Tuesday, November 12


Is it so bad that I sort of have come to the conclusion that I never want to live anywhere else except Missoula for fear of letting anyone else change the oil and vacuum the floor of my Subaru than the pair of sexy brothers who are Subaru experts and own their own auto-repair shop across the street from my favorite pizza place and ice cream place in Missoula? Their attractiveness and proximity to my two favorite foods has nothing to do with it, of course. It's entirely due to their steady hands when dealing with my car *cough cough*.

Is it so bad that I curled my hair this morning and less than two hours later, I was twisting my hair up into a bun in the middle of class because I just couldn't with my hair today?

Is it so bad that I am so hopelessly smitten with my creative writing professor that I'm working on our school's literary magazine next semester that he runs so I can devote my every Monday night to receiving every helpful word of advice he has to offer? And stare into his eyes through his 1960's retro glasses despite him being old enough to be my dad's dad?

Is it so bad that I finished a bowl of captain crunch as an after dinner snack and am heading out the door for a bar of chocolate?

Is it so bad that I haven't done any real homework in three weekends? (Yes, yes this one actually IS bad as I discovered when planning out everything I need to do in the three weeks of the semester that are left.)


Shawnee said...

No. Not bad at all. All very good things in fact. And that last one…oh man, I'm dealing with my past laaaazy and fun weekends as well. I finally filled out my planner again after neglecting it and le sigh. December 5th cannot come soon enough…yay Christmas break!

becca said...

no shame november!!! live. it. up!!!

Emma Jane said...

Having creative crushes on professors is my entire life story. I find myself so infatuated with brilliant people. No shame there. Ever. Ever. Retro glasses and writing prowess get me every time.

Tightrope to the Sun

Kaylie said...

Not bad at all! Your posts make me smile so much. :)

Mary said...

Another great list. Alsoooo, Maggie, I really want to know everything about the new boy. We got some, but I want to know more! Haha