Thursday, December 9

five days.

We're trying something new tonight (today) and it's called (*drumroll*) blogging at 1AM-when-you're-waiting-for-your-lab-partner-to-finish-his-half-of-the-lab-so-you-can-put-it-onto-a-giant-poster-to-be-presented-the-next-morning. Let's be honest. I've never, literally, never stayed up later than midnight on a school night finishing schoolwork and in college it seems to be a frequent occurrence. I'm blaming the time change and the fact that three and a half months in, my brain still isn't adjusted to the one hour change. I still want to go to bed at midnight home-time which is 1AM here-time and wake up at 7:30 home-time which is 8:30 home-time. That extra hour is so minuscule but yet it seems to be lost over my head and hasn't wormed its way into my biological clock yet, as my dad likes to say.
Anyways, as I write this, my two pals who aren't actually my lab partners but chemistry "family-members" as we like to say (okay, that I like to say) are bickering over markers and tape and making their board as pretty as possible. I've heard, "Get the f*** off facebook," at least seven times. Oh, make that eight. Oh, college, how I love you so. After tomorrow, I think I may start to see the light at the end of the long tunnel of a single college semester. My chemistry project is due tomorrow morning at 8AM and due to the presentation aspect of the lab tomorrow, we have to look presentable. Unbelievable, right? So I have to shower. And look decent. And not wear my sweats like normal. Also a new thing in college, wearing sweats to 8AM classes. Seriously, it would take some serious dedication to dress the way I did in high school every single day in college. I miss it!
So guess what?? I know some of you won't think this is a big's just a job. A sales-associate job. But to me, this is HUGE! I applied to a billion (okay, four) jobs online at home about a month and a half ago so that over the six week break that I'm home I won't be sucked into my 32 inch television for hours on end. WELL, Macy's contacted me about two weeks after I applied and said they wanted me. But that they wanted me for longer than the 6 weeks I was home, and obviously I couldn't do that if I were in Missoula. So, I sulked for a while and hoped for Starbucks or Old Navy or Bath and Body works. BUT! Last week, Macy's emailed me again and asked for an interview! EEEEP. I'm so excited. Macy's and Starbucks were my top choices and I've never had a real "job". I've babysat, refereed soccer, and worked in a chocolate store earning under the table wages packaging cute little chocolates but never had a set job with set hours and a set pay. Wish me luck on my interview! I really can't imagine anything better than helping people buy clothes and pick out outfits for people and work in the new clothes aroma all day long.
So this photoshoot was a major experiment. They made me super excited for Niklaas' and my photoshoots all winter long! My friends and I went outside and took pictures in the snow. I didn't wear a jacket thinking it couldn't be that cold but literally, my fingers froze to bits. When we got inside, I checked the temperature online and it was four degrees. Ooops. The girl with the maroon jacket is my dear friend Maggie! Remember her? She was the one in my very first blog posts about college that I wanted to become friends with because I liked her clothes and dreamed of coming to college and finding someone to swap clothes with. Well, as it turns out, we are best friends now!
My dream finally came true (ha!) and Maggie and I swapped sweaters last weekend. She loves Urban like I do and when I saw her wear this sweater I was like...eeep! It's really loose and "wispy" as I described it and the stripes are so cute. She borrowed my cheetah print cardigan and I took this! This dress is going to appear often, I'm sad to say. But it's my favorite right now. I just love the grandma print and I love that it's short! Short things are my favorite. Like, okay, I have short legs and probably not the thin long legs to pull it off, but wearing long skirts and long dresses makes me look so short! I love how the patterns mixed in this outfit. It might be my favorite outfit I've blogged in months! Because of the pattern mixing, I wanted to keep the tights basic. I was going to wear textured ones, but I loved the pattern of the sweater and dress so much I didn't want to distract from it! So I didn't.
Niklaas' shoes are again showcased. Again. You're going to be seeing them a lot, I assure you. I also have on a headband, something I haven't been wearing much at all in college, and it felt good to have her back! I love headbands. I was one of the first people in High School to wear one to school and was so scared! And it's true. I got a ton of stares but remarkably, I also got compliments! Apparently everyone is wearing them in the High School now. As well as patterned tights (another one of those things I tried out and was scared to wear but turned into complimentees). And...pattern mixing. It's just weird. That everyone wears these kinds of things now. Why would anyone think I was cool?!
dress: thrifted tights: Old Navy boots: thrifted sweater: borrowed belt: momma's headband: f21
Well. My 1AM blog post is turning into a long ramble. Oooops. I just drank a 3 shot coffee so maybe I can stay up long enough to finish this poster. 5 days until I leave for home and my parents get to come meet all my best friends! I'm so excited, guys. So excited.
 Maggie and I :) The two Maggie's!


genevieve, sandbox romance said...

This is adorable. Good luck with finals! Stay warm (no more photo shoots sans jacket when it's four degrees, teehee)!

Shy, Chesterfield said...

What cute photos! I love your monochromatic outfit!


Izzi said...

adorable outfit! swapping clothes is the best, i love clothes swapping parties. it looks so festive!

Miranda said...

I love the mix of floral and stripe and all of your photos!

College does get easier, maybe not easier but at least you learn how to manage it better I guess. Good luck!

I'm having a giveaway:

Alex said...

Oh, Maggie how I adore your posts :)

I am so happy to hear you are going home soon! Being home is so perfect and stress-free! anyway, college IS crazy? Isn't it? I never sleep... and I always have something to do! Like... WHYYYY D:?

But you look great so I am assuming you did great :) take care

love you,

Abbey said...

Lovely photos! And by now you're probably all done with your presentation so yayyy! :) Congratulations on your job! That is super exciting! I probably should have looked for a job a while ago, now no one will be hiring hah. Hope you have a good last five days!

Amber Blue Bird said...

1am is wicked late but you do what you have to right :) congrats on the job

Lena said...

Heeey! These snowy photos are sooo cute! Congrats on the job doll!!

Kisses, Lena!

Annebeth said...

adorable and such a funny recap of your day and the troubles that come with school assignments :) I'm with ya, sister! love the outfit too, the black and white works very well with the different prints and your smile of course :)

simplyhope said...

Oh I love the black and white outfit! So Chic:D Mann... I want it to snow here in Texas! Also "NICE!" on scoring the job!!!!

L said...

Love the pictures! The black and white theme is so perfect for the winter season. You look like you're having the time of your life.


Charlotte said...

I hope all your work went well- and good luck with the interview!!
I actually bought a striped cardigan after falling in love with your last post!! But I think I love this even more!!
I love the mix of black and white in different patterns :]]
Looks great in the snow :]]

Charlotte xxx

elanor, said...

this photos are amazing! the snow looks glorious! :)
jeez, i stay up past 12 on school nights many times to finish projects and i'm in highschool. uh!!

good luck with the interview!

xx elanor

natalie said...

Oh man, when your internal clock gets messed up that's never a very good sign! If only it was possible that there could just be an extra couple of hours of sleep possible in the night...

Congrats on the interview for Macy's! Getting your first ever job there would definitely be awesome. :D Good luck! And good luck with the rest of finals and all too, of course!

Oh, and you and the other Maggie are too cute, haha. :) I love all the mixes of prints and colors and such!

Sands said...

Only you can mix prints with such grace! You look adorable! Good luck on your finals, I'm sure you'll ace them :)


Chelsea Lane said...

awh love your print mixing! congrats about macy's :) getting your first real job is soo fun!


Fourth Daughter said...

Congrats on the job... I'll have to start looking seriously too now, I've been unemployed for a month but the fashion show that is on this weekend has been taking up all my time... pity it's only a volunteer gig!! Make sure you visit again to see some catwalk action!

Michal said...

Congrats on the new job!! I love this outfit. The mixing of prints is perfection. ^_^

SMASH said...

congrats on the job!! also, you have mixed these prints expertly--I love the stripes and floral and how black is the unifying color :)


Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Cute pics!
You are so brave for wearing just tights in that cold weather. i'd die..
Congrats on the job! yay!

Mrs. Kolca said...

Wow. This is like the black and white version of your outfit in your previous post. Hihi.

Hannah said...

This mix of patterns is superb! They look like they were made for each other, I love it so much.

I'm like you with the never-had-a-real-job thing and I recently tried out for a job that wasn't at all what I had hope for (even though I thought it was perfect) so I really really hope that this interview with Macy's work out for you! Good luck. :)

ALYSSA said...

aw you all look so adorable!!

and the snow is just gorgeous!! makes me jealous that i don't get to experience snow at all!! even though it is about a 2 hour-ish drive away.

Flashes of Style said...

SUCH a cute outfit dear! <33

Heather - Inner cupcake said...

Good luck with your interview and finishing up the term in school! Your mix of patterns is fabulous, and hey-being memorable is good thing. My best friend still remembers what I was wearing when we met on the first day of college. Headbands, crazy patterned tights, and pattern mixing? We should totally be friends- I love those things!

Fivetwocharm said...

aw you look like you were having so much fun! these are really cute pictures. i love what you're wearing. black and white :)

congrats on the job interview! i want a job but i don't know where to start applying haha

xx Kenny

Catherine said...

Congrats on landing an interview! I desperately need a job :(

You look wonderful, albeit freezing... I love the mix of stripes and florals. So good.


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

You. are. adorable. I LOVE this print mixing so much!

Brittany said...

Aww you are so precious! Let's be friends :) and ya I would love to raid your closet I love your cute outfits!

Ariadne said...

So Sweet!

Amber Blue Bird said...

so it appears we both love miss laura marling and mr josh ritter, we could musical best friends :)

Shallow Mallow said...

Hope you've reached the light by now ;)

Love the pattern mixing you got going. Looking great :) and great stuff about working with your friends. Those jobs are the greatest :)

Have I said this all before? I've got crazy comment deja vu because I read your post yesterday so if I am repeating myself here please laugh at me loudly.

Have a great weekend!

April, Everyday Forgotten said...

I love the mix of prints! And the colour of the tights goes perfectly!

I'm guessing Missoula isnt in the UK haha! My scarf is from a shop over here called Dorothy Perkins, but most shops sell similar anyway :)

Good luck with the job!

Bree said...

such a cute photoshoot! ahhh! I love snow!(:

omg I'm the queen of procrastinating. seriously!
it's so bad, but I've learned to accept myself lol.

u look cute as always!

reply: haha yes they did play Taylor!(:
u said headband? I guess u meant the homecoming dress I wore, right? lol

Winnie said...

You and your friend look like you had fun in the snow! Love your monochrome outfit, it's fun, I love those two bold prints together!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

adorable x hivennn.

Jen said...

congrats on scoring an interview! dress to impress and good luck with it! i'm usually pretty horrible with interviews since i get incredibly awkward.

you look adorable in this outfit though and i'm jealous of all the snow! why won't the snow stick in new jersey??

yay for the end of first semester! winter break...come sooner!