Sunday, May 9

hold me here forever.

Hi :)

It's Sunday...aka.. the end of my glorious lonng 4 day weekend. Shall I break it down for you? Okay :)

Okay, now technically...Wednesday isn't the weekend. But it was the night before the weekend, so that counts right?? WELL.... living in a college town has it's advantages. Big time. Hellogoodbye the delightful band played in my little town for a mere $15 a ticket. General admission. My dear and two spray tanning sophomore buds attended said performance and it was AMAZINGG!!!

Oh, it is love & Here(in your arms) are my favorite songs :)

I slept in ridiculously late on Thursday. I think I woke up at 11. Or 11:30. Regardless, it was late. I did a whole lot of nothing during the day which included (but didn't exclude) "cleaning" my room. I've found that due to the warm weather and being that it is SPRING, I've been wearing less and less makeup. As shown:

I don't know what it is...but I'm finding myself skipping eyeliner, blush, and even eye shadow.

On Thursday night, I attended the "Friendship Ball" that I helped put together with National Honor Society. Kids with special needs attended the event from all around the community- and it was amazing. About 30-40 of the kids from my High School also attended to make the event extra special for them. I did hair and makeup for the girls with special needs and it was something I'll probably always remember. It was pretty uplifting to be able to make someone's day just by curling their hair or applying some mascara. My darling came to the ball with me and we just danced it up with our underclassmen friends. It was great. (pictures to come later!!)


I have to procrastination skills this weekend? Phenomenal. I put off cleaning my room Thursday which meant that when Friday rolled parents weren't happy with it. It was HORRIBLE. Clothes were seriously everywhere. Has anyone else came to the conclusion that if you had less clothes, your room would be 999% cleaner? I definitely have.

My dear came over and hung out in my room while I cleaned. He provided the incentive to hurry the heck up and clean my room because I wanted to leave my house and do something with him. Word of advice: boys are perhaps the best incentive to finish your chores :P.
My mom made us run around town and do errands for her in exchange for dinner. Thenn....we were free to adventure!

For some reason, we decided to go to the mall. I tried an orange julius for the first time ever (strawberry) because my amazing friend who works there gave me a coupon. We also picked up some free popcorn and cookies. So basically, a free picnic.

We cruised bed bath and beyond....and it felt so much like 500 days of summer :). It made me smile. A lot. Me and him have this thing where I give him one of my goofy grins or giggles, he asks me "What???" in a slightly worried intrusive way, and I reply, "nothing!!" in my girly squeal. Well. Walking around bed bath and beyond, that was why I was giggling :). Because I felt so much like Summer and Tom. Without the flighty characteristics that Summer has and the fact that him and I are together with a LABEL :).

We took pictures on the lawn furniture outside of BB&B while picnic-ing :). It was perfect!!!!!!!!
One of my favorite things about him: We can be doing nothing all that exciting, but that nothing is amazing. We have so many quirky amazing simple adventures together that I have always dreamed about doing with someone. I don't think he and i could everrr get bored of our little town because we find soo much delight out of simple little things. Like eating free food outside of bed bath and beyond. It's adorable.
For the thirddd day in a row, I spent the day with my darling! eeeee! He was adorable and sweet in deciding to stay late in CDA (an hour and a half from home!) to watch my soccer game....and then stay even later to watch my sisters with me! He drove back with my family and I. It was cute.

I had to play goalie. I wish I could say it was horrible. But it absolutely wasn't. I have no experience playing the position (who would play a 4' 11" keeper?? it's insane!), but I didn't let any goals in!!
Whew. This post is getting long. Sorry!
Mother's day!! Wooo! My sister and I woke up early to go pick up some coffee for my mom and we even made Monkey Bread for brunch. It was gorgeous outside and for the first time in weeks, I had an actual PHOTOGRAPHER to take outfit photos :):)

sweater-H&M $20 shirt- Juicy Couture-$200 Shorts-f21 $20 tights-$5 headband-f21 $3

I loveeee this jacket so much. It's a little big on me, unfortunately, but it's really easy to style and work with. I love the brass buttons on it! My headband is probably my favorite part of the whole outfit though. I loveeee headbands.

I borrowed this shirt a few weeks ago for Model UN- it's juicy couture! AH! Expensive clothes are definitely noticeably expensive for good reason-this shirt is the epitome of comfortable.

I also spent some time with my best friend (and half-sister, essentially) laying in the park and swinging. I love parks!

WELLLLL...overall :) Wonderful weekend!!

I hope you all had a good weekend and have a great week!

Only a few weeks until summer :) eeeeeeeeeeee!

Thank you for ALLLL your comments. I can't believe the feedback I've been getting lately- it's crazy! A giveaway may be in order soooon :)

Love always,


Kimberellie said...

Love this post. Thanks for giving us a sneak peak into your life! Sounds like you have a great relationship with "the boy". LOVED the lawn furniture pics. SO perfect.

And love the headband too!!!

~Abby~ said...

Aw, that's so nice of you doing that for the special needs kids! :)
I think you look absoultely gorgeos with no makeup! Embrace it!
WHOA! It was pretty messy, haha.
Well, I'm glad you and "your boy" can always find the fun in things, even the simple ones.
Enjoy your week.

Ebony said...

I think you're wearing less makeup because you have already snagged the boy, speaking from experience. Haha. I wear zero makeup during weekdays now - because I feel beautiful already :D

What a fun weekend! I love that jacket too, I'd wear it every day even if it was a little big - jackets are allowed to be.

Hope your week is as great as your weekend you star goalie you! :D

tess said...

oo I've heard monkey bread is delicious

Alecto said...

i'm so glad you liked my post :-) and you don't need any makeup at all! all you need is that fantastic smile of yours :-)

simplyhope said...

I wish I had the confidence to go out with barely any makeup! You look great with and without it! Also it looks like you had a really good week:D
Oh and headbands really suit you!

Erica Leigh said...

sounds like you had a very fun week! (eep, thanks for reminding me to clean my room. except, i'm a huge procrastinator too and i've been avoiding it forever. whoops.).

you looks super cute in your photos! ^_^

i'm also way jealous that you got to see hellogoodbye (here in my arms is one of my favorite songs too!).


erin :) said...

you look so good without make up!!! i think my eyes look too small when i dont wear eyeliner. xD and you are so lucky to have seen hellogoodbye, and for only 15 bucks!! that must be so nice to have photographers take you photos. i think i have become very nifty at utilizing my camera's self timer. but i always have to pile books on chairs or something, i wish i had a tripod.

anyway, my email for you is coming! you haveee to tell me more about that Friendship Ball! I'm President of NHS at my high school for next year and I'm trying to think of sweet events like that.

Talk later blog buddy! And i just noticed we both do "posts of the week" ish thingies. :D
erin :)

Alex said...

oh i guess my comment didn't showed! damn! well anyways I forgot what I wrote in the morning, but I love the pictures of you and your sweetie because he has the same pose in the 3 photos and that made me laugh and you look so cute with him and I love how you are sitting on furniture for sale! hahaha and your necklace is adorable! I want it D: and... what else? I don't know I just loooooooved this post

Eden said...

you look so great without any make up-- i wish i had the guts to do that too, unfortunately i'll always be someone who has to pile on the goods before stepping out, haha... and lol, i see myself in your room--mine is equally messy. lol. time to clean it up!:) glad to discover your site and your adorable, bubbly personality.:)

hope you can check out/follow me if youd like, i've got a great giveaway that you might love!


S + Y said...

I love this post!!!! You look adorable in all of the photos, and it looks like you and your beau had so much fun.

P.S.: Did you enjoy the Model UN! I loved it when I was in high school! I remember representing Sierra Leone and Japan. Fun times!


Sara Lynn said...

Hey sweetie it looks like you had a busy but fun week! :) lol my room looks worse than yours, I promise! I love the pics of you and your guy, very sweet :)

Becca said...

Hey girl,
I really like the less-makeup look. Maybe you even look older that way?

Ha ha I've gone without a lot of makeup for several summers, and now I realize...nah, I need it. People think I'm way too young without makeup, so on it goes! It's always fun to put it on anyway. No tears.

Anyway, have a great Tuesday!

layia said...

holy geez! that is one messy room! lol
i'm jealous actually. i want a room of my own. right now i share one with my two sisters. can't wait to have one for myself!

harajukuloveee said...

thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!
of course i love yours, its so cool to get to know you and your life, without really knowing you, youre so lucky to ave had this long weekend and it seemed like a lot of fun!
xx mia :)

Fourth Daughter said...

Thanks for visiting... I loved your prom story, reminded me of how much I loved "16 candles" back in the day... I don't think I'll ever get too old for such sweet stuff! What a lovely story.. pity I have to get back to work and can't go through the rest of your blog right now...

Sonya said...

I love your Juicy top and flower on your hair!

Raquel said...

nice and looong weekend and lovely outfit!
about the make up, I like you au naturel! :)


lynnette said...

you have such a wonderful blog! :D i love how there's so much energy in your posts and this one's no exception too!!

it's so nice of you to have helped out with the ball for needy kids and to have done their hair and makeup too... have you always been involved in community work like this?

you totally don't need any makeup at all! do most of your classmates in school use makeup all the time though?? i hardly ever wear makeup too but that's only because it's soooo hot where I live all the sweat ruins everything before long!

haha my room's just about as messy as yours!! and my mum always nags about it too... but to me, the answer to her is obvious. she doesn't have to step into my room if it makes her feel pissed right? :P

xxxooo i'll be checking back soon! :D

Mel said...

Oh I love your sweater! Haha your room is rather neat compared to mine (seriously!). Here's the site I use to look up fan mail addresses, you should seriously check it out (but it's an expensive hobby):

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

What a fantastic post, you look awesome!

Taylor Sterling said...

very cute outfit! Love your pretty hair! xo

melindaa said...

adorable flower in your hairrrr :]

Jasmine said...

aww it sounds like such a lovely weekend! i love hellogoodbye! you and your bf are adorable! ahh!

Alex said...

oh! and also! I just gave you an award It's in my blog if you want to check it out :)

blorange dice said...

aww, you are so cute! i'm visiting your blog for the first time, and it's just lovely (:

wonderful outfit with the h&m sweater! also, i really like how you put up pictures of your messy room haha. so funny

ana b. said...

You look gorgeous without makeup on so no need to worry about that! And what a sweet story about you and your boy in Bed, Bath and Beyond. I just watched 500 Days of Summer again last night and was so annoyed with Summer.

Thank you so much for your comment on my post. You had a lot of meaningful, thoughtful things to say and I loved reading it. You've been linked ;)

Anika said...

Loved the breakdown, oh and the shots of the messy room ;)

But seriously, I love peeking into peoples closets, regardless of looks.

Whats it like now?

Tayler said...

you play soccer! i LOVE soccer. I had yo quit last summer because club ball was too expensive, but i miss soccer SOOOO much :( . It's nice to see another fashion blogger that plays soccer!