Thursday, April 8

Hello, Procrastination.

Wow do I have a lot to accomplish tonight!! Paper to write...current events...calculus.. all starting at 10PM :).

I love being busy. But. I also hate it. All week, I've been getting home at 7 or 8...sometimes later. At work, I've been working on filling a massive order that, while being amazing for the chocolate shop, is extremely tedious. 1,000 boxes of chocolate were ordered from a person in New York running a breast cancer fundraiser! 1,000! So cool! But...guess who gets to box all quarter pound boxes neatly?

yep. me!

my fingers badly. Tying 1,000 little itsy bitsy bows and folding flavor cards and stuffing chocolate into teensy bags....yikes.

I have worked 13 hours this week....and gone to soccer...and gone to school.... and my mind is about to explode. Ahh!

Okay. Enough complaining.

Because so many exciting things are happening too! Eeeee! I got featured on the blog (I don't know how to link...hahaha) and I got TWO blog awards!! Never before have I recieved I was one happy girl this week :). Thank you Sophiasa and Erin! Check out their blogs! I'll pass it on in my next post :)


More exciting news: As of yesterday, I was invited on the Model UN conference school trip occurring next week!! An entire weekend plus two days I am missing from school to learn about foriegn nations and..... best of all.... walking around Seattle shopping, eating, and sightseeing!! of TODAY, my lovely man is going too!! EEEE. I am SO beyond excited!! Prom dress shopping! AHHHHHHH.

My outfit for today: I got this skirt a couple weeks ago on sale. I couldn't pass it up. 5 bucks! I love this cream colored blouse that I bought to wear on my Mexican save the sea turtle trip last October and pulled it out again for this outfit. It is so sheer and light- plus the detail on the top is so sweet! Any outfit of mine would not be complete without crazy tights I wore these ones :). My first ever pair of tights! eeeeeeeep. Boots are my other obsession! Love these ones. so comfy!

top- Oldnavy $10 skirt- Deb $4 tights-UO $15 boots- f21 $30 necklace- $4

my sister took this picture of me (below). It amused me.

More exciting things: I got 20 comments on my last blog post. Whattt?????? And, to my recent knowledge, one of my posts was in the editor's list on chictopia and five looks are STILL in the style gallery. What???????

I'm in shock. Just a little small town girl like me.... a "stylish" girl? ha. I'm the most surprised girl of all.

Thank you ALLLL of you. Honestly. It makes me tear up just thinking of all you have done for me and all that I have gained in the short two months I've been a part of the blogging/chictopia world. I have 21 followers as of two minutes ago! AHHH! I started this blog as a "diary"...never expected anything. This is unbelievable to me.

I have exciting plans for this weekend :) I'll be sure to update ya'll :).

Love always,

song of the moment: Soul Sister-Train


Cheyne said...

Aw, yay for prom dress shopping, and a lovely post as always Maggie! (:

I got featured on Fashionmylegs, isn't she just amazing to work with! I had such a fun time answering the questions! Congratulations dear!


Anonymous said...

awww congratulations!

You deserve it! :D

follow me too if you like.

love the outfit! very classy! and boots are my obsession too!


sophiasa said...

Aww you so deserve all this awesome stuff happening to you!! I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations on everything!:D

ps. and you look adorable (tights!!! <3 ) annnd I'm loving soul sister atm too :D

simplyhope said...

You are so Adorable! Love the outfit and don't stress yourself out with all that you have going on! I always enjoy reading your blog...very geniuine:)You totally deserve it!

Erika said...

Hey sweetie, fantastic interview over at Fashionmylegs. I love the way you incorporate tights into your outfits, it really adds the perfect touch. And, your style is just fab!!

I'm following you now, & can't wait to see more! :D

Erika :)

Erika said...

P.S. Congrats on everything!! :D

Erika :)

Ebony said...

You deserve all this recognition!
Looking lovely.. I wouldnt be able to resist that skirt either. :D