Wednesday, April 20

Floor Nine

So here's what's going down on floor 9 of Aber Hall:

At the start of the school year, our neighbors kindly invited us over for some birthday cake and some quality sing-a-long jamming on their guitar. It all seemed pretty jolly and ho-hum, the kind of thing you anticipate when you go to college. A spontaneous birthday party on your dorm floor, meeting tons of new people, singing Matt Nathanson...what could go wrong?!?
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And then it started. Now, personally, I don't care if you smoke or drink or what you decide to do in your free time. It's your choice and while I wouldn't necessarily make the same decisions, if it doesn't affect me directly, who am I to say anything? One night in the middle of a Chemistry crisis, I smelled it. And...ten minutes later, my head started to ache. And then the yelling and music started. And for the next three hours, our room absolutely reeked and people in the hallways started knocking on our door to see where the smoke was coming from. Nope, not us. Just our neighbors smoking pot and stinking up both our room and the hall way. That's when it did start to affect me and when all of us started to get a wee bit annoyed.

Luckily, it didn't happen again for another month. And then it did, again, in the middle of a Chemistry crisis at my desk. It was an ugh moment but we let it pass again without notice. By this point, it was mid-November and there was only a month left in the semester so no one really cared enough to do anything. The next time, it was only 2 weeks later. And then twice more before the semester over. And, the worst night of all, the night before my Chemistry final. Now, we started to really get annoyed. I mean, really!?!? In our dorm? How could they not know that you could smell it from the other end of the hallway? How could you not think that our RA could catch them in a second? 
Semester finally ended and my roommate and I and everyone on floor 9 forgot about our neighbors and their illicit activities in our dorm. After 5 weeks, we came back to semester and were nothing but smiles. It didn't take long for our neighbors to return to their old regime, however, and soon enough, it became once a day. And then....two times a day. And, as it got worse, so did their attitudes. Their sleeping schedules got messy and they started yelling at us to be quiet at the afternoon. And then staying up all night playing music. One day, we noticed a piece of paper next to their door in the hallway where the window at the end of the hall was located. People sometimes talk on the phone there because it's at the end of the hallway and a convenient place to  talk without disrupting the whole dorm. 

The sign said, "This is not a place to talk on the phone, please don't. -room 958." Our entire floor was pissed, I mean, where else do we have the option of going to talk on the phone for two minutes at night when our roommates are sleeping? And besides, did they ever respect any of us!? So, my friend Maggie taped another piece of paper right next to the other sign saying, "This is not a place to smoke your pot, please don't. -floor 9." Maybe not the most mature way to handle things, but after hearing a slew of obscenities and the ripping of paper when they discovered it, it stopped completely and once again floor 9 was drama free!

And then, again, things got worse. I guess we should have predicted this, fight fire with fire, and the whole floor would burn. Slowly, they started writing comments on our door white-board. And then unplugging our Christmas lights multiple times a day. And then unscrewing the lightbulbs. We only know that it was them because one of the other floor 9 gals saw them do it and told our RA. Finally, two days ago, my roommate woke up at the usual 7AM to shower. She walked outside her door to discover her shower caddy...gone. Gone. Literally, gone. Now, I guess we don't technically know who did it. But considering our neighbors across from us and next to us moved out and every other shower caddy was there perfectly intact, we have our fair guess. Together, we banged on their door and asked if they knew where it was. Our neighbor looked at us, smiled and laughed sarcastically, and said, "Why would we do that?" And slammed the door in our face. Huh.
So that's where we're at now. Missing shower caddies. Awkward passings in the hallway. Watching them and all their friends look up when we enter the cafeteria. And, even if it's not them, who would honestly be stupid enough to steal a used razor, shampoo and conditioner, a body sponge, face wash, body wash, and awkward items that only belong to their rightful users in the shower? Like, honestly. The last thing I would want to do out of revenge is take something that has been where God only knows in the shower. It's laughable. It's hilarious. It's down right weird. My only guess as to who might be dumb enough to do this: people who will smoke pot in their dorm room with their door open when the RA is home. 

Truth be known, we'll probably never solve the mystery. And we'll never get along with our neighbors. But, I'll miss floor 9 in three weeks when the semester ends and I can't wait to laugh about the mystery of the missing shower caddy for years to come.


Kuleigh said...

Sigh. Dorm life. I had a roommate issue this past weekend. There was basically a domestic dispute next door then the guy was in front of my window to the hall yelling on the phone. I asked him to shut up because it was 3am and he started yelling expletives and banging on my door. There's no nice way to go about things I guess. I guess the best thing is just to ask the RA to talk to them. People are idiots and don't think about consequences! Hope your roomie finds her caddy.

alexandra grecco said...

i love the name of your blog! so sweet ; )

Rachelous said...

Argh that whole situation sounds so irritating, seriously how immature are these people?! At least you can see the funny side, but it's good you're being the mature ones and not going around stealing their stuff. Sweet photos though :)

Lea said...

I live really close to campus, but not in a DORM, thank goodness. I'm happy that I've never had to deal with anything of the sort like that. Cute photos :) I know it'll all be so funny at some point later in life.. heh.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

yeah, dorm life sucks.

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Amber Blue Bird said...

try not to let it affect you too much, dorm life has it perks and you should enjoy it has much as you can.

Alex said...

Oh dearie me, what absolute idiots they sound! If they're still smoking as much pot as you described, I'm not surprised though - it's kinda hard to get any kind of rational or sensible behaviour out of people like that.

Are you still in dorms next year or are you moving off campus? I have no idea how it works in the US - in the UK it's pretty standard to only be in halls for first year, then move out with your friends to privately rented houses after that.

twenty-something-year-old future RN. said...

I live in a house with a bunch of roommates and I've been through the same thing! Except here there is no RA to catch them. I don't care what people do in their free time but I hate when they do it in the house because it smells terrible. :-|

rachel! said...

haha, well happy 420! hope things get better in the future!

Margaret said...

Ugh, don't you hate it when high school-like drama is still apparent in college? I mean, seriously, get a life or either grow up!!

And yes, I will definitely email you when I come to Pullman! We need to have a blogger meet up or just hang out!

Catherine said...

Ah, I've heard way more horror stories about dorm life than good stories. Aka I'm scared. Haha.

Unfortunately, it seems like this behavior is rather common in college dorms. I mean, of course young people are going to smoke and drink because they're young and rebellious, but it's terribly irritating when it's at the expense of others, you know?

But being vindictive and just plain catty? Come on, that's totally uncalled for. How immature of those girls.

I suppose such occurrences make for good stories, no? Haha.

Natalie said...

Yeah, those people really do not sound like people I would want to have to deal with on a daily basis, much less be stuck living in close proximity too. :/ Stealing shower caddies? Really? Is that what this has come to? I mean, I'm all for letting people do whatever they want, but it's pretty unacceptable when that starts to have an effect on other people, and they just don't care. I hope there's some way you can work things out so that the drama will stop. :P

GretchTM said...

I'm so glad I don't live in the dorms anymore. There is always some crazy people living there.

Laura said...

dorm life always get crazy. i understand


Hannah said...

At least in the dorm you could legitimately do something about it (i.e. tell your RA then your dorm directors if nothing is solved). When you move out and live in an apartment and your neighbors not only smoke but deal (sketch people much?) it becomes much harder. Cause I for one don't necessarily want them to go to jail (plus calling the cops is weird), but the apt. people can't do anything unless they smoke during the office hours which they don't.

I hate pot smoke headaches. They suck. <- moral of the story

Roma Agsalud said...

Gosh. Just relish the fact that your heroes and not the villains in this story :)

Heroes always win in my book. :)
Good luck! I hope your studies and health won't get affected by the unnecessary smoke and noise!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Oh wow, that's a strange story. I'm glad I never had to make a dorm experience and always lived in my own tiny little apartment instead. It's sad that it ended lile this, especially because it's so ridiculous. But you have the attitude towards it, I'm sure you'll laugh about all the wrangling ;)

Julie Iliana said...

I am speechless... you girls are VERY patient with those pot smokers. I mean, I wouldn't know how to handle it and would most likely act the same immature way and do worse things lol but kudos to you for being so mature about this! seriously. I have no tolerance for things like these :x

Samantha said...

I commuted to school (to save money), but I always wondered what it would have been like to live in the dorms instead of I know! Wow. I would have been so upset and angry. I'm not sure what I would have done, but a new RA would be in order. I can't believe the smokers never got in trouble!


Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You have me even more excited about dorm life..

Really though, what weirdos! Some people are so immature, and sadly, they never grow out of it..