Monday, November 11

blue skies have arrived

A full day spent in my bed watching TV. All. Day. Long. At least eight hours of television/movie watching in one sitting. Mulan, American Horror Story, and America's Next Top Model. 

Captain Crunch for breakfast, an appetizer before dinner, and dessert. Grilled cheese. 

Coffee at three in the morning. Russian Rummy, speed, and hearts. A bottle of wine for one. Leather jackets and beanies. Crocheting hats in front of the TV. A group of the best friends sitting spread eagle on my living room floor. Cards against humanity. Driving home at two in the morning. The Conjuring. 

"I like you a lot. And I like making out with you a lot."

Crashing a 20-monthaversary dinner with iHop cheesecake pancakes, finishing two whole pots of coffee between two people, a Target excursion that included picking out a cardigan for someone else's boyfriend, and a girl movie date to About Time. Actual tears. Ginger love. Babies. Ben Folds. 

Finishing an entire book in one evening, Me Before You. So, so good.

Waking up alone in an empty apartment with sun seeping through the blinds. A 30 minute call from Dad. 

A run on the mountain through breaking fog escaping the valley. Dance running to Lorde down the trail. Remembering Norah and the Whale. Realizing the blue skies have arrived. 


veronika girlandcloset said...

This is just the best Maggie!! Your post put an instant smile on my face and I'm all about the bottle of wine for one! ;) Sometimes, it's the perfect therapy!!

By The Shore, a life + style blog

Abbey said...

So many wonderful things I can relate to in this post. I love the way you write, Maggie.

About Time killed me. I had to fight being that girl in the theater thats loudly sniffling & going "the feeeeeeeeeellllssssss". I pretty much died when ben folds started playing.

Abbey said...

Also, Me Before You... dang girl, you gettin all the feely things out at once. :)

Brissa said...

this book. I feel like I need it in my life.

Mary said...

gahh yes. sounds awesome. get it, girl.