Wednesday, November 17

can't stop missing you

Last night while enlightening my roommate in the culture of classic teen-romance flicks, I happened to look outside and see an orange sky. Now in my experience, when it's overcast and the sky is orange, it only means one thing. I leapt from my chair in joy and ran to my window to see the only thing in the world that could have lightened the load of the past two weeks. Snow.
It's like Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. Snow is magical to me. It's like the spring of winter; it's fresh and new and gorgeous. I've been a snow-girl since I was a baby and as soon as my sister could walk, I was dragging her outside to build snowmen, forts, snowangels, and sled. A five and three year old sledding? Yes! I remember coming home from school every single day in the winter and playing in the snow after dark until it was bedtime. And when the running around got too tiring, laying in the snow and catching snowflakes in my mouth and looking up at the sprinkling sky beneath the orange sky. Snow makes the world quiet again.
The only thing getting me through these weeks is the sole fact that thanksgiving is around the corner and after that, winter break is just mere days away. I definitely feel like I understand people older than me here in college that explain the cycle of college to me: start the year fresh and energized and get good grades for the first half of the semester, and then it's just downhill from there until you can see the end. Quick and dirty, ha.
I took these pictures ages ago with Niklaas (yes, you get a Niklaas shoot today!!) and just got around to posting them. Thank goodness for these pictures because there was no way I was going to dress blog-worthy today with the snow. Snow calls for cashmere cardigans and the always getting more uncool Uggs. Comfy! Remember how I said I wear this necklace constantly since Alex sent it to me? Case in point. I've worn it three posts in a row! But I really do wear it constantly. Look at it! The bicycle is just the cutest.
I bought this dress at the Goodwill here in Missoula and it was fate. Remember that other grandma-floral dress with the sleeves that I posted way too many times and was way too in love with? That also...wasn't mine? I found my alternative dress! This one! The print is perfection and it was only ninety nine cents. I wear it all the time. My outfits these days seem to be following this exact pattern: cardigan + tights + dress + boots. I bought this red cardigan in the summer on sale and it's so, so cozy even if it's enormous on me. It's funny how those articles of clothing you buy on a whim not expecting to get much out of turn into things you wear all the time. My tights are another one of those sale purchases from the summer and they are funky-licious, just like I love em!
I'm posting so, so early in the morning but I desperately need to get my behind into gear like my dad says and study. My motivation to do chemistry anymore is slim. I can't wait till next year, I just know it's going to be better than this year already. The week after thanksgiving, I have my last midterms before finals which includes chemistry, biology, media, and lab. Ewwww.
Alright. I'm off. Toodless!!!



Charlotte said...

I am so jealous of this bargain of a dress!! You look fab!!
I love the cardigan too- my mum is sending me a long red cardigan this week and I can't wait for it to get here!!
These photos are so lovely too :]]]

Charlotte xxx

Shy, Chesterfield said...

You look too cute in this outfit! I love every part of it, especially the shoes!

I think me and snow would have a better relationship if it didn't stick around for so long, absence makes the heart grow fonder right?? can still be snowing here in May!!


Amber Blue Bird said...

cute as always dear.

Oh and I checked out those tunes you recommended by Mr. Josh Ritter, LOVE THEM! They have been on heavy rotation in my house.

Abbey said...

You look lovely, as usual. I want those tights! And hang in there, girl! Only a week until thanksgiving, and then a couple more weeks until winter break! :) It's so close, and during break you're going to forget all about school. Yay!

Zaia said...

im a snow person as well, its so refreshing and feels clean !
cuties as always, xxx

hellolyndsey said...

girl you are sooo gorgeous. and i have a bike necklace from alex too! (i think it might be the same alex??) haha :)). but the chain already broke on mine!!! i've been on a search to find a replacement chain for mine :'(.

anywho, i love snow and you talking about it makes me wish that it would snow here in georgia like it does in alaska or something. to the point where the front door won't open. ha!

lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy

simplyhope said...

Oh you look so lovely! Red looks Great on you and lovin them boots!!!
Seriously your comments are the best!
I LOVE snow too:D Too bad sinced i moved to the south I barely get to see it anymore!

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh i love the red cardigan so much!!! your dress is so pretty and those boots are so cute :) i think it is supposed to snow where i live later this week and i am kindof excited to see it again!!

gee said...

you look so wonderful.
i love this outfit..those tights are absolutely lovely..
i am a sucker for tights with patterns.

natalie said...

Snow already! Whoa! For me personally, I'm a fan of the light and fluffy white snow on those super sunny days with the clear skies that are just so nice and crisp and lovely. That's when I love the snow. But not when it's nasty and slushy and brown and gross. Then hecks no.

I definitely love that bicycle necklace too. And only 99 cents for that adorable dress? What a great bargain! :D The whole cardigan/tights/dress/boots outfit pattern is great though. Those boots are faaaabulous!

Good luck getting through the rest of the week! Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the bend... phewf!

Nicole, Coco Maria said...

Snow already?! So cool! I'm so excited for it to snow here!
I love this dress! I can't believe you got it for ninety nine cents, amazing! :)

elanor, said...

so darling. :) one can never have enough patterned dresses, cardigans, and patterned tights! seriously!

& of course i love your boots.

it doesn't snow where i live, so i cannot recall the feeling of it! (i used to live where it snowed, but i can't quite remember what it was like anymore...)

xx elanor

head over heels said...

sweet photos, i love the floral dress paired with patterned tights :) And i can't believe you've already had snow! x

ana b. said...

I love all the floral patterns you wear. This dress is no exception! It never snows here in NZ but I was in Europe in January this year when they had record-breaking snow storms. Brrrrr.

Alex said...

I am BEYOND happy that you wear the necklace so much! I'll probably send you one for later :P

But... I don't know whether to send it for Christmas or not :P maybe you'll change apartments o something! :P Anyway, we'll figure it out. I haven't received your letter :( I am so sad :(

Bea said...

What an awesome thrift find that dress is! And it was that perfect length already? Too cool, Maggie.

I have been living in a similar outfit combination minus the tights :P

Bea from A plus B

Rio said...

Ugh isn't school the worst?! Your tights are funky-licious... love them! My best friend loves the snow too, but it doesn't snow where we grew up in California. Now she lives in Oregon though, and she texts me pictures every time it snows there haha! :)

Emily said...

Those shoes are awesome.

Kennyy said...

i can't believe that dress was only 99 cents! that's like bargain of all bargains. i really love the outfit!

Ebony said...

Looooove that dress - especially the way you've styled Miss Maggie :) I was reading your post and thinking snow? What snow?! I forgot that you rack up your photoshoots with Nik and have to draw them out... you guys are the cutest - I wish David enjoyed taking photos of me. Maybe he will the more we do it. And if not I have a city and a remote to play with :)

Now go get your bum into gear and study! You are gonna ace them xoxo

Jasmine said...

Red cardigan?!?! YES YES YES! I have been obsessed with them lately. I have three now and I want MOOOREEEE! So if you ever get sick of that one, send it over hehe :) Love that floral dress! The print is super unique and perfect for Fall! I can't believe it was only 99 cents!

Sandra Leiva said...

So cute, I love your whole outfit <3

Virginie said...

I want to be in a teen romance movie with these tights! I'm totally swooning over them, you look SO lovely :)

~Abby~ said...

Love the new layout. :)
The dress is so cute and you look pretty in red.
Snow is pretty the first day it falls, but in Indiana it soon turns to nasty slush and by the time it's Christmas snow isn't even falling that day and it's raining. And that depresses me. :/
That necklace IS the cutest!

Have a good weekend. :)


Kenziefaith said...

I definitely love this outfit! I'm super upset that it hasn't snowed here yet! Ughhh. :(

BTW, your new blog layout is adorable!

KF x

Kimberellie said...

Hey, cutie. You look cuter than cuter here. And love your musings on snow and school. You are right: the quiet of snow is amazing. CAN'T wait for the first snowfall here! My son is going to LOVE it. Maybe I will take a vid and post it!

much love to you: Kimberellie

Cecille said...

hey, i invite you to participate on my giveaway!

herwaisechoice said...

I love the black and white printed dress paired with the red cardi. Both so bright and bold but together make a killer combination. Lovely!

Charlotte said...

I know I already commented on this, but I've left you an award on my blog for being one of my favourite bloggers :]]]
I hope you check it out :]]]

Charlotte xxx

Hannah said...

I was confused when you said it was snowing but then these pictures were so bright and sunny.. ah! It makes a lot more sense if I keep reading. lol

That dress is so adorable! I like the bold mixing with the tights! You make it work. :)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break! It's kind of nice when you can appreciate it more after working so hard at school and being away from family. Or at least, I imagine so. haha For me, it's just another day!

Matt said...

I love the new layout! And these are fantastic pictures and a fantastic outfit!! The dress is super cute, and the necklace is great! Neat tights too! Hope you're having fun in the snow! :)