Tuesday, April 27

she's not just a pretty face.

(I love Shania Twain. Always. She was the voice of my childhood. It made me SO happy that she was on Idol tonight. Hallelujah. This song was my inspiration growing up- it sort of embodied my mother and the person I wanted to be someday. Someone who worked hard and was independent. She was more than what she looked like)
I know I'm Miss Happy-All-The-Time-the-World-Can't-Hurt-Me....
but the truth is.... I feel things hard. Which is part of why I'm so happy all the time- because little things make me the happiest person ever. I look at the big picture of things and take advantage of all those little great things. But, when big stressful things take turmoil...eh...I get really stressed.
I have three days before I decide where I end up next year. And ultimately, it's going to be my choice. I can choose to stay at home for just one year at my hometown's university with the awesome schedule I already know allowing me to work a lot and save money to transfer to my dream school the following year...or go straight to the dream school and leave everything behind and start anew. Broke. Definitely. Paying a ridiculous amount of money to live in a dorm.
I can't base my decision on one person. Not on a boy. Not at 17. Am I right?
Worse comes to worse....it's three hours away. three. Not a lot. Doable. Right?
I'm having a hard time dealing with the pressure I'm putting on myself and the pressure my (parents) are putting on me. I know I need to make myself happy and choose something that will make me happy in the future-choosing a path to study and all of that. But then there's the other side of the equation where my parents want me to be happy by choosing something they think will make me happy. And to be honest, I don't know what I want, and while everyone else's opinions interest me and could make me happy- I really don't know what I want for myself. I wish I could just buy clothes and dress people. HA! What an idea.
I also lost my ipod. I'm freaking out. I know everyone says, "oh music is my life, I can't live without it. I bring my ipod everywhere," yada yada. But it really isn't until something is missing that you miss it. And I'm dyinggg. Not being able to listen to music before I sleep? Horrible. Not listening to my favorite song while I drive to school? Not listening to my ipod in class while reading so I can actually focus? Not listening to my favorite songs...period? Gah. It's driving me insane. It's been gone for only 36 hours, too. Searching the house up and down has done nothing.
SO. Stressful things aside...
outfit posts!
I'm a bit behind. But today, as I was stressfully hammering away at my computer...I realized...the last seven of my chictopia posts all have 100+ votes on them. HOLY COW. And four of them have 130+. I'm in aweeee. I haven't slowed down enough to realize how spectacular this is...so. Tonight. I'm going to watch american idol, eat some ice cream, and appreciate the small things that make me happy. Like the wonderful community in the fashion blogging world. Wow. I'm blown away.
outfit one! I love this dress. Garden Collection. H&M. GO GO GO! It's amazing. I wanted to buy each and every thing I saw. They had this dress in like, four different colors/patterns. And they had shorts and shorts and shorts. And so many tops. LOVE. It was such a perfect day last Sunday. It was a good solid 80 degrees. SPRING! I added a belt. Just because otherwise, I looked like a colorful potato sack.
Self portraits are so much more challenging than having someone photograph you. dress- H&M $22 Shoes- Walmart $5 Belt- f21 $4 Outfit two! I just realized I have two dresses in a row here. Oooopsies... Well. I LOVE THIS DRESS. I should stop buying them, right? (I'm hoping you said no) It's going to be perfect for summer. Also, the zipper in the front is so convenient. It's so easy to slip into. I'm obsessed with florals right now. Obsessed!! And this dress is no exception. I. Love. The. Zipper. see previous statement. I also love headbands. With flowers on them. eeeeeee. dress- f21 $24 tights- f21 $5 shoes-jessica simpson $30 I also just realized that my mouth is open in all of these. Whoopsies. Haha :) I love how these red shoes bring out the red flowers in the dress. amazing shoes, they are. blah. goodnight. I hope tomorrow is a better day. Thank you all for following and commenting on my blog. It gets me through stressful days. Love, Maggie.


~Abby~ said...

Trust me, you will EVENTUALLY find that ipod. I know when everyone said that to me, I didn't believe them. My camera was "los" for about a month! It was driving me crazy. Turns out it was under my mom's seat in the car. :(
I looove that second dress!
AND NO, don't do what your parents what you to do, like you said, do what is best for you and makes you happy.

sophiasa said...

Aw hun you truly are amazing y'know. Reading your post brought back a flood of memories for me. If it helps, we all go through it. A word of advice if you would like, based on what I had done at your age (I just up and left everyone and everything, moved a few states away), I really wish I would've stayed. It is not fun when money is tight. And tho I was excited and rushed into everything, looking back, I wish I would've paced my journeys. Smelled the roses. Life takes a lifetime. No rush:)

Your outfits, your photos, are incredible! You look beautiful, and so happy!! <3

S + Y said...

Awww, Maggie.
I know how you must feel about having all these difficult choices laid in front of you (and losing your ipod, on top of that! :(), but think of it as an experience. No matter what you choose, you choose it because it's meant to be. And life goes on. I know what a big step it must be for you to go study abroad, and I myself not having ever done that, I can only imagine how you must feel. Happy and excited, but also worried and scared. The bottom line is, just follow your heart. If you're up for the new adventure and feel ready for it, go ahead. If not, no one's stopping you from taking your time. Either way, you come out as a winner. So Maggie, follow your heart.

And I love love your dresses!!!! You're so good at mixing prints (that floral dress + funky striped tights = LOVE!) and you have the most adorable smile.

I hope everything works out soon!


Claire said...

I wish I could steal some of your optimism! Honestly, even through you writing you come across as someone who recognises there is a problem, it's tough, but you're going to deal with it and know that there's light at the end of the tunnel no matter what you decide. Age old advice, but sleep on it. Everything will work out! It always does! (and three years is perfectly doable, me and my boyf are 2+ hours away and we've been together 4 years, you just gotta work at it!) Chin up chicken! ♥ PS You look Hot with a capital H in these photos, especially the funky tights one :)


Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love that floral dress! So adorable!

Ahh! I'm sorry that you lost your iPod. I could never go without my music for too long. I'd go crazy, so I know how you feel!

Good luck with your college decisions. It's such a stressful decision to make, but just know that nothing needs to be permanent. You can change your mind. That's what I did and I don't regret it at all. :)

erin :) said...

It's alright! I know you can pull through!! You go girl! :) I have huge AP tests and I've procrastinated so much I want to cry... hopefully my procrastinating benefits the people reading my blog. D: anyway, i love the zipper dress!! and best of luck with college. man, i dont even want to think about college at the moment, but we can do it!!! yeaahhh!!

g'bless ya miggles!
erin :)

I am Khatu said...

I couldn't find one single item in my size... maybe i was a bit late. love the first dress.

Anonymous said...

Shania Twain was also the voice of my childhood, i adored her to pieces, she is such an amazing person :)

I love how open and honest you are, its good to see real people. You have such big desicions to have to make, I hope things get easier, and i hope you find your ipod! I feel your pain, ive lost mine a couple times and I felt like the world was ending.

as for the outfits, the first dress is lovley, and I love how you added a belt. It makes the dress pop.

and oh my goodness a dress with the zipper in the front! I will just have to have one now, its just stunning. Im obsessed with florals at the moment too, and just love that dress :)

Anonymous said...

You should never base your life decisions on a boy! If things are supposed to work out, they will work out regardless of distance or even time zones. If things are not supposed to work out, they will still fall apart even if he is next door to you. Always follow what is right for you.

Kimberellie said...

Oh I adore outfit number one! And I totally agree that you need to base your decision on more than a boy! I spent the first half of my life doing that and it did not end well! (I am not with him anymore). But I wasted a lot of time doing things I did not want to be doing!

You are gorgeous, btw. :-)

S + Y said...

Hehe thanks for the hair comment! However, I'm gonna chop it all off soon! I'm gonna give it away for cancer! I still have to choose a haircut though!

And I love your dresses and the striped tights! They are Ah-mazing! :)

Have a blast at prom! And remember to post pictures!! I wanna see!


behindblueeyes said...

wow such pretty floral dresses :DD
You look great. And I really like your tights on first photo.

have a nice weekend :)

Hannah said...

Such a sweet comment you left! And then I come on to your blog and you're even sweeter.

I love your style and writing. And HOW FUN to get asked to prom in that creative way.

I'm sorry you lost your Ipod. I know that deciding where to go is hard, especially when there seems to be an "easier" choice. In case you haven't figured it out, I'm only 18 (as of January). I graduated a year early (yahoo!). Anyways N and I have been dating since I was 14. Yup. He is 20 and left for college while I was still in school. He went to the University of North Texas (about 3 hours away) and it was hard at first, but we got used to it and he made a lot of friends. Then he came back closer to home his second semester because he decided to change his major. When I graduated, I originally went to Austin College and he came out to Texas Tech University. Austin College was my "dream school" known for its academics and small class size/interactive professors, etc. It was 5 hours from N who was LOVING Tech. When I visited him I realized that I loved it there too. N and I never wanted people to think we were following each other, but I realized that it was better to be happy and content at college rather than just "making it through".
My mom told me that "not going somewhere just because N is there is just as bad as going there because he is there".

Does any of that make sense? Basically we both took a couple of times to figure out what makes us happy. And that ended up being together at a large public university about 6 hours from home. Sorry to dump so many details on you. I just want to let you know that I JUST went through all of this and I completely understand what you're going through.

Okay now that I've written a novel, have a great weekend!

Julia said...

Oh! i love those looks of yours, the Garden collection dress looks absolutly sutnning with the belt!

and the tights and red shoes........WOW!!

Becca said...

Yeah I echo everyone else here- LOVE the H&M dress to pieces!
Thanks for your sweet comment, it really made me smile :)
And man, I know what you're going through with all these tough decisions. It is so not a thing of the past for me, either; it's just all these big choices that change so much. Feels like, "Can I just NOT be a "grown-up" yet?!?
But you are gonna do great- you really are. Just take it slow (isn't that what everyone always says? I don't do it, either) and enjoy life. I hope you have a wonderful next year, whatever you choose.

And you can keep up with this adorable-dress thing, in the meantime!

Becca said...

P.S. I googleimaged your car and LOVE it. So cute!

Kelley Anne said...

I love that second outfit. The striped tights with the floral dress is an amazing combination. Good luck with your decision. Ultimately you should do what makes you happy.

Karla said...

Cute dress! Love the zipper in the front!

Out of Order said...

I LOVE those stripey tights with the red heels! So good!

Thank you for the compliment on my blog :] It really does feel good. Congratulations on all the chictopia love!

Trust in yourself and follow your guts. Just remember to take deep breaths, and everything will go as it should.

Anna said...

Haha, your contagious smiles make your outfits look so great and they fit your personality (as far as I can see from behind the computer) so well!

tess said...

thank you for your kind comment on my blog :)

ooo tough decision, but do what makes you happy, not what makes anyone else happy.

~Abby~ said...

Hey Maggie I gave you an award! :)
here's the link:


Lucy Marmalade said...

Your comment made my day yesterday! I got it in the midst of studying for finals, and then I came to your blog and promptly read like ten of your posts before I realized that OH CRAP time is a-flyin'! Your posts are addicting. The story of you and your boyfriend is so touching and special. And, uh, HELLO cute clothes, too. Your striped tights and patterned dress combo is genius!

Delightfully Tacky said...

Haha, yeah I went to school in Spokane. I don't think I ever went to Pullman or Moscow though. Maybe just passing through. I don't think I ever met a blogger from the inland northwest either. Hm, perhaps it's an underrepresented blogging area!

Biana said...

Those floral prints suit you! You seem like a very sunny person. Thanks for your lovely comment! Haha, I would have loved to photograph you! big X from Holland!

Anonymous said...

hi. ugh I know what you mean. life is stressful, but you also always need to appreciate the happy things in life. :)

good attitude girl!

cutecutecute outfits!
OMG I LOVE UR DRESSES! so gotta go and buy some dresses! I just love dresses!

also I know what you mean with stress over deciding what to do with college. I'm the same. I am absolutely not sure what I want. oh well. Hope we both figure it out soon!



The Body Electric said...

OHhhhhh my goodness, your outfit it amazing....they both are, but that black dress with the red flowers and the shoes and the tights....and, and, and, seriously, fantastic!!!!

Egad, I haven't seen anything like that dress at our F21!!! You lucky duck!