Thursday, November 4

sparks fly

Okay. I'm making a promise to you...this is the very last time I'm posting this dress! The last. I promise. I just love it so much and these pictures in particular turned out so great. Every picture Niklaas takes turns out great. Hehe, last night, he was going through a photoshoot to send me, and he texted me this: "P.S. You're really attractive, you know? I swear to God, two of these pictures actually took my breath away." Aww! How lucky am I? Thank you for all your sweet darling comments. I think we are pretty cool kids too :)
I just walked into my dorm room after completing my third chemistry exam! Remember how I was so excited not even two weeks ago about my excellent grade? Well. We already had another one. I don't know how it went, but honestly, I never do. Haha! We see how well that worked out last time (very well) and the time before (horrible). So...? We'll just wait and see!
Now that my chemistry exam is out of the way, I just have to study and write some notes tonight and then await Niklaas in the morning! EEEEEEE. I can't contain my excitement. He's Missoula to pick me up. We'll do some Missoula-y things like iHop and look around campus blah blah blah, and then drive back to Spokane for the Josh Ritter concert! My whole family is going and his whole family is going and lots of our friends are going. It's going to be amazing! As you know, it was our six month "anniversary" this week so it worked out kind of nicely that we can see each other this weekend. Six months feels pretty legit to me, now. It feels so much better to say "6 months" than just three. Ha :) Finally, the time we've been together is measuring up to the relationship we do have! Yay! I've been looking forward to this weekend for so long, guys. I also have some money in my account to buy some warm tights and gloves! Forever21 here we come! We'll probably listen to the new Taylor CD for the entire two hour drive :)
dress: thrifted/borrowed belt: f21 hat: urbanoutfitters tights: urbanoutfitters shoes: momma's
These pictures are so, so cool (I feel like). I used my new Photoshop skills to edit them. They were already amazing so I really didn't do much to them, but the extra boost turned these amazing pictures into even more amazing ones! EEEEP. I miss this dress terribly...and it's not even mine. It's Tay Charles' and I intend on giving it to her when I go home this weekend. It's the most. Perfect. Dress. Ever. I'm in love. I also love crazy tights and cheetah belts and fedora hats. Hahaah:) When I went home 3 weeks ago, I was in starbucks and this lady said to me, "Wow! Those are fabulous tights!" I was so excited. She was easily a mommy and a well dressed one at that. Score!
Well. That's all for now. I've got one more test to write notes for (open notes tests rock) and class. Meh. It's November!
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Alex said...

Post it as much as you want - it's gorgeous! Such a shame you have to give the dress back. Are you sure you can't accidentally keep it?

Abbey said...

Lovely outfit. You're adorable. :) That dress is darling, I'm pretty sure you should just send it my way! Hope you have a marvelous weekend with your boy!

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh i love that dress it is so cute!!! the print is just lovely and that hat looks so good on you!!

Jen said...

i don't blame you for wearing that dress so often because it's gorgeous and it really is perfect! steal it and keep it! :)

have fun tomorrow with niklaas and take lots of pictures!

natalie said...

I definitely don't blame you for wanting to show off that super cute dress as much as possible. :D I love the hat too, and the tights! Hopefully you'll pass your chem exam with flying colors. And I'm sure you'll have a great weekend spent with Niklaas and such. :)

elanor, said...

that's SUCH a cute dress! you're darling!

congrats on 6 months! i'm so happy for you! <33

xx elanor

head over heels said...

this dress is gorgeous - carry on posting it! its good to see how other people restyle things :) x

Bea said...

Aw, Niklaas is so sweet! :)

Sounds like such a fun trip for you two. Enjoy the weekend, Maggie!

Bea from A plus B

Jasmine said...

that dress is lovely on you--don't stop wearing it or i'll stop wearing stripes (okay not really but seriously if you like this dress don't stop wearing it!)! congrats on the 6 months! you don't know how happy it makes me to see that you two are still together despite all your worries and the long distance! have a fun weekend!

vintagewithatwist said...

how amazing is this dress?? I love it! the shoes look great too

Alecto said...

don't ever stop wearing/posting that dress! i think it's perfect on you:-) and the dress + fedora + belt + tights thing rocks! good luck on all of your exams!!!

Abby said...

I love your pattern mixing and fun tights! I'm trying to try that type of thing too.... but at my little college I'm one of the only people who doesnt constantly wear sweats and jeans :( Any tips for being more confident with being different?

~Abby~ said...

Ahhh I just love that dress! :)
Niklaas is so sweet.
Sounds like fun...have a great time!!!


ana b. said...

There's nothing wrong with posting wardrobe remixes of this very cute dress. And what a sweet text to receive indeed :)

Matt said...

Its a super cute dress and its your blog! Great pictures too! And this is just an adorable outfit! I love the tights and the shoes too! :)

Charlotte said...

oooh i love these photos!!
and I am totally inspired now to wear patterned tights with a patterned dress :]]]
you are inspiring :]]]

Charlotte xxx