Sunday, April 25

boys with girlfriends (GETTING ASKED TO PROM!!)

I literally just walked in from the greatest night of my life.
Well. Maybe not, considering, this is only the actual asking of prom. And not prom night itself. So, I still have ONE amazing night ahead!
Okay. I'll get down to it. I just got asked to prom. Now, I know this isn't like, a huge glorifying major moment in life....but for me, it is a big first. Sort of. (My writing gets so choppy when I'm giddy and tired and excited. Like right now. haha. sorry!) I have never been asked to a dance before as more than "just friends". In fact....I've never had a boyfriend. I've dated, sure...but the whole label thing? Yeah. Not so much.
So this is EXTREMELY exciting for me! I feel like I'm fifteen again instead of...almost 18. Experiencing all this for the first time.
It was kind of an insane week what with the entire school (well. my friends at least!) knowing his plan and keeping me in the dark. Virtually every time I switched classes and walked down the halls with him, we got giggled at. Every time! And not knowing what was happening or going to happen was insaneee! I am sometimes not so patient :)
Tonight, after my soccer game, he texted me and asked to hang out. You know. The usual. He bought me coffee and we watched the sunset (or...darkness getting darker...and darker) from the top of the world (see picture on my blog! "corner of the universe") in the back of his pickup (i love boys with trucks). I had an early early early we said goodnight in a parking lot and he drove me home. But not before writing "ZAP: midnight" on the back of my hand and something on the inside!
So. Two hours was midnight. And I looked at the inside of my hand which said: At that PRECISE moment, I heard Taylor Swift's you belong with me blasting from outside my window. So I sprinted to the door in my boxers and pj's and saw....this... I was.....speechless. I To think that after months of pining and years of hopelessly waiting for some guy to take my breath away... yeah. It happened. When I least expected it and when I thought all hope was lost for me to have something like this at this age. In case you can't really tell, there are 5 people lined up each with a tee shirt on that has a glow stick letter taped to it spelling...Prom :) and the amazing darling is at the end. Yep. There you go :) I ran into his arms (after un-glueing my feet from my front porch) squealing. And said: absolutely. One of these days...I'll do a post telling our entire story. Probably after the big prom night:) (I really don't want this to be a blog just on my relationship. And it's not going to be. Ever. It's exciting time in my life and I want to document it. As it happens. So I can look back on this when I'm 60 and remember being 17 and feeling alive) p.s. the song? Boys with girlfriends. meiko. Sometimes, you do get the boy with the girlfriend. Sometimes, they do see that you belong with them.


Ebony said...

I LOVE MEIKO and Boys with Girlfriends. :)
I've never met anyone else who has even heard of Meiko!

I thought you guys were already an item after your camp post. Sorry for assuming :) But honestly, you guys are the cutest!
What a romantic way to ask someone... aw.. I'm all mushy inside now. Hehe.

So happy for you! xxx

S + Y said...

OHMYGOD. I ended up on your pretty little space here through Becca from Adorable Optimism... this story is seriously the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!! Ohmygod. Seriously, ohmygod. I'm not 17 year-old (I like to think I still am; I'm 20 bytheway, haha), but I'm still obsessed with every single word to Taylor Swift's songs and my god, to think that he asked you to the prom like that, you have no idea, I'm smiling ear to ear!! So so happy for you! I got asked by a good guy friend to prom a while back too, it was nothing like your story but I totally understand how happy you must be. I want some more story of you too!!!


S + Y said...

Awwwww, you're too cute. And honey, don't think you're biased, because you aren't at all. This is seriously the cutest thing ever that a boy can do to a girl! So thoughtful and personalized (he knows how much you love Taylor, yes? Haha). I'm dying to read your story! And "Our Song" is so perfect because well, he actually wrote you a song.

And you're so lucky you got to meet Taylor!!!! She seems like the sweetest girl in the world. Her songs are so honest and they really speak to me. Ahhhh, it's a shame she didn't come to Montreal! :(


Mel said...

AWWW this is such a sweet story!!! How exciting! I hope you have fun at prom :)

simplyhope said...

How flippin Cute!! Seems like you had a blast:)

Alina Radu said...
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Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

aww that is the sweetest story ever. I've never had anyone do anything quite as special for me.

layia said...

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! that was exciting! congrats! i wish as fortunate as you. i had no one to go with at all but i went with my friends so it was stil fun. i wish they played more ballroom songs though...

Out of Order said...

wow that us SUCH a adorable story! I am kind of speechless.


Cheyne said...

Ah that is so cute! My boyfriend went to the same school as me for the past two years, and is a Junior like me. However, he got a big film internship in New York and flies back and forth to work, so he had to start doing online school. So he couldn't take me to prom...and since I'm a Junior I'm not allowed to bring anyone (only Seniors are allowed too) was a total bummer. But he still took me out to dinner before so it was all fun!

But anyways I am so so happy that you got a fairytale boy moment! :D


erin :) said...

i dont know what to say! that's just... so lovely. :) ... ... AHHHHH!!! lol, that is what i have to say. haha. your friends and boyfriend seem so nice and wonderful. :))

~Abby~ said...

That is sooo awesome!!!! :)
Haha I'mm 14 and my 8th grade dance is coming up; I'm not going with anyone! There is no cute/nice/funny guys in my grade! :/
Thanks for visiting & the nice comment. No, I haven't seen The Last Song yet, but I want to really bad.
Love your blog, I'll follow as soon as my computer stops being stupid! Haha.

~Abby~ said...

Okay, I'm following you now! :)

Anonymous said...

This was the most adorable thing ive ever seen! I bet you feel like your flying! I hope your prom is amazing :)
I read your story and it totally made me smile. thanks for sharing it with the world :)

I adore your blog, im gonna have to follow it!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! How cute! I am definitely so happy for you! That was super sweet! :)