Monday, June 14

love me

(buh bye braces!!!)
Do I normally title my blog posts to justin bieber songs??

Answer: no.

Truth: the song has new connotation to it that brings happy, happy memories despite the tackiness of said song. However, I do love the line, "A minute with you is worth more than a thousand days without your love". I'm a sucker for anything remotely cute.

Anyways, WOWW. I'm done.

I know I say this all the time and gush about how happy I am, but holy smokes, this week(end) was absolutely the most perfect of my life. I'm never going to forget it and I can't wait until I get all the pictures together to show you all!!!

I CAN tell you this much (with pictures), I GOT MY BRACES OFF! I think I might have told you this not long ago, but I never showed you all, so I am. I got them the very first day of school sophomore year and got them off three weeks before graduation senior year. My smile has been my biggest insecurity growing up- I seriously would come home on the verge of tears after kids would call me "Beaver" and "gap tooth" every day. I know you're supposed to embrace your flaws, and I definitely try to, but my teeth were absolutely awful. I had huge front teeth with an enormous gap right in the middle. It was hard to miss. I'm SO happy to have them off and to be able to smile with perfect gap-free teeth. Best feeling ever!
between my braces being gone, and bangs, I feel like a whole new person!

Summer is FINALLY here and things have finally settled down (I'll tell you more later! I promise!) to the point that I can focus again on "fashion" blogging. I've been slacking big time. I really really want to try posting more of what I wear day to day because I've honestly been falling in loveeee with getting dressed. Is that possible??

I know this is a short blog post (sorry!), but I just thought I'd show you what I'm wearing today and share a bit of what I can tell you is going in my world. I can't wait to tell you all about last week!
I mostly wanted to post this outfit because I wanted to show off my new belt!! It's not the dressiest outfit, I just wore it around town today and casually doing errands. I've seen bloggers with these fancy butterfly adorable belts and when cruising the thrift stores the other day deciding on a present for my dear (his birthday!), I ran into this belt! 99 cents! You really can't beat that!
I lovelovelove this dress. It's the perfect summer dress. It has pleats down the middle and a bit of a flared skirt. I wore it all last summer as a swim coverup.The fabric is so light and comfy and most importantly to me, it doesn't cling to my legs as I walk (my biggest peeve). It's perfect!
I feel like a real photographer would hate these pictures (this one in particular) just because of how I chose to set my exposure meter. I put it at +1.0 which is higher than I everrr set it but I really loved the sun in the background and how it shines through my hair and the scarf.
Although, these pictures really had zero effort put into them. I had to take them myself, sadly, and was on the run. Thus: driveway. ha! My suburu loyale 83' named Stanely is in the background:)
dress- borrowed :) scarf-Shopko $5 belt- thrifted 99 cents sandals- payless $10

Giveaway SOOONNN :) be excited. i'm going to spend one dollar for every blogger I obtain until I go shopping. eeee!

I'm ordering my new SLR tomorrow or the next day...ahhh! I'm SO excited. I'm torn, however, between a canon rebel xt1i or a nikon d5000...or a nikon d90. If you have any advice and own any of these cameras, or any in the series, let me know!! :)

Love always,


Megan said...

So, the whole braces off thing never gets old. Ever :] Oh, and I have a Nikon D3000, and I love it! So I'm sure a Nikon D5000 is just even more perfect, added the HD video. So, go with Nikon! Plus, I've dropped Chuy (my camera) numerous times, not just on carpeting either... it once fell on the floor at school! Yikes! But they're mad durable :] And I feel ya girl, half the time my brother won't take pictures of me so I have to crap-pily take them myself. Waah :( But exposure's fine! I took photo one so far (film) and sometimes over exposure can be a good thing!

Bri said...

Congrats on getting the braces off! But just so you know, even when you posted pictures with your braces on, I thought you still had a beautiful smile that is contagious.

p.s. I love that scarf! I went scarf hunting today and this one is by far my favorite.

Tayler said...

ahhhh so cute, love your bangs! and your scarf! im obsessed with them!
and thank you for your so so so so nice comments :) they make me so happy :D


awesome! i'm getting mine off in two months :) so gorgeous! i love your dress ♥

~Abby~ said...

i love that borrowed dress!!!
and of course the belt is TOO cute.
i'm glad you can be confident when you smile now! :)

Alex said...

You have such a fab smile! I remember the horrors of having a brace - the relief when it came off was so good!

The dress looks beautiful on you. I'm such a fan of simple dresses that can be jazzed up a bit with a scarf and belt :)

DustInMyWind said...

Congrats on getting your braces off!!! You look so pretty! I remember when I got mine off. It was pretty much the best day ever.

That belt is so cute! 99 cents? What a deal!

Pawi Macarena said...

nice dress :)

simplyhope said...

OH MY GOSH! Look at those pearly whites! You look GREAT! Lovely outfit as well and my eyes went straight to the belt:D You complimented it so nicely with the scarf too:)

justBEE said...

oh my gosh! my brother use to call me beaver when i got my braces and when i had them he still did! but now i have them off and my teeth look beautiful just like yours!

Becca said...

Love your no-braces face! You look so great and I know that's the best feeling ever to get those braces off. Yay!
And P.S. your scarf is adorable!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

That dress is gorgeous and I'm so jealous you got your braces off. I got 4 months to go, and I'm counting down the days, haha.

Ana said...

I love this look so girlie and fun:))

Lots of hugs:)

P.S. You are so cute and beautiful :)

~Abby~ said...

hey girl i gave you an award a while back:

just comment and let me know when you know that you've received it.

Delightfully Tacky said...

I personally love my canon rebel, couldn't imagine having a different camera.

Love the dress, so cute! I have a belt just like that! I should wear it more.

As for the Glacier: I'm not sure the name, though I could find out, I'd just have to go back and look at the map.

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! You have a super cute blog yourself!! I am jealous that you are getting a new camera. I desperately want a Nikon D5000 - and I am slowly saving up for it!!!


flattery said...

Nice teeth! I love the bangs too.
I would strongly recommend the Canon. :)
I'm hosting a giveaway at my blog. Check it out!

Nicole said...

Congratulations on getting your braces off! I love love love your belt! The butterfly detail is adorable, as is your entire outfit :)

Simone said...

Getting your braces off is the best feeling ever! I wore mine for seven looooooong years. That outfit is too cute. Summer weight scarves are definitely one of my favorite accessories.

As for cameras, I'd definitely go for the canon rebel. I've heard excellent things.

erin :) said...

I'M SO SO UNDESCRIBABLY EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I loved when I got my braces off and my fav part was licking my smooth teeth. :D You have a lovely smile and now it's even lovelier!!! It's just awesome!

And your outfit is fabulous. My fav is the last photo. :) Dont worry about takin pics by yourself. I do that 95% of the time and it's not too bad. I like it because unfortunately I'm a perfectionist and people usually don't take my pics the way I want them to. xD

Anyway, I can't wait to hear from you (email wise)! You are wonderful. :)

Erin :)

LyddieGal said...

Congrats on getting your braces off, and what an adorable dress!!

Chic on the Cheap

Ebony said...

I love your colourful scraf with that belt. That look perfect together. Love your smile pretty Mags... I have gappy teeth but LOVE them all the same :) You look so happy with them though and thats what matters - how you feel about yourself.

Cheyne said...

I have a Nikon D3000 and it is so very wonderful! I couldn't afford the D5000 because it was before I was making a trip to New York some months back and I need to save money. Strange is I was also between a Canon Rebel and a Nikon! They're so close is quality it's very very difficult to decide. I went with Nikon because...I'm not really sure, it just felt right in my hands? I know that sounds silly. Onward! First I want those tights, the weather you're experiencing (Oklahoma is so humid that my sunglasses instantly fog up when I walk outside), and those boots are to die for. They give me that "pixie" vibe (think Agyness Deyn) which I'm so obsessed with right now. And this is a really long rambling comment, so I shall end it saying how confident you look with your braces off! :D


Cheyne said...



Anonymous said...

Such a cute dress, belt and scarf!!!!
yay for no braces!!man, I remember getting them off. And they felt so weird, but it felt so awesome! :)