Monday, December 6

nine days.

I apologize for being a bad, bad blogger the past couple weeks. However, in 9 days, you all are in for a huge treat and the blog is going to be in for a big update. Niklaas' photography!! Remember last August? Sigh. I refer that as the golden era in which we took pictures every single day and I posted every single day and it was just delightful. I can't wait for that again!
Anyone else feeling dead and unmotivated? Or should I say...everyone? Ha. I definitely am. The ONLY thing getting me through these weeks is the fact that I get to be home for five whole weeks. School free. Stress free. I'm excited for Christmas, but really, I am going to just be so happy to be home this year. It's a funny thing anymore with Holidays. I have never once in my life been excited about Thanksgiving but after almost not making it home for the holiday and then being there with my dad and my best friend and her family, I was just so at peace. It put the biggest smile on my face just to be able to be in the same room as everyone I love! It's cheesy, I know. But you really learn to appreciate such little things.

I had the best weekend of college this weekend- and I've had some good ones! At the greatest place on earth (Target) I found a onsie on Friday night. I bought it. 12 bucks. Wanting to make sure it fit, I tried it on in the car over my clothes. And voila. Most comfortable item of clothing ever. Deeply and newly in love, I couldn't take it off! So what did I do? I wore my new onsie WITH attached feet into the school cafeteria. And boy, was it a social experiment to remember. Literally, every single person stared at me. I was so impressed with my ability to keep a straight face! Friday nights are usually the nights when everyone is dressed nicely and ready to go out after dinner so wearing a onsie wasn't exactly normal. As in, the first time it's happened. I even walked by this huge football player and caused him to choke up his milk in laughter. It was amazing.
My onsie in TARGET! Next to Taylor.
Last night, we bought a million strings of lights and for four hours, we took it upon ourselves to decorate our entire dorm hall and our individual rooms! We played Christmas music and danced around and made snowflakes. It was a blast! I really really love all the friends I've made. I'm completely infatuated with Missoula. I'm the happiest I've ever been here!
We took these pictures during our weekend together in November on the way to Spokane. I absolutely love this dress! I got it from Charolette Russe and it's so pretty. I love the white lace on the top and the flowers! I think next time I style this I'll take out the belt or switch sweaters because for me, this is a pretty "loud" outfit. I love pattern mixing...but not usually in such a bright way. This cardigan is one of my pre-blog items that has stayed in my closet- it's amazing what pieces from my pre-blog days are still in there! It's just simple and cozy and my grandma picked it out, so really I couldn't throw it out. It's striped and red and so cozy!
dress-Charolette Russe sweater-American Eagle belt- Old Navy Tights-Old Navy Boots-Charolette Russe
Well. I'm laying in bed...still. Sleepovers are a dangerous thing. We have dear old Maggie in here currently and she's lived with us for the past three days. I definitely missed out on the sleepover thing in high school. They're amazing. I'll update WEDNESDAY:)



vintagewithatwist said...

Love this! absolutely gorgeous! love the mix of print and stripes!

Susanne said...

nice photos!

Shallow Mallow said...

You look amazing. Love the BIG flower print together with the striped cardi and big belt.

Now I am trying to imagine your cafeteria onesie :D So, anyone join in the trend yet ;)

Abbey said...

Lovely dress! :) Good luck on your finals, and have fun going home!!!

Miranda said...

Loving your outfit and the mix of patterns.

Sign up for my giveaway!

Amber Blue Bird said...

rockin onesie :)

Anonymous said...

great outfit but you need to rock that onesie in an outfit post soon. dress it up!
love your blog,
ps. that walmart looks an awful lot like a target.

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

I love this outfit! Such a cute dress! And I also love that onesie, haha! I actually bought one from target last Christmas too! :)

Kenziefaith said...

Maggie! What a cute outfit. You mix patterns so well! Also, your onesie has to be the coolest thing.. ever. Haha!

KF x

simplyhope said...

hahhaha cute onsie! Target is Awesome:D I am so with you on the holidays...even though I am not in college right now I still get EXCITED for school breaks! Niklaas is an awesome photographer too:D

simplyhope said...

Wait! About your outfit!
I LOVE red on you! Seriously your color and that floral dress is PERFECT!

gee said...

i love that onsie!!
i asked the husband for one for xmas.
i love them..they are so cozy. :)
love the looks beautiful on you.
have a great week love.

natalie said...

I love the mix of the stripes with the print of the dress! It's something you wouldn't really think would go together but actually goes together really well. :)

Five weeks off of school! Gahhh, I so wish I had that to look forward to! It sounds like your dorm hall and everything is totally ready for the holidays with the decorations and all. I bet it looks mighty perdy!

Wait. Oh my gosh. FOOTIE PAJAMAS! At least that's what I call them... but HOLY CRAP. I LOVE THEM. And you for wearing them out in public. My hero? Hahaha. I've actually been looking for those to get my friend for Christmas, so I am definitely making a trip to Target asap. I'm really excited now... :D

Sands said...

LOL! That onesie is priceless! Hahaha. You make me laugh! And talk about unmotivation... I think we're all there right now. But merely 10 more days and it'll be over! Over, I tell ya! Good luck with your exams Maggie!


Charlotte said...

your onesie is amazing!! all my housemates had them last year except me and i was jealous!!
i absolutely love this outfit. i love the combination of stripes and florals- it really works.
I now really, really want a stripey cardigan!!
great look, great blog :]]


Amber Rose said...

You are so cute! I'm in love with your onesies! I've been looking for a pair, hehe. :) Curse my short stature.

Sort-of-related question about your dress. I have the exact same one and was wondering if the sleeves hurt your arms? Maybe it's just my pudgesicles, but the band seemed oddly constrictive to me!

You look lovely. Can't wait for break myself-- so close! :D

Lena said...

I love your floral outfit sweetie! I'm looking forward to going home for holidays too!

Have fun, Lena!

Amanda, The Upside of Wonder said...

Love the photos! I loveeee the prints you mixed. Your dress is amazing. And I'm totally loving the onesie photo, it cracked me up!

Hannah said...

I'm a little jealous of your 5 weeks at home. I only get two cause of work. Maybe less cause I'm interviewing at a new place soon. Ahh!

But congratulations on (almost) finishing your first semester!

Oh and I love your tights. The color is soothing. Lol :)

Bea said...

So many things to say:

1. I have always wanted a onesie. Damn, where here do they make adult sizes? I want that comfiness!

2. Your grandma has excellent taste. This is one of the best and most unique examples of pattern mixing. I love it.

3. Your outfit does not look super loud because the tights and boot tone it down a bit. Great styling :)

Bea from A plus B

Anonymous said...

red looks amazing on you! your outfit is really pretty and so are you!

xx Kenny

libys11 said...

oh gosh.. it's been awhile since i visited your blog! i miss your posts!! and i would totally agree.. it's been so stressful these past few days especially that the holidays are coming up. i just cant wait to get some time off and spend time with family too! :D

looking lovely in that dress and cardigan!! :D

Mel said...

Oh my God that onesie is amazing! The fact that you ran around Target and the cafeteria in it is even awesomer (if that were a word)!! Haha you're totally rocking it! Cute outfit, love the Christmas color theme :) Yay can't wait for Christmas vacation too!

kb said...

I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! I love your style and that you share your college experience. Your campus is gorgeous!

I hope you'll check out my blog and follow :)

Sidewalk Chic said...

I'm in love with your striped sweater and floral dress combination. These photos are so dreamy.

Your onesie is so cute, it would have been fun walking around in that. I bet it was so liberating to wear what you wanted!

Ester Jean said...

WHAT!? You are AMAZING at working with colors (and hello rad airing of print & stripes, brave girl) - you made it all look effortless and fabulous! Next I am going to see if you are selling any of your clothes :) And I'll be back!

P.S. Your onesie made my day!!

April, Everyday Forgotten said...

Ahh I cannot believe you have this dress! I've been swooning over it on ModCloth for months now but it's all sold out haha! I love the way you styled it! Looks great!

sara said...

Lovely flowered dress! And beautiful mix with the strips :)
You look great!!

sparkle is a color (Katrina) said...

I love this outfit! I like the sweaters with the florals. I never think to mix patterns. And those boots are awesome!!

And the footsie pajama thing? Amazing.

xx, Katrina

Darling L said...

Loving loving loving that floral dress! :)

TrophyBoutique said...

Mixing florals and stripes together in never a bad thing! Nice to meet you!

Maria Chloe said...

cute dress and love your boots!

Anonymous said...

hey girl! omg I haven't been blogging either and I missed your blog! I read this whole update and I'm glad you're having a blast!

college sure sounds fun!(:

I can't wait for the Niklaas photography!

Alex said...

Maggie! :) so long no see :P as in I haven't seen you around my blog :P hahahahaha just kidding, I know you must be super busy as I am...

I am loving this outfit! The belt = genius.

And let me say that your onsie is the biggest idea ever! and don't worry what they say when they look at you! At least they are talking about you! :P Hell yeah :P

you look wonderful :) such beautiful pictures

sherryl said...

oh my goshh!!
i love the florals with the stripes.
so so so good. i just love that combination but i never seem to be able to pull it off. you do it so well. you look absolutely lovely.

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Love it!
The dress is really pretty, specially the neck detail!

Your jps are the cutest ever! You are so lovely =)

Becca said...


you didn't.

oh mags!

ha ha ha ha ha ha

I wish I could have been there for your onesie performance.

Bryce said...

Your onsie is funny because last year I got one for Christmas, and I decided to wear it all day. In stores, out to eat, everything. I got a lot of looks, but only one guy who asked "is that a onsie?" I said yes. He said "oh"