Wednesday, May 5

oh, it is love

Today is my Friday!
Does it get better than that?? No, not really. Especially when it is actually Wednesday and we have a four day weekend! YES!!! :)
Well. I haven't posted since last...Tuesday... I know, I know. Bad bad bad me. Like the big bad wolf, that's what I am. Part of it is due to the fact that I'm insanely busy and have no time and the other part can be blamed on my lack of "fashion" inspiration. Seriously! I keep meaning to take pictures but then when I find 10 minutes to go outside I tell myself, that is not blog worthy. Ehhh. I have so many pieces I am in love with in my closet that I have purchased for spring and yet I can't seem to style them in any way that makes me feel like me. I've just been in a slump. Adjusting to spring is kind of tricky. It would also help if the weather weren't absolutely chaotic. For example: today, it started out sunny and warm. A cool breezy 55 degrees. Around 5pm when I had to go to soccer, it dropped over thirty degrees and SNOWED. It was a fun soccer practice, alright...
Anyways!! Prom was last weekend!!! Very sadly, (very, very sadly) my memory chip for my camera decided to jump aboard my mother's car and drive with her and my sister to a soccer tournament seven hours away. So. I had no camera. I'm still waiting on other people to get my pictures together for my big post about it (it was very eventful!), but let me just say: I have never been more dolled up, my dress was perfectttt, and I had my dream perfect stunning amazing senior prom. I never have made a big deal of dances, but this one was a blast. SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait for my pictures!
Tomorrow, as part of National Honor Soceity, I am helping in throwing a "Friendship Ball" for the Special Education kids in the community and surrounding small towns. I'm SO excited. I'm in charge of hair and makeup for the girls and then Niklaas and I are going to the prom, too. Two proms!
I wasn't going to post this. At all. It was another mediocre outfit for me. I don't know why. I love allll of these pieces. I've got my boots, I've got my scarf, I've got my tights AND shorts together, and I've got my bright cardi. I don't know what it is. But, I like the pieces anyways so I wore it with all the confidence I could muster.
I'm absolutely in love with this scarf. I have worn it four times since I bought it a week and a half ago and my oh my. It is LOVE. I love all the colors in it. The greens and blues make it so easy to style because it goes with anything! I love it. I still havent found THE outfit for it that makes it feel "me" or "tres chic", but I'm working on it!
I can't believe the colors I threw together. Haha. I still don't get this outfit :P. It was so randomly thrown together. I spent about 25 minutes planning an outfit and every single one was black and white!! So when I picked up my yellow cardi...then my blue...then my pink, I was like...what? Total 180 from what I started from. Taking pictures myself these days has been such a challenge. Thank GOD for self-timers! I miss my photographers :(. I think some of you have met Salllly before on chictopia :). She's my darling puppy and I love her to pieces. She is THE sweetest old lady in the entire world. She is so lovable and endearing. I picked her out when I was six years old. I can remember the entire day in absolute pristine detail. She was just a little puppy back then crouched in the corner of her pen while the yappy puppies in front of her jumped at the fence. It was her low self-esteem that caught my eye and the fact that she seemed to have noooo hope of being adopted that made me want her. She's my true love. <3> OH, it is love :) kisses! Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone! I can't wait to show you my prom pictures :) THANK YOUUU for all your comments! I couldn't believe it when I got 25 on my last post! WOWWWW. My mind is blown and my week is made! Love always, maggie:)


~Abby~ said...

I love the outfit! :) I love big, bright bold colors; but I also like dark outfits as well!
Ahh I would've been so mad if I forgot my camera chip; but atleast you had fun, and I can't wait to see the pictures!
Cute doggy!


Becca said...

This is my favorite outfit so far.
I love all your colors involved, and I like the way you did your hair. Very cute!

tess said...

love the colors in this outfit!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love the colour scheme. Colours are always so much fun. A yellow cardy like that is on my wish list.

S + Y said...

Loving all the colours in your outfit! Oh and I absolutely adore the pattern of your tights!

Have a great day!


Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I love all the colors in this outfit! It's adorable and makes me think of summer. Oh how I can't wait for summer... :)

Kimberellie said...

I ADORE this outfit. So bright and YOU! At least it seems you to me, which is funny beacause it doesn't seem you to you! That scarf is fantastic. And so are you! Glad you had such a great time at prom. Can't wait to see pics!

heart: ME

sophiasa said...

lol I love the whole, 'total 180' line. You are so funny! And adorable! I know I said how much I love this outfit on chictopia, and Ima say it again-- LOVE!!! I didn't know you took these yourself! They are realllllly good. I love your pics, you're always so happy and smiley:)

Audrey J. said...

Your dog is really cute! You both look darling :D

Anonymous said...

awww how cute! :)
I can't wait to see your prom pictures too! :)
I'm still deciding if I'm going to my prom lol


guess what?! I gave you an award!
come check it out!

Ebony said...

I love your funky colour-packed outfit! Especially the scarf. I can't wait till it gets colder here and I can wear all of mine :)
That SUCKS that you didnt have your own camera - but at least you'll be in a lot of other pics. I always hate being the only one with a camera at events... I have to physically hand the camera to people at times and ask them to get one of me :D


Hannah said...

Thanks I love that color blue on me too :) And I LOVE all of the colors that you're wearing too. I think your outfit is fantastic.

And your dog is so cute. It makes me miss mine. Can't keep dogs in dorms... :(

Take SOOOOOOOO many prom pictures. And post all of them. Hehe

Alecto said...

i actually really like this outfit. the lace tights and dark boots balance out all the bright colors and you tied the whole thing together really well with the scarf. the first photo is adorable, by the way. your puppy looks so sweet.

i also take my own photographs-- it takes forEVER. i totally share your pain haha.

Dressing Up For Me said...

I love the colors that you wear and no it isn´t a mediocre outfit! It´s actually a fun outift and so full of life just like you. :)

Have a lovely Sunday! :)

Ana said...

You look so sweet and fresh and confident:)

I love you outfit so much, the tights rock:), this is such a cool outfit post.

You look great and this is because you are such a lovely person inside and outside.

Have a lovely Sunday.
Lots of hugs

layia said...

i love your tights!

i'm glad you had a blast at your prom! and i can't wait for the prom pictures! haha i should post up my prom experience. lol. anyways, thanks so much for your interest in my photography. unfortunately, i'm busy with finals, work and interning. i really won't be free until the beginning of july so no new shots for awhile. i will make it up once i'm free!

Lucy Marmalade said...

Glad you're back! And glad your prom was everything you'd hoped. I can't believe you're calling this a mediocre outfit though. The colors are FABULOUS and you look great!

lynnette said...

you've had her since you were 6?? :D that's true love.... i hope i can get a dog too if i eventually get the chance to live on my own in the future...

that's a great scarf you bought!! wear it more often so it'll be even more worth it! :D