Friday, November 19

erase me

Alright. I have a confession. I might, maybe, could be falling in love with Kid Cudi. It all started when my friend put Erase Me on a CD for me and it started playing on rotation. Then, the kid in the dorm directly above ours with a mild obsession for rap and hip hop started his now daily routine of blasting music at precisely 3:35 PM every day, always beginning with that song. Seriously! Every single day at 3:35, you can bet that song will be played followed by other Top 40 rap-hip-hoppy songs. So now I have to listen to this song and now I kind of love it. And have delved into his other works. Oh, my.
Have you noticed anything...different around here? Ah! Yes! A new layout perhaps? :) It still has a ways to go but it's getting there!
I'm thoroughly, thoroughly exhausted right now and it's not because I was doing something exciting last night, like seeing Harry Potter. I've seen every premiere since the first movie, and, no, I didn't go to this one. Ahhh! I have to be awake at 7:30AM for lab on Fridays so I opted out and coincidentally, the homework Gods threw a paper at me to finish last night too. I definitely wasn't in the mood after five hours of sleep (as opposed to my regular ten) to wake up this morning and dissect grasshoppers and worms either. I would gladly dissect a pig, cow, cat, or anything over a worm. I have a phobia of them.I nearly puked. Woot. What a great start tot he day. I will be seeing Harry Potter SOON though. I have a thing for Ron Weasley. Shhhh, don't tell anyone!
(Niklaas' favorite of the day)
I think the yellow coat fits him better. It's so large on me! Tehe.
These pictures are yet another one of our photoshoots I have had stacked up here for a while and I'm sooo excited to post these-finally! They turned out so pretty! It's funny because whenever I come home to visit, I dream of sleeping in my own bed and waking up peacefully in it all wrapped up in my home-scented blankies...but that never seems to happen. I always wake up disturbed by my awful alarm to get a few precious extra hours with Niklaas or my family and I always fall asleep on the couch in the living room after a full day and being completely exhausted. When it used to be a chore to wake up early to get a pictures like these, we were already awake! Yay!
You've all seen my yellow coat and let me tell you, as the temperature drops in Missoula, it is definitely proving itself to be more than just cute. It is so warm. And, following the dressing routine, I am indeed wearing a cardigan, dress, tights, and boots. Ooops :). I got this dress in the summer as part of my fall stocking up extravaganza and it's lovely. Chiffon is so cozy! And it's floral. Floral equals me. I really hope you're not ever going to be sick of these boots because I plan on wearing them constantly. Like this.
I'm growing into this short hair thing. However, I saw a picture in Seventeen yesterday of a girl with a long braid and a bow at the end of it and my heart jumped out of my chest. I so badly want to do that! Oh well. I'm wearing the lovely bike necklace again! I got these white tights from target and while I was nervous about white tights, I couldn't be more happy. They're delightful!
Well. I'm off to shower. And go to class. Tonight we are having a SLUMBER PARTY in our dorm room. My roommate and I are very close friends with two other girls on our hall and we have sort of turned into the next Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants quad. They are bringing their mattresses into our room and we're going to stay up until the wee hours in the morning giggling. I love them. The four of us are going to live in an apartment next year, too, which excites me to no end. Yay! It's a high school dream come true!

Have a good Friday! Tell me how Harry Potter was ;)

P.S. None of these pictures are even slightly edited!


Charlotte said...

wow, i can't believe these photos aren't edited!! they're gorgeous!!
i really love your outfit!! i'm getting really into white tights for autumn and winter.
also- i am totally the same with my hair!! i had it cut last friday back into it's usually little bob, and then I saw some pictures of long braids over one shoulder and now i'm thinking, well it's been a long time since i had long hair...

Charlotte xxx

Sere said...

love the color of your coat:X

xoxo sere

Maggie Shirley said...

Dude, who doesn't have a thing for Ron Weasley? He's beautiful.

Jen said...

HARRY POTTER WAS AMAZING. you should've went to the premiere anyway and just pulled an all-nighter! haha and ron is pretty much the bomb. although personally i've got a thing for voldemort. weird? probably, haha.

i adore you in the color red though, you look gorgeous in it! and that yellow coat is pretty fantastic. loving the new layout as well, i'm a fan of the banner :)

natalie said...

The only Kid Cudi song that I know is Up Up & Away, but I quite like that one, so I'm going to have to look into him more.

I'm so jealous that you have such an adorable coat that's actually warm too! I have a really cute purple pea coat, but it's pretty impractical once it gets super cold out unfortunately. ): The photos (and you!) are absolutely gorgeous as usual, though.

I feel like I'm being a party pooper, but to completely honest Harry Potter kind of disappointed me. :/ I think if I had lower expectations I would have enjoyed it a lot more, haha. I think it would have been fantastic if I didn't love the book so much. But don't listen to me, maybe I'm wrong and you'll end up loving it! So yeah, haha. ;)

Hannah said...

Oh you brave brave girl. One roommate is enough for me!

I'm enjoying the new layout.

AND you look beautiful!

Hannah said...

Well, I hate to sound like a broken record but.. these pictures are all so lovely! You're so darn photogenic. Mad props to Niklaas for the pictures.

Oh my gosh, I remember taking a biology class as a sr. and we dissected worms. I was the only brave girl, I just held my breath and went for it. haha It's really not THAT bad.

That header is cute! Fer real. Did you come up with the design?

Abbey said...

First of all, Erase Me is one of my favs right now. I've loved Kid Cudi since Pursuit of Happiness. SO glad you like it too! You look adorable- love that coat! The pictures look lovely too. :)

Aaaand harry potter was so good! Very incomplete (obviously since it's part 1), but awesome. :)

Bea said...

1. I think the new layout does wonderful justice to your blog. Everything is so put together and nice :)

2. THe slumber party sounds awesome. In college, I met 3 of my closest friends and we were quite 'traveling pants'-like as well. We even watched both movies together!

3. I like that you use your boots so often. They're meant to be worn!

Bea from A plus B

Susanne said...

great coat!

itahl said...

I love your coat.. :)

Becca said...

I love, love, love your new header!
Everything looks so amazing!

elanor, said...

you layout is coming out beautifully! <33 you're going to make me want to change mine yet again. (oops hehe)

these pictures are great! the sun adds a lot, as i've come to realize with my photos. i haven't tried morning ones yet, but guess i have to - 'cause yours look great!

& that dress is darling.
xx elanor

simplyhope said...

That's my girl! Kid Cudi is where its at:D
You look so adorable and Chic as always! Love yellow on you! You are so lucky you can pull off that color:)

Alex said...

I'm such a fan of white tights. Sadly I need to stick to darker ones myself due to chunky legs - wish they were more like yours so that I could get away with them too!

A great big huzzah to beautiful floral frocks and snuggly yellow coats. Perfect.

Chelsea Lane said...

how fun! I haven't had a sleepover since forever :) I just saw those tights at target today and wanted to get them!

xoxo love your yellow coat!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Just stumbled on your blog! AND WUUUUUUUTTT?! I was totally going to comment and inquire about the program you use to edit your photos. They look so sunny.


And that jacket is so adorable! Yellow is my favourite colour to wear so yay!

Brittany said...

Great colors! I just adore that yellow coat :)

Emily said...

Oh. My. Heck.

Ali said...

I wanted to go to the Midnight Premiere, too, but alas, Friday was graced with a many test and so I had to go Friday night! But YES YES YES it was awesome and so epic and efhskdfhksdfsdf. <3

So, I like your dress and boots and your amazing jacket.

Liz said...

Wow, these pictures are so pretty! I absolutely love that you are wearing a pink cardi under a bright yellow jacket, fun!

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

okay, super long comment ahead: first, i LOVE your new header! the letters are so did you do it?! in photoshop? and your yellow coat is so cute and bright! and death hallows was SO GOOD! i'm totally going to see it again, and i too have a huuuugee crush on ron weasley! and one of my favorite nights of freshman year was building a fort in my friend's dorm and had a movie marathon, so have fun! okay, awkwardly long and rambling comment over! :)

.Alyspank said...

Such beautiful pictures and look!


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

You look gorgeous in all of these photos! I especially love how you wear so much color, good job!

Shallow Mallow said...

The white tights look great with your boots & lovely floral dress :)

This year all my coats are oversized. I bought all three (I went on a coat binge) two sizes larger than my usual on purpose to allow for lots of layering. A friend's little girl(nearly 3) managed to march up and down the living room in my large coat very stylishly so if she can I sure as heck will pull it off too! Yours looks great btw :D

Bealerr said...

love the yellow coat. it's so nice seeing someone with a yellow coat, in winter most people resort to grey black and navy.

also ron. seriosly? Ron weasley? Everyone lupin is the sexy one x

Kennyy said...

I just love your blog. The pictures, outfits, everything are so entertaining.
Lovee the outfit:)

Shy, Chesterfield said...

I love the bright colours! I can feel the warmth of the sun through your pictures and I am jealous. Funny how we want what we dont have! Switch you sun for snow??


A blog by Mallory and Whitney said...

i love your yellow coat! :) these photos are so pretty!


Ashley said...

Your coat is killing me! It reminds me of Paddington Bear in the best way possible, love it.


Louder than Silence said...

Gorgeous photos - love the one of him in your coat :)

Sally x

erin :) said...

Fabbbbulous pics bro! And that pick of Niklaas made me laugh. I did a double take-as I was scrolling down, I scrolled back up and was like "wait that's not Maggie..." ;)

Anyway, i love your new banner! How'd you make it?! I'm sorry if it's actually ages old and I missed it; I've been out of touch with the blog world. Harhar. And your hair is shorter too!! You're lookin mighty fine! :)

And even with your blog a-changin', thanks for including my blog under your "daily dosage." that really means a lot to me. :) I just read your feature in "fashion my legs" from april, and i noticed you mentioned my blog there too. It was such a pleasant surprise! I'm so thankful to have met a nice blogger friend like you. And I'm so happy for you and your blogger success. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving and don't worry, a reply shall come soon enough!
Erin :)

Matt said...

That jacket is fabulous! And your outfit is fantastic! Again great pictures! I'm just getting caught up on posts again! :)

Stel said...

I love your yellow coat!! it amuses me that it fits him better than you - cute! but the yellow is perfect for winter - makes everything seem bright and sunny and lovely.

HP was quite good, super long though!

Z--- said...

I like your boots!!xx