Thursday, June 24

i'd lie (my 30th post!)

-My 30th post!!! My, these threeish months have gone fast!!-
In the past three days, I have been eating, sleeping, watching world cup, and taking pictures. Oh, and swimming, but that's not important. Not when I have a nikon d5000 and can take wonderful, beautiful pictures!! This camera is seriously power surging my love for photography. It's always been there, but now with the tools to create my vision, it's that much more fun. I'm in love. This camera is totally going to change my blog, too!

What it comes down to is: I'm in love with summer and I'm definitely making up for the loss of my past four summers right now:). 

I guess I don't really have a whole lot to say (a first, perhaps??). That's what happens when I blog so frequently, I guess. You all are going to have to live without my lively and always entertaining commentary, I suppose (kidding!).  I'll have a lot more to report next week!

Since I got my package from Jasmine of Transient Withdrawl, I've been having a blast creating outfits from what she sent me! I mean, there were only two tops, but I have been able to create so many outfits from just those pieces. The green top I'm wearing was one of them, and so far, I've been matching it to all my patterned bottoms. It just works with everything! You all know me and my love for mixing patterns. 
Last weekend, I went with my family to Oregon for a soccer tournament and got to go shopping. Was it worth the 8+ hour car ride with my younger and whinier sister?? Well, yes. Very much so. $9.99 Calvin Klein bra sales are the best. Actually, any Macy's one day sale is amazing. Is it weird that I love Macy's so much?? Being a fashion blogger and being surrounded by fashionistas who have Topshops and Urban Outfitters in their backyard, I always feel funny cruising department stores. But I absolutely LOVE this skirt, and I got it for $6, so I'll just let that little anxiety rest. 
top- forever21 via Jasmine skirt- random brand $6 belt-my momma necklace- forever21 shoes-walmart
I think the sun is hardest to shoot with. It was impossible to get pictures in the sun. I miss my photographer.
I love this print.
Here goes my first try with photography...Bear with me, folks! I'm a beginner!
(my personal favorite)
I kind of have a thing for flowers, can you tell?:)
my 13 year old puppy! 

Anyways, I guess this post doesn't have a whole lot to it. I have a feeling "photography" will become another sector of my blog, which I've realized, seems to be a jumble of fashion, writing, and random nothing. Oh,well.

My next post will more than likely be my giveaway- and it's a big one!
Thank you thank you thank you!!

Love always,

and yes, quoting taylor swift. 



i adore the green and white stripes! florals are always fabulous :) gorgeous photography!

~Abby~ said...

GORGEOUS OUTFIT! That top is gorgeous! And of course the skirt! :)
Awww your dog is so cute!

Alex said...

Oh I love the black and white photographs - so, so stylish.

The skirt is gorgeous too and what a bargain!!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love the skirt and the sandals, gorgeous photos of the flowers and you dog is so cute.

layia said...

nice macro shots! i remember the same excitement the first time i purchased my rebel. the first few shots i took were also of flowers in my mom's garden. i can't wait to see more of your photos!

DustInMyWind said...

I love your mixed prints!! Isn't getting a good deal the best? It just makes my day :)

Even if you are a beginner, your photography is really good :)

Becca said...

You're getting good at this photography thing, miss Maggie! I can't wait to see you really pick up on some things and wow us all even more!

Hannah said...

I love stealing my sister's nice camera (rebel). So much fun!

I love the green and white stripes. You look great!!

Niki said...

I love the striped top with the floral skirt! You look great!!!

harajukuloveee said...

i love that post!your outfit is the cutest thing, i love how yuo always mix pattern and i always works out so well!
and that camera,youre so lucky! the picts are amazing, i like the fist one of you a lot, its so naturally pretty!
xx, zaia

simplyhope said...

How Adorable! You have a beautiful smile and I love what you came up with for your outfit! SO Cute!

Erica Leigh said...

i really like how you mixed the prints! stripes AND floral? super cute and summery.

oooo you have a new nikon?? ahh i'm so jealous. i love all the photos. :D i'm really getting into photography too, so i hope i can get a new camera like that sometime!


La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

hello there! just ran across your blog and i love your enthusiasm!! I admire how frequently you post and i remember how excited I was to get my nikon too. I would literally just park myself in the backyard and take pcitures of the same flower for about 2 hours. Love your floral skirt btw, so fun!

following you<3

Cheyne said...

Aww, can't wait for your giveaway! :D

Adore the exposed zipper and bubble hem on that skirt, I'm such a sucker for detail like that.

And WOW. Your photos are beyond amazing. I especially love the doggy ones. (:


Ebony said...

You look so summery and happy! I love it! Can't go wrong with floral print ;) And who cares what stores you shop at? There are wonderful pieces to be found everywhere, sometimes I need to remind myself that and go into stores like Kmart and Target. Hehe. Love the photos of your doggie - what's his/her name?
Gorgeous photos! Can't wait to see more of your photography Mags!

Kelly said...

Your doggie is cute, and so are you!
I also have an incredible fondness of mixing patterns.

Fourth Daughter said...

More lovely comments from you.. thank you! What about your trip to Mexico though, surely that was more exotic than Bali??
And your photos.. wow, I'm going to be blown away every time I check your posts. Those flower ones are so beautiful! Are you thinking of going into photography?? You should!

Anonymous said...

cute outfit!


Brianna said...

You look absolutely gorgeous. I love the mixing of the prints and your camera takes amazing pictures!

Alex said...

you are incredible at mixing patterns and your pictures are beautiful! I would love to have a camera like the one you own :)

A Stylish Mixture said...

yay! 30 posts!

Jess said...

I LOVE all of your flower shots! Funny - because I have been trying out photography lately too (but with a piece-of-crap camera), and have been trying to shoot a bunch of flowers, as well! It's so fun, that I'm thinking about taking a photography class.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope to see you back again soon!!


Karla said...

Your skirt is so cute! Wow, your dog doesnt even look 13. I had a cocker spaniel who was 13 yrs old, but she passed away this last October.. Your doggie looks 8!

Mel said...

Love the mix of prints! Oh I have that skirt except in a shorts version!

Ebony said...

I am a BIG Meiko fan - I read somewhere you were too :) How amazing is that song hey? And thanks Mags! I have a photo of them on their own but my camera is so dodgy lately (it's been waterlogged and rice bagged TWICE)... all your new crisp photos are totally inspiring me to get my arse into gear and start saving for my DSLR of choice; Canon 550D :)

Love you!

eva said...

Your skirt is super cute! And I bet you're having an amazing time with your new camera :) It looks like fun

Fourth Daughter said...

hi, I'm tagging you... please play along if you have time! see here:

libys11 said...

aahh!!!! love the mix of patterns!!! yay for the clothes swap. i recently just styled one of jasmine's tops too!! :D

Animated Confessions

eleanor said...

thank you for your comment!

that is such a cute skirt.


eleanor said...

thank you for your comment!

that is such a cute skirt.


Kimberellie said...

1. I will not be jealous of your camera.

2. I am jealous of your camera.

3. These are AWESOME photos.

4. The one close up of you? BEAUTIFUL!!! Girl, you are gorgeous times twenty!

5. This is my fav outfit of yours yet.

6. Damn straight why don't we have topshops et al in our back yards?

Panda said...

Your beautiful. gahhh.
Thanks for the lovely comment too, sweetie!
panda xxx

Style Eyes said...

Love this combination of patterns it looks great together. I am a big fan of pattern mixing.

Anonymous said...

I lovelovelove ur printed skirt darling!
super cute!

I also agree with you! I love flowers! I love getting them and giving them.


Alecto said...

i like all the colors, they definitely match the happy mood summertime brings. speaking of happy, your dog's smile made me smile :-)

Catherine said...

I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet... I love your outfit! Mixing prints is so fun and you do it well :) And I must say, I quite enjoy your photos that you've taken! It's so fun to experiment with DSLRs.

PS Congrats one 3+ months! :D

Catherine said...

PPS Your dog is adorable!