Thursday, June 17

how lucky we are.

Is it June 17th? Looking outside, you really wouldn't think so. According to Krem2news, June 17th, 2010 is a record LOW day. At the "height" (hahaha) of the cold day, it was 39 degrees. You hear all about record HIGH days, but record cold days?? Yeah. Uh huh. Fabulous! What happened to the sunshine??
 I guess when I got dressed today I was feeling the mood of the cold weather because I dressed a lot differently than my normal bright colored florals and "feminine" style. The first thing I grabbed was my plaid shirt....and from there my tights. I thought about throwing on my same old cutoffs, but wasn't feeling it so instead I went for my green AE studded skirt that sort of makes me a badass? Haha. Last, a pink scarf just to add that touch of "cuteness" that I usually wear.
shirt-aeropostale tee-american eagle skirt-american eagle scarf-forever21 tights- urbanoutfitters shoes-thrifted
 the best part about summer is going without makeup. I love it!! I literally swipe on a little tiny bit of mascara and maybe some concealer, and I'm gone. I absolutely hate getting out of the shower in the morning and having to remove all my mascara. Same with at night before bed. It's so annoying!
My lovely dear bought me these shoesss!! I have been lusting for them for months and he got them for me as a graduation present downtown at a thrift store!! Ahhh! He's the best. I've been a little mopey around the house because he left early in the week for his big annual europe excursion. But thank god, he is only gone for 2 weeks and not 2 months. However, the mopey periods are short and keeping myself busy has been key. It also takes me back to a couple months ago when he wasn't mine to miss, and I am basking in the fact that he is now :).
 I can't decide if I like these boots with my skirtt and such. Hmm.
To keep busy, I thought I'd show you in pictures some of what I've been up to.I got a new wallet and it seems the most accurate way to represent all the shopping I've been doing. Hehe. I got soooo much money from graduation and put away a huge chunk of change, so I've let myself go a little bit. I went shopping yesterday and bought seven dresses! Three are going to be a part of my giveaway and they are gorgeous. Be excited!!
the bird is SO cute! I love fossil anything. I feel spoiled!
 My grandma also bought me a couple books and this is my current book at hand. I've had so much time to read and it's divine. I have missed reading so much.
I am also reading the Teen Vogue hand book!! My grandma bought me this as well and I LOVE it. I really have no idea if I will ever go into fashion, but reading it is really inspiring. Especially the journalism, design, and photography sections :) you should all pick it up!
Cruising forever21 today, I recognized this model....think about it...where is she from??? it was then that I realized that it was Nicole from America's Next Top Model! The petite season! Eeee. After some more research, I found out that she is modeling for Forever21, Urban Outfitters, and Free People. How cool is that!?!?!
I started watching Parenthood at one in the morning last night, and I am falling in loveee. It's so funny! Lauren Graham will always hold a special place in my heart after I obsessed over her on Gilmore Girls!

Well I suppose that's all I have for now. I'll post again soon! My giveaway is ALMOST ready and I'm SO excited. I'm planning on buying two more dresses, completing the set to five dresses!

Love always,


Danielle said...

My mom and sister read that book and said it was amazing!!! I have had it on my desk for a week now, they're both insisting I read it! Maybe I will after I complete the one I am currently reading.

Danielle said...

Cute outfit by the way =)

Nicole said...

Those shoes are so great! I love those tights as well :)

Isabella said...

Your tights and shoes are amazing. Such a cool look. Love your blog!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

cool tights and boots.

erin :) said...

i'm super stoked for your giveaway! i can't wait to see those dresses. you really are splurgin for your giveaway, girl! xD

and it seems like you started your summer wonderfully! :) i really like your chill outfit. the red and blue actually made me smell a woof of abercrombie and fitch perfume for some reason, and that's not a bad thing! the colors/tone just reminded me of the store. it was actually crazy cuz i really smelt it.

anyway!! i'm so excited to email you back! :) talk to ya laterr!
erin :)

erin :) said...
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Kimberellie said...

You are just SO CUTE!!! I adore this outfit. And YES to the boots with the skirt!!! And your grandma seems so sweet! Sorry about the cold weather there. At least it gives you some more time to wear your cool tights, right? Or do you wear those all the way into the summer?

justBEE said...

great outfit! i love the tights with the boots! its a bummer for the weather out there but i don't know if that would compare to how humid it gets in virginia.
I'm excited for your giveaway! i love giveaways and its sounds like it will be a huge and great one with all those dresses! i never win anything but don't pity! but i'm going to enter anyway!

Anonymous said...

love love love your tights and the shoes!!
oh and i want the the teen vogue book too :D

Alex said...

What a gorgeous outfit. I would quite happily steal everything you're wearing - skirt, tights, boots, shirt - all amazing! They look great together.

libys11 said...

hey!! im looking forward to your giveaway!!! it's been awhile since i dropped by here! :D

you're looking good! im kinda with you on the layers.. the weather here has been frantic and cold! anyway, i love your tights!! they're so rad and they go well with your boots :D

Animated Confessions

joninel said...

i love your shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I am in LOVE with that wallet! I'm a huge suck for anything that has birds in them :) Where did you get it?

layia said...

i'm excited for the giveaway (even though i never win haha)!!!

your boy earned so much cool point for those shoes!

Alex said...

I love how you dress! Seriously! You are my fashion icon♥ haha I am really cheesy. Anyways, your dear surely has a fashion sense! Those boots are awesome!

~Abby~ said...

wow it's a high of 96 degrees for us today!!!!
love the outfit, that's why i like winter fashion as well, the plaid is awesome.

Sarah said...

Great post! i love this combo- especially the tights and those boots are fantastic! XX

Catherine said...

I must admit, I definitely prefer dressing for warmer weather... but this outfit is adorable. I don't understand why the weather has been so weird lately!

By the way, I really do enjoy those boots with the outfit.

harajukuloveee said...

those booties are simply amazing!i love how they look paired with the tights.ive been looking for some similar ones for a while now, but the only places where you can find that kind of uniqueness is in vintages hops or thrift stores,, too bad i have long feet !
where i live the weather is pretty discusting too.. were in june,doesnt seem like it!
hope your bf will have fun,
and if you miss him, youll just be happier when he comes back!

eva said...

Thanks for the comments!

I actually think that non-feminine style suits you! The combination of the tights and the books is awesome!

Ali said...

your tight + shoe combination is most lovely, madam. :D

Vintage Vixen said...

What a fabulous and well-put together outfit, chic and understated! Love it. Those cute boots are just gorgeous.

Sonia said...

I love your tights and boots, so cool!
And I've been wanting to read that Teen Vogue book for ages :)

Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

Ebony said...

Love your boots Mags!
How cool is your Nan? Did she pick those pressies out herself?

pika said...

Hey girl!

First thanks for your lovely comment! And secondly this thights are AMAZING! love them.

Take care<3



Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the blog comment, it was really sweet of you.
Your boots are amazing, I just love them. They seem so perfect for winter and rainy days.


Panda said...

I totally love this post. Rad pics:0
Sorry, for the laaaate reply, thanks so much..

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Congrats on graduating! I love how there are so many colors in this outfit, but they all look so good together! You have such a knack for that! :)

Jen said...

i love how you threw together this outfit, the plaid goes great with that skirt and those boots. i'm loving the tights as well :)

and belated congrats on getting your braces off!

Diya said...

I love this outfit! the boots+tights+skirt looks perfect together.

gorgeousclara said...

thanks a lot!!!

love the boots

Lane :) said...

omg. that is nicole from ANTM! that's so cool! :D nice find.

Anonymous said...

Yay for summer! Such cute outfits! Love the plaid, scarf and stockings! the boots are soo cute! The wallet is awesome!! The books look like so much fun!! I have yet to check out the teen vogue hand book!! he he. That reminds me, that i have to get the sartorialist book. he he. :)

Kelly said...

Yep, skirt and boots are a DO. I've been looking for some hiking-y boots to wear with floral dresses, but no luck yet.

Anonymous said...

I love ur badass skirt ;)

also if you want to be a fashion designer! Go for it girl!


I fully support yoU!