Sunday, June 6

raining on sunday.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm really trying to be better about posting more regularly. As you could also probably tell from the previous post, posting without a real purpose has been my greatest fear. And challenge. I really need to get over it though, and stop moping in the "being boring" dumps and just be me. So I am!

It's kind of insane to me to think that these are the moments that I'm going to hold onto for the rest of my life. This. Right here. Everything that happens to me day to day, the good, the bad, and the ugly, is being cemented into my brain like words on a gravestone. I'm never going to be able to relive these last few days of high school. I'm never going to be able to go back to yesterday, the day before that, or the day before that. This is it. My memories are becoming solidified. 

It's kind of exhilarating too. To think I'm ALWAYS going to remember holding a teensy tiny baby turtle in the palm of my hand for the very first time in Mexico and the first time I took a trip on my own without parental supervision. I'm always going to remember watching Ellen every single day after school with my one and only baby sister who herself is growing up and isn't so little anymore. I'm always going to remember stepping foot onto my future dream campus and instantly clicking with a future professor feeling completely at home. I'm always going to remember bombing my SAT's but achieving all I worked for in high school to have the grades to award me scholarships beyond my expectations. I'm always going to remember my first time trying Thai food and hosting the kindest foreign exchange student alive. I'm always going to remember the first time I completely failed a test...and another in succession. Ouch. I'm always going to remember what it felt like to give up completely on someone and on an entire concept together and when I least expected it, feel life breathe into my soul again. 

When I'm 95 and looking back on my life and being 17, I'll remember that it was he who kissed me very first.

And that it was these last few months that made me realize, magic is everywhere. It's a part of every breathing, non-breathing thing surrounding you and it's up to you to make your life the fairytale you want it to be. Fairytales exist. You're in charge of your happiness. Living and existing are not the same thing- and simply existing is depriving yourself of what you deserve. 

I don't mean to be mushy. I mean to be..... happy. Content. And I want everyone to be able to feel like they have reasons to smile and take in all the good that is in the world. Trust me, I am not unfamiliar with the bad, but it's embracing everything together and finding the "happiness" in every little thing that  I think counts. Adding up all the little things that mean more than the horrors.

I love being here. I love living. Not because of any single person or because of any single reason. Because it's all we are truly given. Nothing else is for certain except for the air we breathe. And I aim to make them count.

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wish me luck on the worst day ever tomorrow. calculus final!!!! AHHHH.

Love always,

P.S. I checked my blog today to see not 50, but 51 followers!!!! eeee! It put a huge smile on my face! giveaway soon! Thank you thank you thank you! I'm hopping up and down!


Alex said...

You'll do great maggie :)! And you are not boring even when you think you are! You are by far my favorite blogger! Good luck with calculus! Remember All Sinners Take Cocaine (hahaha wait... I think I used that in precalculus and my teacher was crazy and changed seniors for sinners and calculus for cocaine! Hey, it's still useful in calc) :D

erin :) said...

God bless ya on your calc final! I'm sure you'll ace it :) And I'm lovin each of these pics here! You should get a tumblr, thats my "pretty pics" catharsis where I upload pictures that I must share with the world. :)

Catherine said...

Good luck on your final! I love this post - all of it holds such truth. I constantly think about what will be "memorable"... it's a high standard to set for myself, but there's nothing better than sitting in bed after a fun night and realizing you'll always hold that.

mariska said...

i'll finger cross for ur final!
good luck!


Erica Leigh said...

you are NOT boring, so don't worry about it. i enjoy your posts & photos (and your new banner! gorgeous).

good luck with your calc final!!! and i can't wait for the giveaway. ^_^


shatirah said...

good luck for ur final.hehe:)
and cool photos.ur blog so cool either:D
last photo,so funny and cute.

**thanks for ur sweet comment on my blog ^________^


les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

that picture with the little monster and the cat just about killed me with hysteria- how cute!
and I was so thrilled to see you have an Audrey Hepburn picture. :)
your blog is wonderful and I'm so glad you're happy :)

Alex said...

Best of luck with the final - I'm sure you'll do really well :)

Wise words about memories. End of an era stuff is scary isn't it? But I'm sure all your college memories will be just as thrilling and eventful, so I hope you don't get too upset by things ending - you've got so much amazing stuff ahead of you right now.

And the photos are just stunning. I can't even pick a favourite, I'm just enjoying staring at them.

layia said...

good luck with calculus! i remember my calculus days! best days ever! lol. my favorite class in highschool although i can't remember much of it now except for derivatives. anyhow! i love the taylor swift photoshoot! i haven't seen those before. also the olsen twins, zac/vanessa and darcy/lizzy!

PS where are the sources of these lovely photos?

libys11 said...

i actually love going back here to your blog and seeing how true you are with your posts!!! you're always so carefree and happy and i really like that about you! :D

greatly written post!! very moving and optimistic!! the images are all beautiful as well! :D

Animated Confessions

Alecto said...

aw...this post is ever so sweet. i really like the picture of the girl with the umbrella in the rain and the one of you smiling (last photo). good luck on your calculus final! you deserve a cookie after finishing that thing.

Luci Ana said...

Thank you so much :-*
I love these Photos and your Design.
Really Beautiful. Greetings, Luci :)

Becca said...

What a fun, lovely, sweet, honest and inspiring post! I think this is my favorite so far...keep up the good work! And you will do great on your finals!

Diana Mieczan said...

Good luck for your exam...I will keep my fingers crossed!!!
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog...hahahah..It was one of the funniest and sweetest comment ever!!! You totally made my day:)
Kisses and I am off to read more of your posts...I love it here!

vieviora said...

Beautiful photos!

Panda said...

Lovely photos, Your GORGEOUS :)
You'll do fine, dw and breathe...
Sorry for the late reply for the comment you left. Panda LOVES you!!!
Panda xxx

kate maggie said...

Maggie - can I just say that you are an incredibly beautiful person? I absolutely loved reading this post. It took me down my own little memory lane thinking about things that I will never forget. I loved the part about the thai food, and the turtle. Thankyou for sharing that with us. <3're inspiring! And congratulations about the followers! x

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

You described memories in the best way possible and all of these photos are beautiful. Can't pick out favourites because there are too many.

By the way, I am following you now, I don't know why I wasn't before.

And goodluck for your exam.

Greer said...

taylor swift is my favorite. ♥

nickyboutique said...

I also hate raining!
But those pics are nice!

Breee said...


I love the Juno quote and I have the other picture in my blog <3

Breee said...

hahah sorry I meant

Victoire said...

wow, that's definitely a huge collection of beautiful photos. and congrats on the followers :)


~Abby~ said...

wow maggie am i sure glad i found your blog.
that all does seem surreal. but it seems like you've made memories. not all good, not all bad. but at least they're memorable.
i could just stare all day at those photos. and i can't pick pick my favorite, or even my five favorite.
all beautiful.
thanks for the comment.