Sunday, November 24


Recently I've spent my Friday afternoons at the Humane Society holding kittens and chasing puppies outside wishing I wasn't a college student in a teensy apartment who could adopt one. I've pretty much given up on trying to eat 'healthy' and commit to a working out schedule. If it happens, great! If it doesn't, eh. There's always Christmas break to get myself back on track, right? I've been to two jazz concerts and I might be discovering an inner jazz enthusiast somewhere inside of me. I've edited a lot of pictures of other people in love doing cute things.

I've spent hours deciding what camera I'm going to 'invest' in for the weddings I'm shooting next summer. I've also decided using the word 'invest' is sort of silly and I hate when I read the word on Instagram or blogs because it always reads like a person is trying to validate themselves for buying whatever they're indulging in. I feel exactly that way when I say that I'm investing in a crazy expensive camera body over Black Friday and when I say that I invested a pair of genuine leather boots after I nearly bought a third pair of Target ones in that many months. But, truly, I expect I'll be wearing these puppies until I'm 35. And just one wedding will return the price of my camera so, #yolo and stuff.

I've spent afternoons writing. Really writing. 18 page essays galore. And I've been proud of my work.

I've spent more time out of my apartment than in it.

I've spent almost no time taking pictures with my SLR and my life this semester exists in my iPhone photostream. I've realized I'm really okay with this. Life behind the lens can be wonderful and make me slow down to see the details of a moment, but it can also lead to forgetting the big picture of things. Lately I've been really happy in front of the camera in the moment, remembering these vivid details of happiness while they're here. 


Shelby said...

sometimes i really would rather just take random snap shots with my phone. they only time i ever get my big camera out is when i go on little adventures around Utah. other than that, i like just enjoying the company i am surrounded with, and not worrying about documenting every second of my life. sometimes it can be fun, but most of the time you miss out on having fun because you are so focused with getting cool pictures. it's lame.
p.s- stop it! i remember volunteering at the Humane Society, and it was my favorite thing in the entire world! I might have to talk to Zac, and see if he will do it with me!

becca said...

investing. so true! but sometimes when you are trying to validate your spending to someone else, it totally works. like someone who shares your bank account, especially.

"darling, I'm going to invest in a sandwich right now with tons of pesto and cheese on it"

see? perfect.

Wild Flower said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing well even though some things aren't going as expected. I wish I had the courage to stay out of my apartment more than it. Also, incredibly jealous of your writing skills, wish I had some of that!

Wild Flower