Thursday, November 3

Hi, November

IMG_0166 IMG_0163 IMG_0155 IMG_0151 IMG_0154 IMG_0156 IMG_0158 IMG_0149 IMG_0147 IMG_0148 IMG_0145 IMG_0143
1) year and a half anniversary
2) the infamous night with a nearly nude abercrombie model
3) cutest polka dot skirt ever from shop ruche
4) halloween rave night
5) one heck of a messy room
6) organic chemistry is quickly becoming a waste of time
7) popcorn & movies
8) roommate post-it note reminders
9) new eyeliner
10) fall is slowly fading
11) movie night with my sister
12) my parents came


Jamie Rose said...

Cute instagram pictures! Happy November to you!

Paula said...

looks like november is gonna be fun! just discovered your blog and love it! gonna stop by again :)

Two Happy Hearts said...

fun, fun! i love the roommate post-it notes haha

Dorien said...

November will be a good month, I can feel it! Hope you're feeling it to :-)

Amelia said...

so cute maggie! love all of these. & congrats on your year and a half anniversary :)

Hope Bidinger said...

Such cute pictures!!:)

kylee said...

i beg you to do an outfit post with that amazing polka dot skirt sometime soon. i bet it looks fab on you!

♥Abby said...

Love the pictures :) Your life sounds pretty hectic right now, but you manage it well!
Have a great weekend! =)


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love following you on IG ;)

<3 steffy

Makay said...

I am in love with your blog. So I am going to follow, right now. :)

I hope you come by and follow my bloggy blog! :)


Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said...

SO MANY SMILES. i love it.

Camilla's Secrets said...

Visit my blog if you don't know yet and if you like it become my follower:)