Thursday, June 3

you make it easy.

Today may be kind of a boring post (sorry). I have so many awards and questions and tags to catch up on! Firstly, however, I would just like to say I am absolutely floored by how much feedback I have been receiving lately. I can't even begin to tell you how it feels to be heard like this. My blog has become my...outlet. It's a way for me to say what I want and express how I feel. It's a way for me to document my life in pictures and words and I treat much of it like a diary. So these lovely, beautiful, amazing comments you have been giving me? Well, let's just say, it's one thing to blog incessantly about nothing at all that only I care about, but when I suddenly have people that care about what I'm writing about's amazing!  It's the best of both worlds and I can't thank you enough. I am one follower away from 50 and I think I'm going to have to do a giveaway! WHOA!

Which brings up the point of suddenly being freaked out about what to write about these days. Especially days like today when I don't have a photoshoot to post, exciting adventures to report on, and general exciting "life" things. An audience? Yay!! But I also fear boring all of you now ;). 

So today I will tell you this: last weekend, I spent the most blissful Saturday in the world with that kid of mine that I kind of have a huge crush on snuggling, movie watching, graduation party attending, picture taking, and ect, going to a Carrie Underwood concert, and ghost hunting in a scary old hotel! This week I won a(nother) scholarship somehow, GOT MY BRACES OFF (!pictures to come!), got my ipod taken away, and got a C on a calculus test. Which in my eyes, is acing it! 

This time next week....I will be done with school. I will be done with high school forever. One. Week. And graduation next Friday. 40+ family members are coming. I have never been more excited for anything.

Enough mindless blabber! Ebony of the wonderful blog Ebony&Ivory tagged me with these fascinating questions that I'm going to answer! Basically, read my questions/answers, then go to the bottom where I wrote 8 questions for the people I tagged to answer! If you're tagged, then you answer and tag 8 people, make new questions ect. It's fun! If you have never visited Ebony's it. She is AMAZING and seriously one of those bloggers you just wish you were best friends with in real life!

1. If your life was a movie, what song would play the opening credits?
Oh my god....hardest question EVER. My immediate response is to say any Taylor Swift song...but at the moment my "happy" song is Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetics. So that wins. But here are runner ups!
A) In Your Sleep-Andrew Belle
B) Snow Is Gone-Josh Ritter
C) Butterfly Nets- Bishop Allen
D) Fearless-Taylor Swift

2. Tell me about your first kiss?
Haha! Just reading this question makes me giggle and blush. WELLLL....if we are being technical, it would be when I was 10 and my best friend that I was convinced I was madly in love with moved that I had grown up through daycare with. We were watching Cinderella and we were dancing ballroom style during the end scene, and when the Prince kissed Cinderella, the boy kissed me. Hehe! It was kind of cute but it also didn't really mean anything. 10 years old. You know.
But the first "real one"? This year! After Prom. Goodnight kissssss. It was sweet and perfect in itself. It was the first time it was with a guy that I really, really cared for and I was 17 before it happened. Ha. Ha. Ha. :)

3. One thing you want to accomplish before your next birthday?
My birthday is next month!! July 24th :). It IS my 18th I feel obligated to wrap up my childhood in some escatic crazy way...but honestly, I feel like I've sort of done everything I hoped before 18. Soo....I guess I hope I graduate with my silver honors, have an amazing start of summer with my boy, and read. A lot.4. What is your dream occupation?
Errm...there are SO many things I love. My number one passion is probably writing. And any career in that would bring me to tears of happiness. But the likelihood of it happening is slim since there are 50,000,000 writers in the world trying to make it, so realistically, I would love to become a doctor specializing in pediatrics and maybe doing some Doctors Without Borders work. We'll see.5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Hands down, absolutely, positively, without a doubt, BALI, INDONESIA. I went in 9th grade and have never felt anything like I did when I was there. It's paradise and it's a home.

6. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
I think what I love most about me is that I am a very happy/content person. I've grown into this confidence over the years and it really doesn't take a lot to make me happy. I'm able to see the silver lining in almost any situation because of things I've gone through, and I feel like this has helped me so much because I can learn from virtually everything that happens from me. I'm positive.
7. How did you meet your best friend?
My "best" friend first is my Grandma, who I met at birth :P. My "best" friend second is my sister, who I met at her birth :P. My "best" friend third is my neighbor Jenni! We knew of the other's existence growing up and watching the other play in the others backyards, but we were both super shy so we never talked. Last year, we were on the same soccer team and instantaneously we became attached at the hip. We are always at one another's house and we both have younger sister's the same age. We are all best friends and we all hang out constantly. I absolutely love it. I feel like I have a second family!

8. Who was your favourite Spice Girl?
Definitely Posh :)

My questions for YOU! 
1) What is your favorite month of the year?
2) What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
3) Music or movies?
4) Favorite disney princess?
5) What has surprised you this year, this month, and today?
6) Do you believe in the phrase: once a cheater, always a cheater?
7) Favorite item in your closet?
8) Greatest accomplishment?

I tag:

And if I didn't tag you, consider yourself TAGGED!! I want to hear from all of you!!!!!!

have a wonderful weeeek!
Maggie :)


Mel said...

Yay for your upcoming graduation! That's pretty exciting! Cool interview, I loved reading your answers :)

Alex said...

Not a boring post at all! I love reading tag posts, always so interesting.

Alex said...

Maggie! I am tagged :) that's so cool, thank you dear. I am also really excited because our birthdays are like THIS close to each other. Difference is that mine's on the 21st and I am turning 19 D: but idk, I see a lot of myself in you and that's why I love your blog. It must be because we are July girls :P

layia said...

I'm jealous that you got to travel to these beautiful places! I'll keep Bali in mind when I can afford for a trip.

Good luck with the doctor bit! Lots of science classes!

sophiasa said...

wow you are so darn interesting!!! I just want to ask you like, a billion questions, lol. And that pic of Bali.. WOW. I think I'll have to put Bali in my top 5 yet to visit places=)

simplyhope said...

No not boring! I love question 5! I have a friend who lives there and I want to go there so badly. Looks beautiful! Number 2 was sooo cute too! The perfect goodnight kiss indeed! And thanks for tagging me!

Catherine said...

Ooh, you tagged me! :)

I quite like this post - not boring! I'm sorta in the same boat... I have a ton of comments to respond to, and I have a giveaway in the works. Hope all is well!


~Abby~ said...

hey maggs i'll be on vacation until next saturday with no internet so don't think i've abandoned you!
until then please check out my new post!
lots of love,

erin :) said...

Congrats on your almost 50 followers! It's always wonderful to read your posts, they are so YOU. And I really enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. I'd have to say this is one of my fav posts, just cuz your answers are so much fun. :]

And I can't WAIT to see your lovely new smile!!! I'm sure you have perfect teeth now! I had to do braces twice, so when i got mine off in October it was like.. getting from from a teeth cage! if that makes any sense. this is what happens when i sleep at 2 am for a whole week.

your kiss story is just too cute to be true. and so many of your answers are so similar to what i would say. you are seriously like my unknown twin or something. :)

talk later gurl!
erin :)

Leona said...

I'm honored you think that way about my writing! :)

Ohh. And advanced congratulations on your graduation (and getting your braces off)!


Kimberellie said...

Ah! I will so answer these. Thanks darling for tagging me! Also, SO CUTE that your first kiss was this year after prom with Mr. Boy of your dreams. LOVE it.

You are just the most lovely thing. Your mother must be very proud!

Danielle said...

This was fun to read! And we have the same birthday.Yayyy July 24th!

Ebony said...

You made me gush. I wish we lived next door to eachother - we would have so much fun! Argh! Seriously hun, made my day. I just called my boyfriend over and showed him what you said about me. He got all mushy too. You sweetheart you. Anyway, that aside :D

You could totally be a writer. Why not? So there are heaps of other writers... so what? There is no one like you Mags, you are such a happy positive person... even if you just had a 'silver lining' column in a mag or newspaper... I'd buy it :D No matter what country/state/area you wrote for. Can you subscribe to newspapers? :D

My favourite spice girl was Posh too! I loved her clothes and her hair cut. And in Spiceworld! "I can't run in these shoes Melanie" :DDD I say that all the time when I'm wearing heels and people are making me rush. Hahaha.

I'm going to answer your questions too because I love them and I like leaving you nice long comments :)

1) What is your favorite month of the year?
December. That's the month David and I celebrate out anniversary and it's summer and it's xmas. Lovely month!
2) What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?
I love love love my eyes. I always receive compliments on their colour and shape and I just genuinely think they make me stand out. That, and my bum. It's a booty and I love it. Looks great in jeans, haha.
3) Music or movies?
Music. Most of my favourite movies are only that way because of their soundtracks. I live & breathe music.
4) Favorite disney princess?
Pocahontas! I love her. I used to sing 'Colours of The Wind' around the willows near our house on my walks with my Nanna. It's one of my earliest memories.
5) What has surprised you this year, this month, and today?
This year... How quickly it has gone! Oh my gosh! I'll be 19 soon!
This month... That I've decided to stay where I am an not do the move to Tassie, and I feel good about it. It's the right thing for me, and my relationship and my life next year.
Today... That my ex was willing to reschedule with 15 mins notice to go to the gym with me tomorrow, I mean he's already doing me a favour by coming at all. I've missed being friends with him.
6) Do you believe in the phrase: once a cheater, always a cheater? No.
7) Favorite item in your closet? My skinny jeans. They get the most wear. Although I do need more pairs I feel. Or my scarf collection :)
8) Greatest accomplishment? Getting into uni for next year. I am so so excited.

I love you Mags xoxox

Becca said...

Aw Mag, this is a fun post! And your prom post is totally fun too! Pretty dress! Sorry I guess I've been completely neglecting my blogging duties (?) because I somehow missed that one but...don't worry, this isn't a boring post. It's always fun to read about other girls' lives!
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far!

Becca said...

Aw Mag, this is a fun post! And your prom post is totally fun too! Pretty dress! Sorry I guess I've been completely neglecting my blogging duties (?) because I somehow missed that one but...don't worry, this isn't a boring post. It's always fun to read about other girls' lives!
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far!

Kellene, Fortifying Whimsy said...

this is so cute! You and your boyfriend are totally adorable! I love it! Great prom pictures too! Thanks so much for commenting! I am looking forward to keeping up with you blog! :)



i love these posts & getting to know people better :) hehe i love posh the best too, oh and baby spice! i've never been to bali, but it looks utterly amazing! gorgeous blog you have, hope you're enjoying your weekend ♥

Anonymous said...

Nice post, like it.... keep blogging.

mariska said...

wow..just came accross ur blog and love it,,moreover when u say Bali,,oh I'm flattered,,
i'd love to stay in Bali too,hihi,,it takes a day to go there by car from my city.

i'm ur new follower now!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous blog. Also, I'm really lovin this type of post (I mean, every once in a while) get to know random yet interesting facts about the blogger! :-)
Anyway feel free to drop by/follow x