Wednesday, November 20

Who gave me a gun...?

DSC_0193 DSC_0181DSC_0198DSC_0208
In retrospect, didn't we all know this was coming?

Can you live in Montana and like, not shoot a gun at some point? I can't lie and say I wasn't excited about the idea. I was very excited. Albeit, I screamed every time I pulled the trigger and squeezed my eyes shut at the same time. I definitely only hit one target one time that was four feet in front of me. And I can't say I went with people who I had met before and knew anything about.

... But we lived to tell the tale?

And if you're going to shoot a gun with anyone you don't know, chances are if those people are from Montana, your chances of survival should be pretty high considering the ratio of guns to people in this state?

These are things I'm telling myself to sleep at night. But seriously, I held a gun. I shot a gun. I wore a Carhart and my Uggs.

In retrospect, no one should have let this happen.


Annie W said...

OK, I'm from MA where straight up no one shoots guns, but this looks INSANELY fun! You look so cute, too!
Major ShenANNIEgans

Abbey said...

I love this.

Z said...

Oh my gosh, these are all hysterical. I love all the faces! Hopefully no one was wounded in the attempt...

Shawnee said...

hahaha this is awesome! in the UP of michigan this is like part of living here but i think i've only shot one with my dad? a long time ago? i don't really remember. but this is coool

Emma Jane said...

I shot a gun when I was twelve and then I had a bruise on my shoulder for like three weeks. Guns can be so so fun... especially in Ugg boots.

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