Thursday, July 22

hiding in your arms.

Look, look, look! I'm mixing patterns BUT they aren't a floral/stripe combo! eee! Strange isn't it? You better take a mental picture (or just marvel in these pictures whilst you read), because I can't guarantee when it'll happen again. Ha! I'm only kidding. I have really been trying to mix it up though.
It's strange to write this in advance, but I have no other choice seeing as currently while you're reading this, I'm out of service in the middle of the woods without access to my phone let alone wifi. Right now, it is Friday night of the 9th and trying to get ahead before I can get behind in preparing for my trip! What I can tell you about the future (your present) with complete certainty is that A) I am having a blast with my extended family boating, tubing, and camping B)I miss all of your blogs and being inspired by you all C) I miss my dear. On Saturday, we will pack up our campsite and my dad and I will continue our trip onward to Wyoming. Wyoming is near and dear to my heart. I could probably talk for days about how important Wyoming is to me, but I'll refrain mostly because I'll probably start tearing up and who needs that? :)
Confession: I actually took these pictures back in April. Before I was braces-less, had an official boy, had been kissed, adorned bangs, graduated, owned an SLR...oh my, so many things. I've grown up so much. Hehe! But anyways, I've been lazy in bringing my USB to my good friend Taylor's house to download these pictures she took, which is a shame, because they are some of my favorites of the photoshoots I have done! I felt so comfortable with her and was able to be myself-plus, the setting she chose was so pretty!
I giggle a lot in my photoshoots (below)

I have had this skirt and shirt since last summer before my fashionista days (ha!), but I love that I have been able to incorporate them into my current summer wardrobe. Actually, I take that back, one of my favorite things ABOUT blogging is that I have had this fashion epiphany and I've been able to see every single piece in my closet in a new light. Like this skirt! And shirt! Last year, I only ever wore this top with jeans and a tank. And I only ever wore this shirt with a casual v-neck tee. NEVER would I have put these two completely different patterns together. They are both truly the most comfortable items ever. The tribal skirt is this delightful linen/cotton blend that feels like I'm in my pj's!
If you haven't ever listened to Jillian Edwards- you should stat. I've been listening to her on REPEAT! Again and again and again. She even tweeted me the other day! Eeep! I kind of really want her to be a star someday:). I always have so much more respect for artists that write their own music. It was such a letdown when I found out Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato and Goo Goo Dolls don't write their own music. Ha! Maybe poor examples...but still! I honestly have never heard a better voice- better than Ingrid, Meiko, and Regina if you ask me.

top- forever21 skirt-Wetseal Necklace-Claires Belt-forever21
wedges- Michael Kors
My favorite picture of the day ^! I guess I don't have a whole lot to say...I'm just loving this summer and getting to love my youth before I turn 18 and go off to college :). This summer is about as happy and carefree as I could have ever imagined. It's the greatest feeling in the world. I'm really going to try to post more frequently- maybe 3-4 times a week? Sound good? As always, I love you all:) You all inspire me more than you know. I just wish I could take every single one of you out for a good cup of coffee and a muffin and talk about clothes and life and boys!
eeeee! My 18th birthday is in TWO days. I can hardly believe it. I'm going to be an adult!! In a lot of ways, I feel 18. I feel like an adult who has surpassed adolescense and is more than ready to take on the world. But then there is a part of me that doesn't really feel ready to leave childhood behind. Everyone keeps telling me, "It's okay Maggie, you will never lose your childhood, it will become a part of your adult self." Ect. Which is very reassuring. I feel like...this year, turning 18, is perhaps the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. Actually, it definitely is. I have been given everything I could ever ask for in the world and more and it all came together so well. I'm so happy. If the past year is any indication as to how my future years will feel, then I can't wait. I am continually somehow loving everyday more than the previous and I just hope it never stops.

P.S. be prepared, I have more scheduled posts coming so I hope you'll be back soon! I'll get to commenting you all back when I return:)

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Ailish said...

Isn't it funny to think of photos like "wow, that was before that happened.
I've been doing that a lot lately, looking at photos and attaching memories.
Nice clothes though! :)

~Abby~ said...

I usually don't like mixed stuff, but this looks great! :)
Have a great time in Wyoming!
Lol I love your giggly phots! ;)
Ha that'd be great to go get coffee.!

~Abby~ said...


Cheyne said...

Ehhhh Mags I wish we could go have tea and then do some shoe shopping and then hop around in a field and take photos...I wish we could be real life friends instead of just blogging BFFS. And I LOVE this outfit...even if it is from like three months ago. I am really addicted to pattern play right now (reading too much of The Glamourai), and this is so great! I feel like everytime I try mixing it looks silly on me. Wish I had your confidence. I'll be missing you on your trip!


Nicole said...

I love love these two patterns together! This outfit is so great, and I love the setting for these photos :)

Estefany said...

I love how those patterns go well together. Is it weird that i enjoy reading your blog posts? I don't know.. I really like the way you express yourself about life.


itahl said...

I love your outfit.. so cool.. :) I love the wedge..and your skirt.. :)

libys11 said...

the mixing of the prints is perfect! :D

Animated Confessions

Kaya said...

Thanks for your nice comment :)
Your look is really great and i mostly like that blossom. It's a well combination with that skirt.

Your dresses unterneath this side also look very well :-)

I follow you, you follow me too?

greetings :*

Alex said...

Yay, fab pattern mixing! I love your smily photos - not enough bloggers seem to be having fun in their photos (myself included! I blame having to use a tripod) so it's lovely to get a sense of how happy and fun you are from the photos you use.

Hope you're having an amazing time on your trip.

Michele Lee said...

Hi there! Oh my goodness I love love love your outfit! The different patterns and especially how you accessorized it with that awesome belt and necklace. Two thumbs up! :) Taylor Swift is the bomb diggity. :) Following you now.

Becca said...

Look at you, mixing your prints like that!
This is so, so cute Mags!

Danielle said...

Happy birthday!! My birthday is also 2 days after July 22nd (when you posted this but now it's one day away.) Three cheers for July 24th! Love the outfit by the way!!

z33r said...

cute wedges! <3
n a very very Happy 18th! cheers 2 u being an adult *mwaah mwaah*

z33r said...

cute wedges! <3
n a very very Happy 18th! cheers 2 u being an adult *mwaah mwaah*

blorange dice said...

ahh! you're so cute. i love this outfit, and i LOVE that jillian edwards song! it's my favorite. you're the first person i know that has heard of her! well, except for my friend that gave me her cd last summer. cool that she tweeted you!

anyway, hope you're having so much fun, and i would like to give you a belated THANK YOU for your sweet compliment about my hair (: haha. i've decided to keep the length, but get rid of the bushiness. if possible. and, of course, i'll have to wait until my next paycheck...

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I LOVE this mix of patterns! It's so wonderful!! Also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a great one. Welcome to adulthood....which is really just the same as being a kid, except with more things to pay for. haha.

Alex said...

OMG! I loved this post and your outfit is oh so amazing!

simplyhope said...

Seriously one of my FAVORITE outfits of yours! Lovin the mixing prints(you rock at it!)Ouuh and have a Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see what you wear:) Oh and thanks so much for your comments, they really make me smile:)

Bambi said...

Aaaaw! I think the comment you left in my blog is the nicest one I've ever got (: really. Thank you a lot for your words.

And well missy, you really hit the mark mixing those patterns, I think that outfit is LOVELY! and so are the photos. They really convey the happy, carefree feeling you're describing.

Kimberellie said...

Well, I am glad these pics made it to your blog! Because I seriously ADORE this outfit! Hope you are having an awesome time away!

Oh, and thank you for having a crush on me and my family. I assure you we are very crushable in real life as well. Esp. the little blond one. He is very squeezable as well. ;-D

Ana said...

This outfit is so feminine and so cool, and you really look so great in it:) I feel inspired:)

Lots of hugs

Sarah said...

I am a big fan of mixing patterns! Great look, love those shoes!

Anonymous said...

the camping sounds amazing right now! I'm gonna miss you! Enjoy! :)

I am also so happy you're turning 18! wow! :)

Enjoy it!


btw love the pictures! love love love the outfit and the way your hair looks!


Anonymous said...

the camping sounds amazing right now! I'm gonna miss you! Enjoy! :)

I am also so happy you're turning 18! wow! :)

Enjoy it!


btw love the pictures! love love love the outfit and the way your hair looks!


sallyannie☆ said...

Oh, she sounds like Lisa Mitchell :O maybe just the accent.

You look super cute :) I remember how happy I was after getting my braces off, haha.

Emily said...

Those are some crazy mixed patterns, but I like them! And I love the shoes... I'm looking for a similar pair!

sophiasa said...

Ahhh I have a confession maggey dear.. my name's not sophia (eep). It's sarah.. sophia was the name of my first car 12 years ago, and I used it as my online presence since, so..yep. sarah. I'm sorry to disappoint, lol.
This print mixing looks so great!!! You really went all out, and it looks amazing!

erin :) said...

That girl's voice is definitely nice! :) And I love these pics! They look like they were taken by the SLR! Whoever took em is a great photographer! :D

I hope you're having a blast in WY! Take care! Email is on da wayyyz!

Erin :)

christen. said...

love the combo of different patters!
you have a lovely space! :D

xx, christen

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all the mixing of prints, including the stripes on your wedges, perfect!

Manon Dijkhuizen said...

Love your shoes <33

Erica Leigh said...

i REALLY love the way you mixed the prints here! and the wedges are great. i'm such a wimp when it comes to heels.

oh and happy birthday!!! hope it was ahhhh-mazing!! <3 <3 <3

Erika said...

Love love love. Great mix. :)