Tuesday, June 22

warm whispers.


Yesterday, was the greatest day ever. Well, as good as it could have been!

It's always funny how things happen when you absolutely, completely don't expect them to.

I woke up yesterday morning and got off skype with my dear feeling kind of mopey. Kind of. He's in Europe so while it's been nice to read and catch up on things I haven't had time for in months, I still miss him and keeping myself entertained can be quite the challenge! So I got offline after calling Amazon and after finding out my camera wouldn't be here until THURSDAY (12 days after I ordered it, mind you. Overnight shipping?? Whatt??), I decided to be productive and clean my room. A few minutes into cleaning my room, the mail came and much, much to my excitement, my package came from Jasmine of Transient Withdrawl! Clothes!!! So I dressed up for a while and because I was expecting a crappy day to ensue, that alone made it all better.

Not two hours later, I walked into the living room and a UPS truck showed up outside our house. Huh! What could that be?!?!

Long and behold, it was my camera!!!!!

AHHHHHHH!!! So, two hours after declaring in my mind that today (and the next few days, for that matter) would be utterly horribly boring, my day turned out to be one of the best ALL summer! Because now not only was my room sparkly clean, but I had new clothes to outfitize AND MY NEW SLR!!! What did I do after that? Well! I experimented with my camera of course! And made an outfit out of Jasmine's top that I lusted for :)

so, yes, all of these pictures are taken with my new Nikon d5000!! eeeeee!! So, I apologize for the picture heavy post in advance.
isn't the quality beautiful??? I'm so, so ecstatic!
I feel kind of silly that all of these pictures are OF me, because i was supposed to be the one taking pictures, but Jenni didn't dress appropriately so I had to be the model. sigh. But I'm almost done with the barn pictures! *I love barns!*
top-forever21 (courtesy of jasmine) belt-thrifed jeans-delias shoes-keds

After playing around with the barn, we played in the flowers! Oh, yeah, we went to our university arboretum to take pictures. I think I am officially and completely in love with flowers. Wow.
(I think this is my favorite picture. I LOVE purple and I love this flower!)
The sharpness!! I can't get over how sharp the pictures are! AHH. SO wonderful!
I really don't know what is up with my style these days. It's been so different! I've been wearing darker clothes and wearing less frills and florals. It's strange. My girliness WILL come back, I promise! I really dislike these pants, but it was too cold for shorts and jeans didn't seem to work. I know I literally just did an outfit post with this belt, but I love it so much! And then there's my top from Jasmine! eee! Clothing swaps are the best. I'm so excited about it! I'm sending her delightful clothes too! You all may recognize my necklace from prom, I love that I can use it for everyday looks too. It's perfect!
I got these keds in 7th grade. Ha! 5 years ago! I can just remember being completely obsessive over them and stalking them everywhere online. It took me a few months to convince my mom to buy them for me! I just found them yesterday and well, they seemed to sort of work for what I was wearing.
my best friend and photographer.
and sometimes model:)

My giveaway is ALMOST done! Just one more dress and I have five for you!!! :) It's going to be fantastic.
I love you alll so much and appreciate every single one of your comments and all of my followers. I am blown away by your comments, seriously!

Oh, and I'm sorry for the picture overload :)

Love always,

P.S. Warm Whispers by Missy Higgins is a beautiful song. Listen to it:)


sophiasa said...

WOW those pics look FANTASTIC!!! Really, WOWWWW. INCREDIBLE pics!! I want one. And I have a birthday comin up so lets cross our fingers:) Aww I'm so happy that your day changed for the better. Life is funny like that <3333

Nicole said...

These photos are so lovely! Happy to hear your day turned out way better than expected :)

~Abby~ said...

Yeah it's funny how we wake up one morning, and the day halfway sucks, until a miracle comes upon us & makes it better!
You're really photogenic! :)
Barns always make pictures look good!
Wow, your camera is really good (SHARP ;) and I love the 2 pictures of you with the vines in front of you. They're awesome!!!

Sorry for the über long comment, I just loved this post! (and don't worry we love the picture overload. ;)

Fourth Daughter said...

How funny, Missy Higgins is from Melbourne (well Geelong, actually, but who will know where that is over in your part of the world).. I didn't realise she was popular in the US too! Your new camera is AMAZING, not that I didn't like your photos before but wow... really beautiful shots. And love your commentary as usual too... I was going to comment last night but the stupid comment form wouldn't open because my internet speed drops at night (no, Australia is not a third world country, it just feels like it when you're trying to use the internet!)
Looking forward to more gorgeous pics!

justBEE said...

the "picture overload" is totally fine since you got an amazing camera! wow, the pictures are so sharp that's so cool! i love your belt by the way! especially the butterfly! you're lucky you have cool landscape, i don't have much where i live. anyway thanks for the comments they're so nice to receive!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

great pictures! I love your shoes.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL, im jealous of your camera!

Love the outfit, your gorgeous, as usual :D

Jasmine said...

aww i remember getting my dslr. it was super exciting and i wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING hehe. i love this top on you dear! i'm so glad it went to a happier home hehe :) red and stripes are soul mates so good choice in choosing red accents! i'm so happy to be a part of turning your day around! you're adorable <3

Mel said...

Congrats on the new SLR! The pictures look amazing! Haha I wish I had the money to buy a DSLR but I guess I have no particular reason to get one. Cute striped top, especially with that belt!

Cheyne said...

I am so so so excited for a give away from one of my favorite blogs!

I am also green with envy! I got a Nikon D3000, not being able to afford the D5000, and I also ordered it off Amazon. It will be so good to you, I adore Nikon! :D

I also am in love with the pops of red in this outfit. Magnificentttt. :D


Viv said...

great pictures, glad you're having fun with the camera!


DustInMyWind said...

Congrats on the new camera!! The pictures are amazing! Such great quality! What kind of camera did you use before?

Love the new layout. Cute backround.

libys11 said...

aaahhhh im so glad that swap went well!!! im still waiting for a couple of packages!! :D you look great in that striped top!!!! and these photos are magnificent. im quite jealous of your new camera!! i need one for sharper photos too!!! :)

looking forward to your future posts dear!! have a great day!

Animated Confessions

nickyboutique said...

Cute ballerina's!

Danielle said...

Oh my goshhhhhh, I thrifted that same exact belt but in green and yellow. Freakyyy

Alex said...

Gorgeous pictures! You're so lucky having such a fab new camera. The arboretum is a stunning background as well.

Cole said...

gorgeous pictures. And what a beautiful background. Where do you live? I want to move there. ha! thanks for the sweet comment this morning. :)

erin :) said...

YAYYY i'm so happy for you and your camera and your clothes!! :DDD These pictures are snazzy maggie (see the rhyming? :D), i love your camera! i want one now! :] and your outfit is adorable! i love the simplicty and detail! i might even say it's one of my favs of yours!! woohoo!

and thanks for your kind comment. i'm glad my posts are uplifting. sometimes i feel like i just write too much and people are like mehhh wordsss, but i'm glad someone reads it :)

erin :)

erin :) said...

oh! btw, how did you design your blog layout? your own html? i'm trying to learn, but it's too complicated for my liking. DD:

Jill said...

yay dslr! so fun. love all the pictures. cant wait for more!

giuliyana said...

wow great photos, lovely quality! i have gone to the san diego zoo, about a million times and more! i used to live in san diegom, until i was 11, so when i was little i went almost every weekend!!! it's great there isn't it? and thanks for reading the blog post!

Audrey J. said...

sort of envy that you get your dslr, i want one since like 1 year ago! But no money :(, the good thing is that i'm saving money so i'm probably getting it soon! Luck you, good pictures, love the ones with the green background. You live in such a lovely place. :)

Anonymous said...

Such awesome photos!! those flowers are soo pretty!! Such pretty landscape! Love your outfit! The top and pants and shoes are soo cute! I love the belt!! so cute!! I love your friend's jacket. he he!

The camera is awesome and cleaning rooms and getting new packages are so much fun!

glad you liked the post. Yeah, Beirut and Sufjan Stevens are awesome!! lol! You'd love the Bean! It's so great! Millenium Park is awesome and they have all this crazy public art and it's super fun with people lounging in the grass and little kids playing by the huge fountains. :)

I really like the miss higgins song. :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

You. are. so. pretty! EEP! I love it! Congrats on the new camera too, girl! These pictures turned out so great! xo

Bri said...

Wowzers, the quality of these photos is almost breathtaking! And I love your outfit! It's too bad we don't like live down the street from each other because I would totally share closets with you! See I'm on the petite side too and even my little sister who is 7 years younger than me is passing me up!

Can't wait to see more lovely photos from your new camera : )

Julia said...

Hello Maggie, i love this butterfly belt, and yes, purple is the best color ever! :)

the "how lucky we are" post is really cute too, i love this shirt to go with this red scarf.

Cute blog indeed!

Raquel said...

oh isn't it amazing when that happens, you wake up and think you'll have a terrible day and then it all changes to the best!
well I'm so jealous of you for having a slr cam!! :)

also, your comment on my Lolita post really made me laugh! :D

CC said...

Cute top! The photos are gorgeous. :)

Biana said...

Hi Sweety, thanks for stopping by. Great photos! I hope you'll make lots of wonderful photos with your new camera!

Teresa said...

Congratulations on your new camera! The photos are abosultely lovely! :)

Ebony said...

Love the photo of you and Jenni especially!
The quality of those pics is oh so good!
Makes me excited to save up for my Canon DSLR.
Gorgeous photos of all those flowers Mags - and how green is it there? Wow. It looks amazing... that barn is a great backdrop too!
You look cute as a button as always... it's cool you're changing up your style a little, but you always look darling.

Thanks for the comments too hun, it's so good to know you're there for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Gahhh! I love those flowers!

So beautiful! :D
You are too!