Saturday, November 26

to my favorite people in the world...

to mom and dad...for being the best parents in the entire world. to dad for coaching me and going to every single one of my soccer games and creeping on my soccer practices. you'll never know how much it meant to me that you've been my life long cheerleader. to mom for being the kind of mom i can trust to tell anything and everything to. it's gotten me through the past 6 weeks and i love that i'm growing up and our relationship is, too. thank you for having my back when i've come home from soccer games sobbing because of mean people. i'll never, ever forget what you did for me.

to ardina boll... for truly being the kind of person i wish i could be and being the best substitute me anyone in the world could ever be for soap. you're ridiculously cool and savvy and intelligent and the kind of teenager i wish every teenager could be. (but then you wouldn't be ridiculously unique and awesome, so no thanks).

to steve jobs...i love your little devices so much.

to the renner family... i always feel at home in your kitchen. and on your living room floor. and in your cars. i love having a second family i'm not related to.

to jillian edwards... "birthday" has touched me where nothing else has (that's what she said) and i couldn't love your voice and lyrics more.

to margaret behre...for being the best and most mature 19 20 year old I know. and the best person i know. and for always letting me send 10 page long texts in the middle of the night. and responding with 12 page texts. for being what a best friend should be. for making me cry as i write this. for being guiltlessly there for me no questions asked... all the time. together, i feel like we can conquer the world and you define the word badass. i love you.

to grandma...your phone calls keep  me sane. i know for a fact i'm probably the only 19 year old in the world who would call her grandma in the car on the way to a party to say hello. i wouldn't know life without you.

to bloggers... more specifically: amber, jasmine, nicole, kylee, kate, sydney, erin, hope, eleanor, and kenzie. i'm so inspired by you guys and it goes beyond just your blogs. as people, you're all beautiful, beautiful people.

to sophie... there. is. no. one. else. that. will. ever. mean. more. to. me. than. you.
to my roommates... we're ridiculous and crazy and weird but we're all ourselves together and for that, i couldn't be more thankful that i found you and that we found each other. there truly aren't other people on campus quite like us and we're perfect together.

to niklaas... i believe in you more than i think you do yourself. you've made every day apart for a year worth it. i'll never know someone else like you and i'm so thankful to be a part of your life.

to myself... no one can be stronger in your life than yourself.

*most of these people will probably never read this.


kylee said...

ahh girl i seriously thank blogger ten times over for bringing us together. guarantee we would be instant life friends if we ever met in real life.

Dreamy Princess said...

aahh.. this is so sweet, Maggie!(:

I like how you respect and enjoy being yourself and value your life terribly!(:

Dreamy Princess

Makay said...

What a wonderful post! :)
I loved it.
And I am the exact same way with my Grandma! I love her to death- and talking to her keeps me, as you say, "sane" to say the least.

♥Abby said...

I love this :) And you! and the "That's what she said" line ;)

Have a great week =)


patience said...

what a truly beautiful post. i hope that some of these people get a chance to read this!

Michelle said...

That is so beautiful I hope they do read it x