Sunday, December 12

three days.

I didn't realize the title of my posts this month have been a consecutive countdown to home. It just happened! I talked to my dad on the phone this morning for a half hour and my mom for another fifteen minutes while she was walking on the mountain and I'm definitely feeling the jitters now. My mom keeps telling me about how she's cleaning the house for my return and my dad keeps telling me to get my head in the books, but I swear I can hear a little bit of excitement in his voice, too :). I have a secret though. As excited as I am to see my parents and my friends, I think I might be most excited to hang out with my sister again. I miss her so, so much!!! I think she might be a little excited, too, even if she shows it less than my dad:).
I'm officially done with both of my labs. Ugh. Labs. That's how I feel about them. Now I only have an online final, an online quiz, an online project, and two tests! And I don't have class I have a three day weekend! Today I packed all my clothes into two suitcases and two boxes and cleaned my entire room. If not for the two tests left, I could leave right now! I can literally taste leaving. Seriously. I'm sorry that it's all I talk about...but in about three days, I'll have lots of exciting things to talk about besides being holed up in my dorm room studying and waiting to leave:).
I have a confession. This photoshoot is from last winter. I started chictopia last January and became obsessed. Since I became absorbed in my blog-blog, I haven't commented back and I haven't been interactive. I miss the 100 so comments...but I think blogging is more fitting for me. I like to talk! Anyways, since I started this blog in March, I have all these wintershoots I've been wanting to post. So I am!
These are still some of my favorite clothing pieces, nine months after the fact. I wear these tights constantly and they are definitely one of my most beloved pairs! I'm not much of a sweatshirt wear-er unless it belongs to a certain boy and I especially didn't like to "dress down" in high school so this to me is as dressed down as I go. This sweater is so, so soft and comfy and I feel like I'm in sweats but paired with tights and with the detail on the shoulder I don't look like I'm a complete train wreck! These oxford heels are my favorite shoes in my closet. I wish I had more opportunities to wear them!
Looking at these pictures that are nine-ten-eleven months old is actually so, so weird. I can remember this day perfectly and I can remember standing in my backyard with the self-timer taking these pictures. Do you ever do that? It's weird. So much has changed since these pictures and if I remember correctly, right before I took these, I was off to go see a movie with Niklaas. When...we weren't anything. Well, not defined as anything at least. It was when he was just my best friend who belonged to someone else. And I can distinctly remember my parents saying, "You're going to a movie? Alone? With...Niklaas? Can that...happen?" Ha. Again. So weird. I mean, this is almost a completely different Maggie, here. The Maggie before college and before graduation and before turning 18! I don't feel like the same Maggie. At all. I just want to give this girl a hug and say, "Hang in there. Everything is going to turn out. You're going to ace your calculus final. You're going to walk across that stage hearing the roar from the fifty family members that love you and hug the darlingest boy you've ever met. And he'll be yours when it happens. You're going to go to Montana and fall in love with it. You're going to meet best friends that will be best friends for the rest of your life. You're going to feel happy."
I'm going to go shower and put this sweater on! Are you ever inspired by yourselves? Haha. I'll be honest. When I'm in a complete slump I'll go to my blog and look at really old posts and try to mimic outfits, changing little things. I'm thinking...jeweled headband, skinny jeans, and my black boots today with this:)
I hope you all have a good week! I don't know if I will post again before Wednesday or Thursday because I'll be studying and taking finals and driving home. And I have my job interview Thursday. But I'll be back and I'll be back in full speed with Niklaas when I return!:)
Thank you all for your comments. Sometimes, they make my day more than you possibly know.



Sands said...

Ah, so much has changed, Maggie! Other than Niklaas's status from friend to BOYfriend, your hair length, dorm life... hehe, I love seeing this "laid-back" side of you. To me, you'll always be a crazy pattern mixing florals dress kinda girl, but it's nice to see a casual outfit like this! And of course. Patterned tights. Who am I kidding. :P


kb said...

Nice sweater! It's super cozy but still polished.
I'm counting down to go home from college too so I know the exact feeling. Have a wonderful trip HOME!

Charlotte said...

oooh this jumper looks so warm and snuggly!!
i've been doing a series looking back on my old outfits from the year and I always find myself inspired by old outfits!!

Charlotte xxx

Shallow Mallow said...

Those tights are amazing and I love your oxfords too :)

All the best for your final three study days! Have a good journey home :)

Kenziefaith said...

These pictures are beautiful! Such a great look for you. Awesome tights & awesome shoes!

That's so exciting that you get to see your family soon! Hope you have a great time - take lots of pictures :)

KF x

simplyhope said...

Have fun with your family over the holidays! This is still one of my favorite outfits from you:) Love it! Also yes I do get inspired too on how I can change up a piece of clothing I have already worn!

Abbey said...

Loooove this outfit! You look gorgeous! Only a couple more days until you're home- you can do it! :) Good luck on exams and projects!

Alex said...

You know... I always wondered where your Chictopia's default came from and voilá! My dream came true :)

I seriously loved that snapshot! Anyway, I love the whole outfit and even though you've changed (for better) I still think this outfit is true to yourself :)

Brittany said...

I want these tights! They look lovely on you :)

Shoe said...

What a sweet story! And you look lovely, those tights are wonderful.



Flashes of Style said...

Such amazing tights! <3

Trixie & Fifi said...

Ah reading your blog reminds me of myself so, so much! I mean, except for the Niklaas bit. I don't know your personally but I'm happy for you :) I remember feeling so afraid when I graduated from High School... and now I've just finished my first year of Uni. Time went by so fast!

Wow, we have the same tights! I bought mine from NZ though - where I'm from. I suspect you bought yours from the US haha

Anything but Bland said...

cuuuuute leggings!!!! :)

love, polly

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

I love this outfit! Those tights are great :)
It's so weird to think about the person you were a year ago, all the things you didn't know yet, and how different you are now!

Jessica said...

awwwww have fun for holiday!! :)
anw, such unique tights you got :)

natalie said...

Don't worry, all I can seem to talk about is the promise of the impending winter break as well haha, so it's quite understandable. :)

And hurrah for old photoshoots! I definitely am liking those tights. It is strange to look back on old photos and think about how much times can change though! And change for the more awesome, too. :D

Good luck with the rest of your finals and everything, and then you'll be FREE!

Anonymous said...

hello! i was here... would you like to follow each others blogs?? =))) you can follow my blog by clicking here. *winks*

Reg said...

hooray for going home!! :) i liked the comment about your sister showing it less than your dad, your dad's so cute! haha cute tights btw, no wonder it's your fav!


~Abby~ said...

Your hair looks really pretty in these pictures! :)
Oh I know why it looks so was from a year ago! Haha.
The outfit is adorable.
Have a good time at home and with Niklaas. :)


Shy, Chesterfield said...

What a fun outfit. If I were back in university again I would definitely be frolicking around campus in this!


Anonymous said...

i would love to go to an ellen taping too! especially right now since she's doing the 12 days of giveaway. i can't watch it because i become so envious of the audience.

nice outfit! i'm the number one fan of your sweater and tights :)

xx Kenny

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

i loved reading this post :) i always wish i could go back and tell myself to be less stressed about things, because it always works out! heck, i need to tell myself that NOW, haha! anyway, i love this outfit, those tights are awesome. GOOD LUCK on any finals you have left! <3

Catherine said...

I seriously smiled when I read this post. I know exactly what you mean - I always look back and remember perfectly. At this time last year I was trapped working in a toy store (during Christmastime!) so I didn't get to post very frequently, but before and after... it's so weird.

I suppose by the time I'm commenting you only have one more day before you go home! My sister also comes home tomorrow, and I'm probably the most excited to see her haha :)

Amber Rose said...

Sweet sweet girl, I just adore you.
"You're so beautiful, did you know?"

You are a gem.

Anonymous said...

you have a truly beautiful blog...

Mrs. Kolca said...

It's the season for tights indeed! I love it. Wanna get myself really cute designed tights like those.