Tuesday, November 30

I'm alive!

I know you probably all think I'm dead (or maybe, if you are like any normal person, you have an insanely busy schedule as well and haven't noticed my absence, yet), but I am here! And I've been reading your blogs regardless of whether I leave a comment! It's Hell week which essentially just means chemistry exam week so all my hours are spent doing chemistry problem flash cards. Fun, right? Almost as fun as getting trapped indoors for three days due to the snow and your flight being cancelled home. Almost as fun as making your dad come get you in a blizzard and drive you home. Almost as fun as getting told your final paper for Media Arts was due a week earlier than the syllabus said. Um, hello? There's a reason you write a syllabus: so you know when things are due. Not so you plan the weekend you write said paper around when other classes say their long term papers, tests, and midterms are for it to be due a week previous. It was a giant FML :). But, oh well, what can you do but do it?

Here's what I've been up to the past two weeks! I don't have an outfit for you, or at least, I don't have the pictures edited and ready for you, so I figured I'd do a life post which I know won't rake in as many comments or page views, but I know there are some of you who will genuinely appreciate life pictures. At least, I hope! Hehe.
After tenth grade, my dad vetoed sleepovers. With the exception of my neighbor who I call my nister because she really isn't just a friend, she's family. And even those were scarce and saved for long breaks and Christmas sleepovers. My high school career was definitely deprived! Haha. Coming to college, I literally dreamed of making close enough friends that I could have slumber parties with and genuinely giggle and laugh at everything the way you can only do at 2am. Well? SUCCESS! I officially have three best friends in college. And we had a five day long sleepover in which we pulled their mattresses off their beds and down the hallway to our rooms after cleaning them for hours so their beds would have room. And with the addition of my new television, we laid the mattress in front of them and the four of us squeezed together in one bed and watched movies. That's it. Movies and laughing and food. And due to the snow, we skipped two days of classes and laid in bed all day. I definitely missed out in high school.
The four of us best friends! My three best friends! Jenny (roommate), Maggie (twin), Katie (soulmate)
 The fab four + Kaleb and our neighbors Amanda and Erica.
 The new giant television! 34 inches of bliss!
Moving the beds
 Sleepover setup!
So, I hope you thought of me when Taylor's new album came out. And when seeing the thousands of press articles and tv ads and ect you saw of Taylor. I found her in starbucks and target! I went to the midnight release at target! This is me and my friend MAGGIE. We are so much alike. I'll be frankly honest, I thought she was really super nice the first time we met and the first time we all hung out, but she was so much like me I was almost annoyed with it, you know? Like who wants to be friends with yourself? But, I've gotten used to it, and I adore her now. We both loveee Urban and have the same camera and have little sisters and have the same sweaters and love Taylor and that's just some of it!
Maggie, Maggie. Taylor, Taylor. Same sweater, same sweater!
We got our first snow about three weeks ago. We were freaking out about the first snow...but as it turns out, there was a ton to follow (thus, being snowed in!) Nonetheless, it's worth showing our "excitement" pictures from the first snowfall.
 and it turned into a barren tundra of 40mph winds and blizzard conditions. And -25 degree weather.
experiencing -25 degrees for the first time. Don't be fooled. I am not warm in the slightest. I needed about five thousand more layers.
 outside my window!
 My boy-story-exchanger and life-talk buddy Katie!
 My roommate and I! We are best friendssss! I couldn't have been more lucky. We are roommate soulmates. It's perfect!
 While snowed in...I didn't shower...for two days!
 My Taylor shirt!
I got my haircut...again!
 Front of the chictopia page! EEEEEP!
Some of you have asked about my photography/photoshop class. It's a combination of photoshop and photography which has been amazing! My latest project was to combine the lesson about fashion photography (EEP) and the lesson about magazine covers. I really wish I could have spent more than the hour that I did doing it, but I didn't have time. It still was fun though!
 So I blogged about our "6 month" but I never showed you guys what Niklaas sent me! He sent 10 index cards of cute things and this was one of them. It's the one I hung up. It made me smile! Our "7 month" is tomorrow though, so this is pretty old news. Still exciting, I think though!

Well I'll be back SOON! I promise!
Wish me luck in chemistry! EEEP


elanor, said...

i wish you the best of luck with chemistry! and i totally know what you mean about being swamped right now. it's horrible!

your photos are awesome! if this is college, it looks like so much fun! way better than high school, but i've already said that probably...haha...

have a lovely week!
xx elanor

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

this is just the cutest post ever! you make me miss living in the dorms so much! we did the same thing one weekend, and it was so great! good luck on all of your finals, girlie!!

Hannah said...

I'm glad someone liked living in the dorms. Cause I sure didn't. Lol.

I just don't like living with people. Always hated sleepovers (except w/ my like 2 best friends EVER) and I always hated camps. Because you can't shut the door and be alone. Ugh.

But I am SO glad you like it.

-25 DEGREES????!!! People would die in Texas. Seriously. It was 25 this morning and everyone was talking about it (although the drop from 75 the day before was a bit drastic)

Glad to see you're having fun!

Abbey said...

Ahh I love life posts (and pictures!) That's awesome that you've met girls you get along with at school- verrry important! :) Good luck on chemistry- you're almost done!!!

Bea said...

I love your life posts, Maggie :) It's so great to see your casual pictures. It seems you really lucked out with your roommate- you girls look like so much fun. And your campus is gorgeous. Snow!

Keep enjoying College!

Bea from A plus B

Alex said...

I love all your posts Maggie but these life ones are so enjoyable to read, especially when you compare them to how worried you were at the start of uni about making friends, etc. Looks like you've found a lovely bunch of girls :)

~Abby~ said...

Ah I love your life pictures! They're so fun! :)
I'm glad you've made some good friends in college, I'm sure some of them will be lifelong friends.
LMAO I love the picture of the car that says "Fuck Yeah."

Happy 7 months! :)


natalie said...

Good luck surviving hell week, haha.... :P It sounds pretty terrible, but just think how accomplished you'll feel once it's over with!

Awww, why were sleepovers vetoed in high school?! That's no fun! But, I would say having such amazing best friends that you're so close with now to have tons of amazing sleepovers nowadays definitely makes up for that. :) You guys look like you have a blast together, and I love the pictures! Plus how can you not when you have such delicious-looking milkshakes to fill you up? Hehe!

Also, congrats on the seven month anniversary. That's pretty darn great indeed. :)

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Aw, Maggie! This was just the cutest post ever. It's so fantastic that you've found so many amazing friends at college; looks like you've got a really great group! All your pictures were beyond adorable, and it looks like you've been having crazy fun (despite--or because of?--being snowed in).

I know this isn't an outfit post, but I just love the picture of you and your friend above the "fuck yea" shot. Your top and boots are too sweet!

And I know I'm probably super late on this because I'm super behind on blogs (oh, yay, finals), but I'm obsessed with your new layout and banner. It's PERFECT. Anyway. I'll quit rambling. Good luck with chem!

Sian said...

You look like you're having so much fun with your friends in these shots!! You're lucky you got such a good room mate because in my first year at uni I was in a flat with just 2 other girls who hated me and made me do all their cleaning =( But I have experience of good living in dorms because I was at boarding school before which was so much fun =DDD
Have a look at my blog?

Becca said...

so much fun!
college looks like a total blast [maybe its good that you bring me back down to earth with a story like you have about your paper...eesh!]

I'm glad you're having such a good time, Mags :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

well it looks like you have been a busy bee, good luck with your exams!

simplyhope said...

Awwww I love this post so much! The pictures are GREAT! Mannn college looks so fun:D I can't wait! I hope you and Niklaas have an awesome 7 month!

Matt said...

This post is too much fun! Looks like you're having an awesome time in college! Definitely keep living it up! And those are great pictures too! Thanks for sharing! :)

Hannah said...

AH! Looks like college has been quite an adventure. I just got the T-Swift cd from the library today and my ears are anticipating it. I'm pretty excited! :)

That card is so clever, I love word play. haha

erin :) said...

oh all of this is just so fun! :] i love your love for tswift. it's contagious. haha. and those gold heart sunglasses look really good on you. :] and you say life posts dont rake in comments, but your's really does! the above comments are actually sincere/real comments (or so they seem so anyway). how do you do it?? :P

take care my friend!
erin :)

Ebony said...

Look at you! Man, I wanna go to university just so I can make life long friends like this :) Loved this big re-cap. I'm super busy at the mo but had to drop by to ask your postal address.. I have something for you!

email me? ebby_brooke@hotmail.com

✿ren said...

I love life posts! I like reading more about the people whose blogs I follow. :D

Your college days look incredibly fun, and all those snow. Oh my gosh! I hope you did well in your exam (assuming that since I'm more or less one week late in commenting, it's over already?) :D

Bri said...

Looks like you're really liven' it up over there! Good for you! Sounds like lots of fun :)

& p.s. I love these pictures...so full of life!

becky said...

lol. that postcard made me laugh right out loud.

you go to university of montana? that's kind of cool, i kind of lived in that area! just on the canada side of things. lol.