Saturday, July 3

the only exception

Hi, friends!
It's officially JULY! July notoriously is one of my favorite months of the year. Coincidentally, it happens to be the month of my birthday! And this year, it will be my big 18th celebration. I'm really, really insanely excited. Not for the "18" part so much as who gets to be a part of it this year and being surrounded by people I adore. Hehe! In July, I'll be taking a roadtrip to our annual family reunion camping trip and then crossing states into Wyoming with my dad for a while to see my grandparents. College is right around the corner....
Anyways! My dear is home, as you saw in the last post. IT WAS SO LOVELY :). We spent literally everyday all day long together this week watching a lot of worldcup and tv and snuggling and doing a whole lot of nothing except enjoying the fact that we weren't thousands of miles away from eachother. July 1st marked our "two month" which is semi-exciting. I mean, it may not seem like a big deal to the rest of the world....but for me, and this being my first real official relationship, it kind of is something. Two months? Me? Yeah. But...I have to say, everyday has been a fairytale.

Before he left, we did a photoshoot! It was probably the one time aside from seeing Toy Story 3 that we left my house. Haha.
My sister bought this dress for her graduation...but alas, she didn't like it. It still has the tags and everything (shhh!), so we plan on returning it. But not before I used it for a photoshoot. I saw it and fell in love. The polka dots are so sweet and it's soft to the touch. Upon first glance, I knew I'd be pairing it with something red. So when the time came for a photoshoot and had to decide on an outfit, I immediately grabbed the dress, threw it together with my red heels I never wear because they are unbearably painful, and added a touch of white with my headband. We grabbed some balloons and 10 minutes later, had ourselves the perfect 4th of July setup!
dress- delias $45 shoes- Jessica Simpson $70 headband-f21 $5 
possibly my favorite?
I guess I don't really have a whole lot to say. Summer is utterly delightful. I've been given a lot of crap for not having a job this summer...but honestly, I'm not that concerned, even if logically, I should be. I guess I just figure...I'm only home for 2.5 months anyway. I'm going to be gone for a few weeks of that...and, really, I'm only 17 once. I'll never be this young again with this amount of infinite freedom. I have the rest of my life to work and stress about money, and I'm fortunate enough that paying for college isn't going to be a huge concern after the scholarships I managed to grab. And so....I'm spending this summer selfishly enjoying myself. The last four were spent slaving to soccer and stressing about it constantly. This summer is different. It's my dream summer. I'm loving it.
My hair is getting so long! I'm trying desperately to grow it out. I love short haircuts, and I love the gratification after you get one, but in the long run, having long hair just always makes me happiest. Last year, it seemed like it just would NOT grow! It was to my shoulders all year long! Finally it's getting some length to it. My perm is still magically in place! It's been about a year and still it has some curl to it. I'm thinking of reperming it before college...hmm..
Lately, I've been obsessed with The Only Exception by Paramore. I'm not a huge Paramore fan...I like Hayley and I love her voice, but the music itself never clicked for me. But this song! Ahhh! It reads me like a book. Especially the 2nd verse!

"maybe I know, somewhere deep in my soul that love never lasts and we've got to find other ways to make it alone, keep a straight face. And I've always lived like this keeping a comfortable, distance and up until nowI had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness because none of it was ever worth the risk"
Anyways, have an excellent 4th of July everyone! I'm heading to the beach and watching fireworks over the lake :). We're going with our neighbors (my best friend's family!) and it will be a blast! What are you all doing?? 
GIVEAWAY NEXT WEEK FOR SURE! I know I said 5 dresses....but i hope you won't mind if I added a something here and there...:) 
Love always,
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Breee said...

hey Maggie :)
You look so cute and so 4th of July! I love it!

awww the big 18! that is definitely exciting! I turn 18 on December so it's still a couple of months away. Although I can wait. I wanna stay young for awhile :)

Glad you and Niklaas are having a blast! SUMMER is sweet!

What college are you going to? :)
I agree! Go enjoy summer then worry abt getting a job after summer.

As for the career in fashion, I know it's a risk. Me living here in LA, I know how competitive it gets, but you can always give it a shot.

visit me here in LA! You are going to love it here!


{ I V Y } said...

oh i'm in love with this post!
cute balloons, i want one.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

The dress is amazing, so cute, I think you should steal it so it never gets returned.

Alex said...

I hope you have a fab summer! You've got the rest of your life to worry about having a job - seriously, enjoy yourself now! I adored my pre-uni summer, such amazing happy memories that wouldn't have happened if I'd been stuck working in a shop somewhere.

I'm with Chloe on the dress - you should definitely keep it!

Kelly said...

Love that dress!
And the heels, even if they are killer painful...

Congrats on your 18th! It's a good year. Where are you thinking about, college-wise?

~Abby~ said...

Sounds like an exciting month for you!
WOW this has got to be one of my favorite "photoshoots" of yours! The barn, the baloon and your outfit just looks great together!
I'm glad you're enjoying your summer(:
I LOVE THAT SONG! It's on repeat on my computer.
YAY! I love twitter & tumblr! I'm "thesoapqueen" on tumblr and "Soaplover22" on twitter.
Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

tess said...

your look so cute and patriotic

I'm glad you're enjoying your summer!

justBEE said...

alright we must have a lot in common because i wanted to buy that same dress in delias but my mom wouldn't let me and now you're wearing it, which looks really cute on you. and second your post title is the same title of the one i put on a long time ago. so its official we have a lot in common.

well enjoy your two month with your dear also

Nicole said...

This looks like such a fun photoshoot! That dress looks lovely on you. Happy two months with your dear, it must be so exciting for you! :)

Zaia said...

those pictures are so cool! the colours, i mean, perfect match with the contrasts, and that red door with the fading paint in the bottom, its perfect!reminds me from dorothy from the wizzard of oz a bit :)
its awsome that you're able to have that summer you always wanted, just like in movies haha, it really sounds cool and youre on the edge of starting a new life, its so exciting!
happy fourth of july :)

Ebony said...

You look so cute!
Must you return the dress? Haha. I would so want to keep it... maybe it could be part of your sister's birthday present to you?
That colour blue is my fave and it loosk grand on you!
Yay for having NikNak back :) That's what I'm going to call him from now on.

THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS MY FAVE SONG BY PARAMORE! :DDD We have such similar music taste - I mean, I don't LURVE Taylor Swift... but Meiko and Missy Higgins and now Paramore. It's a lovely thought they we would be real life best friends :)

Happy 4th of July! Happy Two Months!

When's your birthday? How exciting! I loved turning 18 last year... but the days have seemed to fly since I did. Slow down life! ARGH! :D

Oh and the scenery where you are is magical. I love it. Like I love you xox

Mel said...

Such a cute outfit, I love your dress! The red, white, and blue color scheme is perfect for today! Actually your outfit reminds me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz :) Happy Independence Day!

coldlight said...

Hey hun! i'm so sorry i haven't replied to all your lovely comments you left on my blog! Your dress is soo gorgeous, i am obsessed with polka dots! Happy 2 months :P Ooh your 18th is coming up, that's so exciting! Will you be having a big celebration? I remember when I turned 18 a couple of years ago I was so damn happy, mostly because all my friends are older than me and it meant I could finally (well legally anyway) go into pubs and bars! :P

Tayler said...

oh these are sooo cute! I love july too! and happy early birthday!!
thanks for your sweeet comment! I think I might do a hair tutorial soon, so stay tuned:)

Catherine said...

I love these photos! They're so adorable. And I totally relate with the whole not having a job thing - I wouldn't have done half of the things I have so far this summer if I still had a job. I'm broke, but it's okay since the people I hang out with don't need money to have fun :)

Hannah said...

You should definitely check out Bones :) And thanks for the compliments about my prom dress and hat. N said I looked like the "hot mom" from the blog Second Skin. Ha!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photo shoot! I'm sure you had a ton of fun with your neighbors and I'm glad Niklaas is back!

Cheyne said...

Buy some insoles for those painful heels and they'll feel like slippers! I just bought some for mine because New York has been very cruel to the balls of my feet!


libys11 said...

im happy that you're having a grand summer!!! you look so cute in that dress!! and the balloons are just perfect for the holidays!! looking forward to more of your posts!! :D

Animated Confessions

Reanne said...

Hey, Love your outfit.. It matches soooo well :)
You look great in those polka dots... :D
Hope you have a great birthday celebration ahead..
Do post more photos and update me :)

Breee said...

hey Maggie!

Guess what?!

I tagged you! check it out!

Erica Leigh said...

awww, i love your 4th
of july outfit!! so patriotic
and cute ^_^ delia's always has
such cute dresses!

and the balloons were a perfect touch.

yesssss, i say enjoy your summer
and don't worry about all that job
stuff. that's pretty much what i did before i left for school, hehe. have fun with your friends and at home and everything!


Jess said...

LOVE that headband. And only $5?! I may just have to buy it!!


Barbara said...

Oh your july sounds so exciting! that dress is adorable!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

HAPPY SOON-TO-BE-18TH-BIRTHDAY! (that was actually quite challenging to type, with all the hyphens and all. Haha. Wow. I'm so pathetic. Er, anyways. HAPPY BIRTHDAY-ISH!)

I love these photos! They're so nautical meets American and those helium balloons really make an awesome accessory!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Alex said...

I love that dress! haha it's so funny that you are not keeping it, but still you at least enjoyed it right :P? I loved this photo shoot you had! It looks like so much fun :D

Amanda said...

That dress is amazing, very festive and perfect for the holiday!

B said...

This shoot seriously rocks. I love the balloons :) It is so creative and captures the occasion perfectly. And you look very pretty!

I think it's fine that you spend the summer 'selfishly' enjoying yourself- you were able to nab some scholarships and I would think you deserve to reward yourself for that. ;)

B from A plus B

Tere said...

I think the same, some of this shoes must be in museums, are incredibles masterpieces!
im glad to hear your opinión darling!
i like very much your blog, is amazing!
i love your dress
kisses from

hiani16 said...

I LOVE the red white and blue combo you came up with for the 4th! I have been having so much fun dressing in all patriotic colors for the past week. It's such a good combo, I wish we didn't have to save it for independence day twice a year :)


Nicola said...

This outfit is so well put together! So fitting for the fourth of July. :) And the balloons are so cute.

Jen said...

such a perfect and adorable patriotic outfit! :) i love the added balloons, it's a nice touch, haha. glad you're having a wonderful summer so far!

and that video is perfect! i love her voice, her look, her hair, and the story in the video was amazing. :) i'm obsessed with the lyrics now too!

Ana said...

love your shoe and the dress is just magical:)

And U know what?? After some years this will all pass and u will become a wonderful and powerful girl and we will find the most popular guy who will be absolutely smitten with U:)

A Stylish Mixture said...

Happy Late Fourth! You dress so festively!

Megan said...

Such a fitting outfit. Happy pre - birthday!

erin :) said...

Delias! I love that store! I like these pics! Balloons always make for fun photos. :) And I'm not big on Paramore - I know don't kill me - but I that song is my only exception (whoa! I'm so punny). :) I like the video especially. All the guys she eats dinner with are so cute +_+

Erin :)

Pipi Who? said...

that dress is so cute... the blue color really fits you..=))