Wednesday, April 14

your love is my drug.

(okay. don't hate me. I heard this song by the infamous ke$ha on the radio the other day and despised it. When I got sister was blasting it in her room...and needless to say, it might have grown on me after a dozen replays. shhhh! :P)


I made it! It is Wednesday afternoon...FINALLY! I have been counting down the days for the past couple weeks until THIS very day because....tomorrow I leave for Seattle!! I've had homework to get ahead on, soccer to play, chocolates to stuff at work, and countless other little things to do to get ready! I'm going with about 30 other students in my school to participate in the "Model UN" Conference :). We are missing 2 days of school and being herded like zoo animals to talk about major world problems! Woot! Hahaha :). No, really.
Why I'm SO excited: (-note the capitalization of the 'so'!)
1) We'll get to meet tons of new people as we are thrown together in groups with kids all across the country I've never met.
2) We'll get to talk about fascinating world issues with people that actually care about learning.
3) I get to dress up in "professional" clothes- I've had my outfits planned for over a week :) I'll be taking pictures!
4) My darling is going as of four days ago!! Eeeep. Seven hour bus drive together...inseparable-ness :)
5) During our large gaps of downtime...we get to SHOPPP!!!! I worked my butt off the past few weeks saving money for some spring shopping...and have a large chunk of change to spend :). h&m anyone? eeee!

So. Yeah. I'm extremely excited. Four days of fun! And shopping. And learning. And my darling. What more could I ask for??

Oh!! I ordered my prom dress :) I was gonna wait till Seattle to buy it...but I found it on modcloth and it was the LAST one in I bought it! More money than I've EVER spent on anything ($200!) but...I've never splurged. And it's my senior prom. And my grandma is paying for went for it. I'm so excited!

Anyways. Here is an outfit post for you all! Since I'll be gone...I figured I would post before I left! I'll miss you all dearly when I'm gone and I'll have a lot of blog catching up to do when I get back :).

I got this dress from f21 a few days agoo! It's super comfy and so versatile. I can wear it so many ways. Plus, it was on sale for 12 dollars. how do you beat that?

dress-forever21 $12 tights-forever21 $4 shoes-forever21 $25

I am CRAZY in love with these tights! Who needs boys when you have tights, right?? hahaha :) Don't tell my dear i said that...heh.

Loveee you alll!!!! Thank you for all the kind words and all the support!
Can't wait to tell you all about Seattle :)
Have a good rest of the week!


harajukuloveee said...

Im glad for everything that happens to you! ive been reading yout blog these times and i like it a lot! Your life seems like a lot of fun so, go ahead and have fun with your guy and make sure to make friends and enjoy your trip! ;)
harajukuloveee (also on chictopia)

Erika said...

Okay, I just fell head over heels in love with this outfit. And now I need more yellow in my life. I love the *life* it gives an outfit.

The way you mixed horizontal stripes with vertical ones! Say whaaat?! Hehe.

You look BEAUTIFUL. Terrific, FUNNN outfit. Love the photos.

Oh yea, have a blast in Seattle!! I went there 2 summers ago, I think...of course I was flying all the way from Texas, haha...loved it. Everything sounds like the perfect recipe for a fantastic trip. We can all tell you're so excited!!! Seriously. Especially since you've been working your bum off for it, right? Even better. You totally deserve it. And your dear? Perfect recipe, I tell you. Haha.

Ok, ok...I'll stop RAMBLING. (Maybe I should've written you a letter, eh?) Can't wait to hear all about your trip & see photos!! (Of your prom dress, too!)

Off I go totally inspired by you... ♥

Erika said...

P.S. It doesn't really help that your font is pretty big LOL...I just took over your whole comments area...oops! :D

sophiasa said...

Yellow is your color!!! You are so adorable:) you outfit is completely awesome, I fell in love with the stripes. hope you have a blast in Seattle, you sound so excited for it, I'm so excited for you!!! <333

Taylor Sterling said...

you look so pretty in that yellow top!!

JMay said...

Girl, you are ROCKING that outfit!!! :-)

Jessica said...

Love your tights. The mix of patterns here is really fun!

erin :) said...

i like how you matched those tights with the dress, great ensemble. :) and i was just in seattle like an hour ago!! that's so cool! maybe you were there +_+ i wish i could meet you!! anyway, take lots o pics and tell me what you like about our lil rainy city. oh and if you get to choose, the old spaghetti factory is delicious.

btw, how did you go so many followers so soon xD

talk laterz kiddo!

Audrey J. said...

I remembeer when in high school we used to have similar trips to that, but us where of sports recreation, it was lovely! Hope you had a blast and shopped a lot!

Cheyne said...

I am so so excited to see your senior prom pictures! When is it? I just posted my prom pictures from Saturday...I can't wait to see your dress, I always fall in love with anything from Modcloth. You should see my wishlist on there, it's a million miles (and dollars...) high. I also love that Forever 21 dress, it's so perfect for summer and so simple. But I love the pop of the yellow!

Love Cheyne.

Erica Leigh said...

i love your style! it's so fun and i think it reflects your personality well (from reading how you write anyway!) hehe.

have fun in seattle!! model UN sounds fun. :D and i can't wait to see your prom dress!

glad i found your blog!

♥ erica

Kelley Anne said...

Wow, the combination of those bright yellow stripes with the textured tights is amazing! You have a great eye for mixing pattern and texture.