Wednesday, December 22

wishing you could keep me closer.

This may be a first for me. Writing a new post...and not knowing what to say. Odd. Very odd. Since we last talked, I've probably left the house a total of three times, watched a dozen and a half movies, slept five times over the recommended daily amount, and ate too many spoonfuls of sugar cookie dough. I've caught up with a couple friends but for the most part, I've been a turtle nesting in my little shell. I figure I have five more weeks here, seeing everyone right away isn't a necessity and seeing my family while they are off work and school is more precious.
On Saturday, I experienced the brand new Super Walmart that got built in town. Or, in our twin town seven miles away. In a fight against the city council for years, Walmart finally lost and couldn't build their giant Walmart in Idaho. So, they built one seven miles away across the border and wiped ours out. Hmph. So how do I like it? It's horrible! Why in the heck would you put hardware next to the toys but the home section near the cosmetics? Home and hardware should go hand in hand. And arts and crafts go hand in hand with the home section. It's just how it is! It was frustrating and I have every intention to use Shopko for my every need now. Silly Walmart. If only we had a Target!! For a brief second, I wanted to drive all the way back to Missoula and go to Target. Hmph.
Also at Walmart that probably induced some negative feelings for the place, I got a phone call from the boy saying he'd been in a car wreck. Ouch. It's funny how even when you know someone's okay, you still panic inside and get all fidgety and talk too fast and too loudly and freak out. I've hated driving and being in cars for forever and it just made me hate them more. Coming home from skiing, they hit some ice and rolled into a pond/lake type thing. Easily my greatest fear. Ugh!! Thank the Lord nothing except the car was injured. *shudder*
My dad told me if I didn't get an hour of exercise today I would be grounded. Ha. Even coming home and being 18 and having moved out, I still have regulations. The whole curfew thing seems to be ignored at the present, but not exercising and keeping my room tidy is still on the hit list. After this, I fully intend on taking advantage of the sunshine and taking my puppy for a walk! Yay! It's probably for the best.
Today I am wearing my favorite floral skirt that I over wear. I bought these heart tights to replace my polka dot opaque tights that had a run in them...and now my heart ones have a run. My mom calls it, "sleezy," when I wear tights with even the slightest hole so I try to hide them with my purses or long cardigans. It didn't work today, but I wore them anyways! I got this plain-Jane button down last year and it isn't my favorite shirt in the world, but everyone needs some white in their closet, you know? I am thinking that I need to buy more shoes and less clothes. I've worn these boots so many times because they are the cutest pair I own and if I don't stop, I'm going to weather holes in them! Niklaas did well. Hehe.
Okay. Let's set the record straight: I was the first person to start wearing white flower headbands to school. Not headbands in general, but definitely the first person to wear white floral ones. It seems that since I left the High School...people are picking up on my cues. Like black textured tights. I can assure you, too, that I wore patterned black crazy tights first. Not tights in general, but black crazy ones. And consistently, too! I didn't start yellow or white or plainly, tights. But textured. Yes. They say it's the highest form of flattery to be copied...but it still makes me confused why anyone would want to copy me. I'm not even being purposely humble or anything. I was the crazy chick who wore tights in the middle of winter and ballet flats when it was blizzarding. I guess I'm just confused because I didn't think anyone really took notice. I'm just me, no one special. People thought I was crazy for "dressing up" everyday and now it seems skirts and dresses seem to be a norm. Whatttt??? I'm pretty sure only me and my friend Leah did it every single day. And now so many people do. Weird. Weird. Weird.
Well I'm off to wrap more presents and finally decorate our Christmas tree and call about another job opportunity. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Niklaas is on his way home and I'm so excited:)


Amber Rose said...

My heart stopped for a second.. Phew. I'm glad he is alright!! Those phone calls are the absolute worst, like everything is going a million miles a minute but so slow and, well... you understand, unfortunately.

You are gorgeous, missy. I swear, your eyes are so expressive and your photos never cease to amaze me. You are gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS.

And OF COURSE those silly high schoolers copy. You are an inspiration!

Danielle said...

Walmarts are ewwyy! Target is definitely the best. And that would freak me out if my boy got in an accident too!

Hannah said...

I love that you were told to exercise. I'm pretty sure my dad made me and my siblings run around the block 5 times one summer cause he was tired of us sitting around. Lol.

I probably should go do some exercise, but I'd rather read today ;)

Lizzie said...

Most recently, both my local Super Walmart and Super Target (they are right across the street from each other!) have undergone these confusing renovations. I can totally relate when you said that they changed up where departments are and now they make absolutely no sense. It's too difficult to navigate!

I love your outfit. I almost didn't realize your were wearing a white headband -- it blended in with the snow! :)

Oh, how I wished it snowed in Florida. Oh well.

Happy Holidays!

kate maggie said...

Merry christmas gorgeous girl!! cute are you? I love this set of photos and those boots are amazing! You are so lovely :)

simplyhope said...

Oh thank goodness he is alright! My dad is always scaring me off from driving! It is so annoying. Also Target is WAY better than Walmart lol. Also I know what you mean about people who try to copy your style. It is confusing...they should stop trying to pose! But anyways you look so lovely! The skirt is Beautiful:D

courtney. said...

haha! i have been moved out for two years and my parents still try to put regulations on me when i come home, too.

"don't forget to do the dishes! don't forget to fold the clothes! be sure to be home by midnight!"

Shy, Chesterfield said...

what a cute outfit! I love all the colours with the crisp white shirt...great to see what other wear in the snow!!


Sands said...

Ohhh I love the heart tights! And this superchic black and white ensemble. Merry Christmas to you too!


Abbey said...

Ah that is scary! My boyfriend has gotten in a couple accidents and he didn't tell me until after he was home. I somewhat wish he wouldn't put off telling me but at the same time it's nice to know that he's safe and thennnn here about an accident. You look awesome as usual. I love your tights and I definitely still wear my holey ones. :)

Catherine said...

Ooh, it's good he's alright! A couple weeks ago my friend crashed his car into a creek - eeks!

You look adorable! xox

Brittany said...

I love the floral skirt, and your boots are splendid! I want to play in the snow haha

ferminadaza said...

Love the polka dot stockings!

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that Niklaas was in an accident, but thank goodness he's okay! I've been keeping indoors a lot since break started, wrapping presents and such, as well so don't feel too bad :)
Anyway, I love this outfit! I love your skirt and your little red socks :)

Jennifer Dawn said...

I hate Walmarts as well! They're always so packed and it's just unpleasant!

I'm glad your boyfriend wasn't hurt in the accident!

Have a lovely Christmas :)

Natalie said...

Psh, one can never have too many spoonfuls of sugar cookie dough! ;)

Target > Walmart. Definitely. Walmart can just get really scary, especially at night. That's when the real interesting characters come creeping out of the woodwork.

But holy crap, thank goodness everything is okay with Niklaas! I would be absolutely freaking out. D: I'm so glad that nobody was hurt or anything. That's quite scary though.

I really like your skirt. And the tights. And the shoes. As per usual. :)

Have fun wrapping presents and decorating and other wonderful Christmas related festivities! Hurrah! :D

Chelsea Lane said...

so cute! I started the linen scarf trend at my high school ;) go you! walmart drives me crazy, I can't live without my Target!


Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

Glad to hear your boy is okay! Talk about scary.

I am sooooo in love with your boots girl. They are amazing and I've been wanting a pair like it for months. Unfortunately, my bank account is not helping me out ;]


~Abby~ said...

I'm glad he's okay!!! Be careful on those roads!
Ugh, I hate when Wal-Marts put all of their stuff in stupid places, it's so confusing!!!
BAHAHA you're just decorating your tree? ;D
The outfit is adorable! I love the tights & bow. :)

Have a very Merry Christmas! ♥


Amber Blue Bird said...

such a pretty outfit and glad to hear your boy is okay.
Merry Christmas!

elanor, said...

i just love these photos and your outfit. :) i hope you're not freezing!

glad to hear niklaas is fine!
merry christmas!

xx elanor

elanor, said...

P.S i totally know what you mean about high school styles and such!

unfortunately it's all about forever21 and h&m these days. and that's what's hot and what they're selling. :/

as much as i like those 2 stores, i'm pretty sure they were the catalyst to the particular "styles" going 'round.

^ this was rather general though, i also totally know what you mean about feeling as if people are copying your own personal style. ick. (i don't really like it, even if we are supposed to be "flattered")

gosh i wrote a book!

jamie said...

you are the most adorable thing ever. and can i be more jealous of where youre at? the snow and bare trees melt my heart <3

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

the snow + you = so beautiful x hivennn.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :) I sometimes want to write more than just what I'm wearing and stuff, but I never know what to say in my blogs! I've watched a billion movies this break as well! I love how you added the red belt. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love your shoes and tights! They are so cute :)

Little Bo Peeep said...

haha i almost bought that skirt before, it looks so great on you anyways. and ahh snow!

Hannie said...

Shoes, tights, skirt, absolutely IN LOVE!
xoxo from Hannie

Winter said...

Black textured tights are the best! I love your outfit!
Your blog is great :)

projectvee said...

hi you :)
thanks for stopping by! i'm really liking your blog.
you look super cute, in the snowy background! and i'm really glad that the boy is okay :)

Anonymous said...

aw i hope your boyfriend is doing well.

these are really cute photos! and outfit!

xx Kenny

northwest is best said...

Nice outfit! I really dislike getting a run in my tights. I have to carry a spare pair in case this happens. Hope your boyfriend wasn't too shaken up.

Coralie said...

I definitely like your style :) I'm following you !


Mae said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't realize that you were Maggie from lifesize paperdoll when you commented on my blog!
I read your blog all the time! It's so adorable!