Saturday, November 13

cataldo mission

Warning: this is going to be one heck of a picture and "Maggie's Life Beyond Clothes" kind of post. Niklaas and I adventured last weekend I finally have all my pictures gathered from last weekend! But more importantly, I finally have the time to edit&post them! I never realized how long and how much time blogging truly takes...but it requires getting dressed in the morning with inspiration to make an outfit you're proud of, setting aside time to go take pictures, downloading them to your computer, choosing the good ones, editing the good ones, writing a post, uploading the pictures to blogger, and situating them just so. It's crazy! But worth it:)
So, last Friday, after staying up for the first time in my life doing homework past 2am (3:30!) and waking up four hours later to take my Biology Lab Practical Exam, Niklaas picked me up in the morning IN Missoula! Can you believe that?!?!? I still can't. He drove all the way from home to get me which is a 4-4.5 hour drive. We walked around campus a bit and I took him to the cafeteria for lunch courtesy of my meal plan (hehe) and giggled at my friends as they met the boy they've heard mentioned a few times ;). It was so nice for him to get to see my new life for a change! We only had an hour and a half in Missoula before we had to turn around and drive to Spokane for the Josh Ritter concert. Along the way...we stopped at Cataldo Mission :)

I've been absolutely dreaming of going to Cataldo Mission since I saw a picture of it in my fourth grade Idaho History textbook. To be perfectly honest, going there and taking pictures with Niklaas and walking around made me totally feel like Teika! Seriously, if we happened to be married and five years older, I'm convinced Niklaas and I would be exactly like them. Haha! We've been adventuring since last year and when we became a couple, it just became all the more fun. Cataldo Mission was beautiful and while everyone I know has always told me it "wasn't exciting" or even "stupid", I loved it! I think there is something so amazing about being able to see history right before your eyes- Cataldo is the oldest standing building in Idaho. I can't imagine going to Europe and visiting old castles and structures. I'm drooling at my computer just thinking about it. I'm a history buff.
The two-three hours alone we got driving was so lovely. Just us and the road and Taylor :). Hehee. We got to Spokane and after a good solid hour of trying to maneuver through traffic (thank the Lord I wasn't driving), went to dinner with Niklaas' family. The concert was directly afterwards and I was reunited with my family! Eeee! The best part about the concert besides the fact that it was Josh Ritter was the fact that a lot of my friends from High School who go to the local university went and we were all in the front row. I am pretty sure I am the most susceptible star-struck girl ever. I squealed constantly. If you haven't heard of Josh Ritter...go listen now!!! He's so insanely talented and Rainn Wilson is one of his biggest fans. He's from my hometown and graduated about ten-fifteen years before me and comes home every now and then. It's so, so amazing.
We love Josh.
I got these argyle tights from Target last month and I loveee them. I'm not really an argyle person...but I am a pattern person, and these are wonderful. I love these denim dress so much. I'm a short dress person. On short people, long dresses look awful, and I love showing off my tights! You heard about these boots in my last post but I love wearing them with dresses too :). OH! I got this cardigan for my birthday. It's the first thing from Urban Outfitters I've ever bought for full price- it was a complete $48. Eeeep! I honestly hate spending over $25 for anything...but this cardigan is so so soft and I've worn it constantly. I love my beanie hat so much! I've been really working on buying specific items and buying burnt orange fall colored items was on the list- and this was too perfect! And lastly, I got this AMAZING necklace from the lovely Alex! I wear this necklace almost everyday and I'm realizing that I really, really need to buy more jewelry. I spend all my money on clothes and rarely buy jewelry but this necklace is the cutest thing ever! I need more!
 dress-forever21 cardigan- Urban Outfitters Tights- target necklace- ALEX! Hat-forever21 boots-charolette russe
I'm lying on my butterfly chair curled up in Niklaas' sweatshirt blogging!! I was looking forward to this allll week and when I got the package slip in the mail yesterday I squealed. It's my early Christmas present and contribution to the dormroom. Jenny brought a fridge and microwave...and I brought nothing. So now I have a tv and our room is complete!
Well, I think I've said enough! Tomorrow I'll be picking a winner from my giveaway, so if you still want to enter, go for it! I'm ordering my CSN store slippers as we speak hehe :)
Also, it just started snowing. Thank goodness it's a new day.



Emily said...

I live 3 hours from that mission... Small world.

simplyhope said...

Maggie you are so Beautiful!! I love the color of your beanie:D Such a cute outfit as usual! Also I am so with you on not liking to spend over 25 dollars on an item! Bargain shopping is what I do best!

Alex said...

omg :) you are wearing the beanie and necklace i sent you :) I was about to die! This post is really adorable

god... I am so behind on your posts because i don't like commenting them on my ipod and my computer crashed yesterday and ugh I don't know! But I have read the all and I must say you're having some awesome outfits lately :)

Ali said...

Oh my gosh, you are just so adorable! I love your beret andandand your cardigan andandand your tights anddddddddd your boots and you look awesome. :D

natalie said...

Holy crap, up til 3:30 am?! That is rough, man! But that's wonderful that you got to have such a grand day spent with Niklaas. :) It looks so lovely and picturesque there! And then the concert must have been a blast too.

I am quite a fan of those tights, and the boots! And the cardigan, too, even if it was a bit pricey! I'm a thrifty kind of person too, but when you find something like that which you'll always wear a ton then it's definitely worth it. The beanie and necklace are both so cute too!

I hope the rest of your weekend has been going well. :D

Abbey said...

Okay, weird. I was talking to my friend today and I was literally talking about how I hate buying things over 25 bucks! I splurged on a dress at Urban for 48 and I had to really convince myself it was worth it! Anyways, i love the cardigan! It's really versatile- so it's a good item to splurge on! Cute cute outfit! Sounds like you had a blast last weekend with your boy! I want to go on an adventure hah I might have to tell my boyfriend to stop being so busy! (;

Amber Rose said...

You are just... an inspiration! You are Kim Possible (yep, that's who you are)!

I'm happy that you're having such fun, especially with Mr. Niklaas, love! :)

You look stunning-- that second photo of you might just be my all-time favorite. Then again, I say that every week.

Chelsea Lane said...

I llooovvee your style! y'all are so.adorable.

xoxo following!

elanor, said...

maggie - i gotta say, these may be the loveliest photos yet! not to mention you look absolutely darling.

the second photo of you is so beautiful, girl. :)

xx elanor

hilima said...

i love the necklace!! <3

Shallow Mallow said...

That beanie is gorgeous! Such a cool pattern and the colour looks great :)

Brilliant outfit and it sounds like one exciting day too :D

Bealerr said...

2nd picture down you look so beatiful, lucky fella :) I loved that i got your blog reference, i do love Teika.

thanks for the lovely comment x

Alex said...

Have you had your hair cut? It's looking gorgeous in these pics and the colour of the beanie suits you so much! Am totally in love with that cardi as well.

The Mission looks really interesting. Come to England! I'll use my staff card and take you to hundreds of fascinating buildings :)

Liz said...

Such a cute outfit, it looks like you two had fun, what a cute couple :)
I love you're beanie, I need more!

Shy, Chesterfield said...

That dress is darling! you are too cute!


Nat Elizabeth said...

But an overload of photos is always a plus :)

Lovely hat especially, and the colour of those grassy photos is beaut!
And beaut smile as always

P.S I have a new post, too :)

Amber Blue Bird said...

fun post! Your pics came out great as did your outfit. Oh and i love Josh Ritter. His song To the dogs or whoever is one of my faves

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Great pics! Like your blog, hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

Lizzie said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, The Dreams That Make Us Real! I immediately came to yours and it's absolutely splendid. I am already a follower. :)

Your tights and beret = <3 Fantastic photos!

Matt said...

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time!! Such a fun post, and its always cool to see real live history! And that dress is super cute! Great outfit and great pictures! :)

SMASH said...

I love old missions and general old historic places too! Even if I do get creeped out sometimes....

Also, your necklace is the best.


Louise said...

Adorable!! You are awesome. I love that beanie most of all.

dreamy princess said...

Seems like you had so much fun with your friends!!;DD
Love your picssss....!

I love your outfit. I like the knit hat..><

Well, it's a bad thing I can't watch Ellen here. We just watch Oprah. hahaha.. But I know that Ellen's show is HUGE. ((:

Dreamy Princess
~I wonder what it's like to live in Paris~

jamie-lee said...

I really love all these photos - you look so happy and beautiful!

~Abby~ said...

I am SO in love with your outfit! That dress is so cute!
You look so pretty. :)
I would love to go there...I love history as well.
I'm glad you had a great weekend with Niklaas and at the concert! Have a good week! :)


✿ren said...

Yay I LOVE these photos, and your hair looks super duper amazing~!!!

Stevia said...

what a hectic wonderful day you had!!

you and Niklaas look so cute together <3 <3 <3

loving the belt and the cardigan!


Becca said...

Aw, so fun and happy!

Hannah said...

First of all, you look so pretty in these pictures! I looove the colors of your outfit and I especially love the beanie.

I didn't even know anything about the Mission until you mentioned it! It's kind of neat to read the register and see where everyone is from. I also feel kind of creepy reading it. :/

It looks like you had an awesome day! I'm not just saying that because everyone else did either. haha

Charlotte said...

you are SO adorable!!
i love your hat and your cardigan :]]]

Charlotte xxx

Louder Than Silence said...

Such gorgeous pictures!

Sally x

Ebony said...

That first picture of you and Nik is perfection. Ah I love the love you guys have for eachother, in case I don't tell you that enough :DDD Miss you Mags.

Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, it looks like you guys have been having lots of fun! The concerts sounds great, too, Josh Ritter is fantastic.

aliboo! said...

I just started following your blog through Tieka's guy behind the camera and you're adorable! I was sifting through past posts and I knew I had to comment and say hello on this one because I live in Spokane! What a small world :)