where do you live?? no creepy but what lake is that?!

Lauren said...

I have mixed feelings about going back to school. Mostly my feelings are like "Holy crapnuts I'm a junior now so I'm halfway through college and in two more years I have to be in the (gasp!) real world with a (gasp!) real job and (double gasp!) responsibilities and stuff!"

Anonymous said...

first of all! I love how you are obsessed with florals and stripes together! I love florals too!

I haven't seen Eclipse. Must go see it!

and you are not a mean gf for dragging Niklaas. That is what guys are for lol.

Did anybody tell you, Niklaas looks kinda like Kevin Jonas. lol :)

I love all the pictures!

especially the picture of you caught textin! I also love the lake picture! awww!

the best one is the last one!

super cute!

what college are you going to?

itahl said...

I love the pictures and your attire... I would say you are a forever21 girl. Correct me if I'm wrong but most of your stuff are from forever21? God, I love that brand.. Who wants to be forever21? Well, count me in.. Sisters.. love love love

Stephanie said...

I'm loving the floral and strips combo! Plus that H&M dress is to die for. LOVE!